When if comes to setting a homepage in your browser, it’s really based on personal preference. Today we want to know what you have set as your homepage in your favorite browser.

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While Google dominates the search engine market, there are certainly other alternatives out there such as Bing and Yahoo. Today we’re curious about which one you use, and would you ever consider another one?

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The federal government recently announced a broadband initiative that calls for 260 million homes to have 100Mbps Internet connections by the year 2020. This got us wondering, how fast is your current Internet connection?

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Last week we asked you to share if you are a laptop or desktop geek, and many of you shared the type of computer you use. This week we want to know the hardware specifications of your machine(s).

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We have been giving you, the readers, a lot of advice over the past few years, and now it’s your turn! We are starting a new series where we’ll be posing a question each week and hoping you’ll share your experience, comments, and advice related to the topic.

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Our goal in 2010 is to get a little more in tune with our readers, and we’ve setup a new way you can send in your ideas and feedback. Also, we’ve got interesting links and details about the How-To Geek server hardware upgrades.

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Over the last year we’ve posted a bunch of interesting wallpaper posts, and for today’s Week in Geek we’ve got the best ones lined up, as well as some very interesting Productive Geek posts, and more.

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Ever been looking at Task Manager and wondered just what that weird process is? You aren’t alone, we do the same thing over here, and we’ve got a whole list of them that we’ve already deciphered for you.

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It’s the end of the week, and time to sit back and review everything that’s happened, reflect on what we accomplished, and most important of all, try and relax and get some rest. It’s the weekend!

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Over the years, we’ve written loads of articles about how to create shortcuts to system functions that aren’t easily accessible otherwise—and we’ve got a list of the best ones here.

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There’s nothing quite as fun as a simple geek trick to show off your awesome skills to those around you. We’ve rounded up the ten best out of all the stupid geek tricks we’ve covered over the years.

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This week we gave away some software, learned a bunch of new things, and even had some Friday Fun. So now it’s time for our weekly wrap-up with lots of links and such for you to enjoy.

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One of my favorite little features in Windows 7 is the shortcut key combination that hides all the open windows except for the one you are working on. It’s a great way to clear out the extra window clutter. Also, Wave invites.

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Rather than give you some great tip in the weekly roundup today, we’re going to point out all the new stuff around here that you might have missed since you never leave your feed reader. Also, we’ve got more great geek links for you.

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If you’re looking for a new source for links to awesome random geek stuff, you’ve come to the right place. Or rather, you’ve found the right page that will lead you to the right place. Or… never mind. You should just click through and check it out for yourself.

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If you’ve been a subscriber for more than a couple of days, you know that we love some good Friday Fun around here. You’ve probably also noticed that we sometimes post the games here on HTG, but we’ve never officially “launched” the section—until now.

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Have you ever had ridiculously slow network performance in your VirtualBox guest OS? The problem is usually solved by an extremely simple little trick.

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Earlier this week, Microsoft released their completely free anti-virus/anti-spyware solution, and we already gave it a thorough review—but it deserves our official endorsement, and that’s right here.

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Only a few weeks have passed since I learned how to solve a Rubik’s cube for the first time, and now I’ve become completely addicted to puzzle games. It’s time to find a new puzzle.

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The upcoming Firefox 3.5 release adds a new “Tab Tearing” feature that lets you drag tabs off the bar and into a new window. Very cool, but why didn’t they give you a way to disable the feature if you don’t want it?

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In celebration of Father’s day this year, I did nothing—and it was everything I thought it could be. Also, Happy Father’s Day to the rest of you!

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This weekend we finally upgraded the HTG backend system to WordPress 2.8 from an ancient 2.0 installation, thanks to the hard work of Shawn, our new programming wizard.

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Ever since I started using Windows 7 as my primary OS, I’ve been finding little random tricks that save time—and this one is truly a stupid geek trick… did you know that middle-clicking the Pidgin icon on the taskbar will show the buddy list?

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The taskbar button grouping feature is nothing new in Windows 7, and it’s still very irritating if you want to quickly switch between multiple windows of the same type. But Windows 7 makes it better.

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It’s the weekend, and you should be out enjoying family time. We’ll quickly breeze through the good stuff from the week, but after that you should head outside and find yourself something to grill.

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