Making the most efficient use of the free storage space provided by Google has been a quirky business at times. Perhaps you are a ‘heavy’ user of Google Drive and Google+ Photos, but have lots of space left in Gmail and wish you could trade that storage space out. Consider your wish granted! Google is in the process of merging all storage space across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google+ Photos into one unified and shared storage space that you can use as best suits your needs.

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Thanks to NASA’s Landsat satellites and Google’s new Earth Engine we are now able to view the long term impact humans are having on our planet. Whether it is the expansion and development of current cities, deforestation in the Amazon, or other human activities, you may be surprised or downright shocked at the difference 25+ years has made.

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Our latest edition of WIG is filled with news link coverage on topics such as Google Earth for Android gets Street View, Canonical plans to have dogfood-capable phones by the end of May, UEFI will make its way into mobile and non-PC markets, and more.

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Rainy days are great for taking a nap or settling in for some reading and gaming fun with your favorite tablet. Set the weather forecast for rain on your Nexus 7 with the first in our series of Rain Wallpaper collections.

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We all knew this was coming and now it is finally here. As of today, May 9th, Ubuntu is no longer offering support for their 8.04 LTS Server (Hardy Heron), 10.04 LTS Desktop (Lucid Lynx), and 11.10 Desktop (Oneiric Ocelot) editions. So grab some blank DVDs, fire up your favorite disc burning software, and get ready to update your systems.

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Mark your calendars because Dropbox will be having its first developer conference later this year on July 9th. The conference will give attendees an opportunity to meet engineers and designers, get a first look at new products for developing on Dropbox, and more as the online storage service continues to expand its influence in the cloud storage arena.

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Another day, another vulnerability waiting to be widely exploited by malware authors. The latest is a newly discovered vulnerability that affects Internet Explorer 8 whether it is in use on Windows XP, Vista, or 7. The exploit has already been rolled into a module and added to the Metasploit Framework, a free penetration testing tool. Information on how to use the vulnerability is also now in widespread circulation.

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Our first edition of WIG for May is filled with news link coverage on topics such as Adobe has confirmed a ‘leaky PDF’ flaw, Lotus Notes is suffering from a huge Java security hole, iOS 7 will possibly have a visually different (flat) look, and more.

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Last year we shared an awesome collection of ocean waves wallpapers with you and today we are back with more. Relax and enjoy the view as the waves roll across your desktop with the second in our series of Ocean Waves Wallpaper collections.

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This week Google has officially unveiled its latest iteration in apps for Google Chrome and Chrome OS users…packaged apps. Now you can install this new brand of apps that provide native app goodness, will work offline, and can communicate with additional hardware that is hooked up to your computers.

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Creating password protected accounts is part-and-parcel for operating on the web these days, but no two sites approach password creation in the same way. One site might allow you nearly unlimited freedom in the characters you choose and the length of your password, but another may limit you to as few as eight characters with no special characters allowed. Needless to say the ‘creation process’ can be frustrating much less managing the ever growing number of passwords we need on hand to access all our accounts. With this in mind Casey Johnston from Ars Technica decided to ask some companies about their password policies and received some interesting responses…

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Our last edition of WIG for April is filled with news link coverage on topics such as Microsoft has issued a new version of the security update pulled on Patch Tuesday, Google Glass has now been hacked, Apple has added a ‘download later’ option for iTunes purchases, and more.

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Images of nature, animals, movies, and more can make perfect backgrounds for your iPhone’s screen, but sometimes you want or need something a bit more simple and organized looking. Turn your iPhone’s screen into a perfect miniature library with the first in our series of Shelves Wallpaper collections.

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So, all the new editions of Ubuntu are available for download and you are eager to try out the latest releases. But where do you go to find all that Ubuntu goodness, especially if you are looking for one of the UI-variant editions? Not to worry, we have the links for the direct download pages for seven editions of Ubuntu gathered together into one post for your convenience!

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If you were one of the people who promptly updated the Java installation on your system last week, then you probably felt like things should be in good shape for a bit. Guess again. As seems to be the pattern lately, another new security hole has already been found that affects all versions of Java 7 including the latest release.

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This week’s edition of WIG is filled with news link coverage on topics such as Microsoft has released an ISO image to repair Windows systems affected by security update 2823324, U.S. Windows computers are among most vulnerable in the world, a former Hostgator employee has been arrested & charged with rooting 2,700 servers, and more.

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Looking at maps lets us dream of places that we would like to go and explore, think of adventures we might have, and people we could meet along the way. Fill your desktop with dreams of world travel with the second in our series of World Maps Wallpaper collections.

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With the goal of becoming the center of your online life, it seems like all the big companies are focused on having their own ‘personalized’ line of hardware as an extension of their expanding software and service offerings. Now you can add Evernote to the list of companies expressing interest in joining the hardware trend.

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Quite a few people have been unanimously vocal in their dislike for the Modern UI, lack of a Start Menu, and more in Windows 8. Enter Windows Blue, a.k.a. Windows 8.1, and the rumors that Microsoft may be ready to compromise on some of the UI changes users want. The question is, if the rumors are true will it be enough to turn things around for Windows 8 or is it too late?

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Oracle is due to release an update to patch critical vulnerabilities that malware authors have been exploiting in current (and older) versions of Java later today. Anyone who needs or actively uses the Java Runtime Environment for work or gaming should watch for the update to go live and promptly install this update as soon as possible.

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Our latest edition of WIG is filled with news link coverage on topics such as Windows XP now has less than a year of extended support remaining, Dropbox is now offering business customers an IT-friendly version, the Social Media widget for WordPress has been injecting spam advertisements into sites, and more.

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The look and ‘mood’ of cities at night come in an infinite variety, but all have one thing in common…a unique and colorful beauty that begs to be captured in photos. Bring the ethereal beauty of urban night-life to your iPad with the first in our series of City Lights Wallpaper collections.

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While it does not happen often, every once in a while a security update to patch Windows causes more problems than it solves. Case in point, security update 2823324 that was a part of this month’s Patch Tuesday release for Windows 7. Some users have been experiencing endless rebooting or a failure of their system to restart after installing the update. To counteract the problem Microsoft has published a KB article to help get affected systems up and running again.

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Sure, anybody can end a process from the Task Manager, but did you know you can also do it from the command line?

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With the increasing focus on improving user account security, two-factor authentication has become a ‘must have’ feature for many popular online services. Following the lead of other companies Microsoft will soon join them in offering the feature to help better secure user accounts.

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