Do you own an Android phone and love the idea of theming your computer to match? Then you should have a look at this pack of fifteen high quality icons that will add a perfect Android touch to your computer.

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Will your computer not boot into Windows after installing an update on your dual-boot or Wubi Ubuntu install?  Here’s how you can get your Windows boot loader back so you can easily get back to work in either OS.

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Ever need to grab a file or two from your ext4 partition?  Maybe you’ve wanted to backup a few important files while you were in Windows.  Here’s how to browse your Linux partition from Windows using a tool called Ext2explore.

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The latest version of system cleaning application CCleaner is out, with a lot of new changes under the hood like 64-bit support, cleaning HTML5 local storage, a drive wiper tool, and better support for Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome.

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We’ve already shown you why so many geeks hate Internet Explorer, and since it’s almost Halloween we figured we’d show you something really scary—how to crash any version of Internet Explorer with nothing more than HTML and CSS.

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There’s nothing more frustrating than finally getting the screenshot or image you asked for, but the sender dropped them into a Word or Powerpoint document, and you don’t have Office 2007 or 2010 installed. Here’s how to view the screenshots anyway.

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Are you a frequent user of Paint.NET but feel frustrated that it is limited to Windows only? Fret no more because now you can get similar functionality on multiple platforms with Pinta.

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Anybody who has a Windows 7 laptop is going to be concerned with how to make the battery last longer, but did you realize there’s a built-in troubleshooting wizard in Windows 7 that helps you maximize your battery life?

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This wonderful Mirror’s Edge theme comes with 21 hi-res wallpapers, custom Mirror’s Edge icons, and sounds from the game to get your desktop ready for sky high adventure.

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Mozilla has announced that the final versions of Firefox 4 won’t be out until early next year instead of next month as originally planned—while Google Chrome is releasing new versions faster and faster, with lots of new features.

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Ideas come to us at unexpected times, and we don’t always have enough time to take action on all of them at once. Thankfully Microsoft OneNote is a great tool to keep track of ideas for anything.

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If you are one of the individuals using Microsoft’s Office 2010 suite or SharePoint 2010, then you may be interested to know that the first service pack beta is set to be released by year’s end.

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Computers are complex devices that cannot easily be explained, like say, a delicious Reuben sandwich. Let’s break down and explain your computer, over lunch.

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Evernote 4 for Windows is finally here, bringing with it a much needed UI refresh and an amazing speed boost.  Let’s look at how Evernote has improved and now makes it easier than ever to save all of your memories.

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Having an iOS device is essentially like having a mini computer with you all the time. If you browse the web with it, syncing your browser bookmarks between your computer and device is a must and we’ll show you how.

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If you’re a fan of VLC for your multimedia needs, and have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you might want to use it as a remote. Here we take a look at a couple of free apps that allow you to do it easily.

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Is your desktop ready for some Halloween fun? This week we have a larger than normal set of wallpapers to help you turn your desktop into spook central.

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Are you looking for a theme that adds that perfect bit of moodiness and attitude to your Windows 7 desktop? The new lightning theme from Microsoft contains gorgeous images of lightning and storms that will electrify the way your desktop looks.

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Would you like to get your Hotmail email, calendar, and contacts on your iPhone or iPod touch?  Here’s how you get Windows Live content synced and pushed to your iOS device for free via Exchange ActiveSync.

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Do you prefer the look of natural wood for your computer work area or home office? If so, you can now take things one step further and add a wood grain theme to Chrome.

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Have you ever had dozens of application windows open and wanted to just close them all? There’s a bunch of freeware apps that will close them all for you, but you don’t need extra software—and here’s how to do it.

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Rainmeter skins are great—you can use them to display all sorts of system stats on your desktop, but unfortunately they are too easily moveable with an accidental click of the mouse. Thankfully we can easily fix this.

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Want to add some Halloween and Autumn inspired goodness to your Windows 7 desktop? Microsoft has just released a new theme pack that will add the perfect spooky touch to your computer in time for the season.

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