Instead of loading the registry key using the GUI and adding all those keys to your current registry, you can use the RegFileExport tool from Nirsoft to access and extract the data from the backup files directly—you’ll just need to know the exact key that you’re looking for

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Have you ever needed to open an important file, or simply wondered what some random file on your hard drive was, only to realize you couldn’t open it?  Here’s some tips that can help you find info from even the most obscure file formats.

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The Mario Brothers series of video games is about as classic as it gets, so get ready to warp into a whole new desktop with our Mario Brothers Customization Set.

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Would you like to add an existing calendar to your Google Calendar?  Here’s how you can add iCal .ics calendar files or online calendars to your Google Calendar quickly and easily.

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Windows XP/Server 2003 introduced us to the SchTasks command line tool which usurped the At tool offered in Windows 2000. This tool offers the ability to control every aspect of your Scheduled Tasks through calls to this command.

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If you normally like to power off your PC when you’re not using it, do you ever forget and leave it on? Here’s how to configure Windows to automatically power down at night, but only if you’re not using the PC at the time.

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If you’ve got multiple PCs in your home that are still running Windows Vista, you can upgrade them all in one batch and save some money in the process.

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With a Windows computer there are several maintenance tasks you should run on a regular basis, though most of us forget. Here’s how to automate the most important maintenance tasks in XP, Vista & Windows 7 and keep your PC running like new.

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Microsoft sells their own PCs in the Microsoft Store, and they are all certified with the Microsoft “Signature” experience, but what does that mean?

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Want to have a little fun with your WordPress blog? You can use this plugin, which replaces your 404 page with the Blue Screen of Death.

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We’ve already shown you how to crack your forgotten Windows password with the Ophcrack live CD, but for those that want to really understand the process, we’ve put together a video guide that will help you visually see how it all works.

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Say you want to download a torrent on your home computer, but you’re away from home. Sure, you could just take a laptop and download it on that, but that’s hardly ideal most of the time. So how do you accomplish this?

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Are you always nervous that you’ll accidentally download a malicious file or program?  Here’s how you can scan files for viruses before downloading them to your computer.

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Evernote is a great system for storing notes, images, and web pages so you can find them later, and you can make it even better by integrating the search directly into the Google Chrome Location bar.

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The Windows Live Essentials 2011 suite is finally out of beta and available for download—it’s a whole set of very capable applications for free, like Windows Live Writer, Messenger, Sync, and Movie Maker.

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You’re no doubt reading this article because you’re wondering what those two processes are doing cluttering up Task Manager, and also wondering why they are in capital letters. You’ve come to the right place.

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Have you ever seen somebody use upside down text on the web? Ever wonder how to do it? Let’s take a quick look at how the characters are actually put together, and show you an easy generator that will do it for you.

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A beautiful outdoors theme consisting of wallpapers with trees, leaves, forests, waterfalls, dew, and droplets. The theme has 29 nature wallpapers, custom icons, and soothing sounds to give your desktop that wonderful “green” touch.

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Would you like more of your favorite programs to include jumplists for your favorite tasks?  Here’s how you can customize your Windows 7 jumplists quickly with Jumplist Extender.

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Would you like to run programs on your PC without installing them?  Whether you’re wanting to run an outdated app or just want to try a program before installing it, here’s how you can run many programs online with Spoon.

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Here at How-To Geek, we’ve covered many different ways to reset your password for Windows—but what if you can’t reset your password? Or what if you’re using drive encryption that would wipe out your files if you changed the password? It’s time to crack the password instead.

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One of the cool features in Vista and Windows 7 is it’s set to automatically defrag your hard drive by default on a weekly basis. If you’re still using XP, here’s how you can set it up to work similarly to Vista or Windows 7.

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The new Internet Explorer 9 Beta includes many new features, including a Popular Sites page that presents a nice looking list of your most frequently visited sites when you open a new tab.  Here’s how you can customize or remove the Popular Sites page from IE 9.

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Have you ever worried that someone could figure out your password by trying different key combinations?  Here’s how you can prevent this by temporarily locking your computer when the password is entered incorrectly a couple of times.

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Over at the Windows Phone blog, they’ve just announced that one of the top requests from developers was using Visual Basic to write apps for the phone. Visual Basic? Seriously?

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