The sun is rising and a gentle morning breeze stirs the sparse vegetation around you as you look out across the lonely desert… Bring the beauty of these barren yet scenic lands to your Nexus 7 with the first in our series of Deserts Wallpaper collections.

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Have you been waiting for more awesome photos of Mars’ surface from the Curiosity Rover mission? Then you are definitely going to love this bit of news! NASA and GigaPan have teamed up to create a truly inspiring 1.3 billion pixel panoramic view of Mars that you can ‘zoom around’ and explore at your leisure.

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Oracle has released new updates that patch 40 security holes in their Java Runtime Environment software. Anyone who needs or actively uses the Java Runtime Environment for work or gaming should promptly update their Java installation as soon as possible.

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If you or someone you know uses the linked accounts feature in an account, then you definitely need to pay attention to this news. Starting late next month Microsoft will begin the process of unlinking linked accounts as a measure to boost overall account security for users.

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The ability to sync data and settings between computers running Windows 8 is great, but it does mean that your information – possibly personal – is stored in the cloud. If you have changed your mind about syncing and want to remove your data from the cloud, here’s how to do it.

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Searching for seashells at the beach can be a unique adventure each time you go since new shells are always washing up out of the water. Gather up a beautiful collection of seashells for your desktop with the second in our series of Seashells Wallpaper collections.

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When Google introduced Chrome Frame in 2009, it was their intention to help those running legacy versions of Internet Explorer have access to and enjoy a modern browsing experience. Now that more people are using modern up-to-date versions of Internet Explorer and other browsers, Google has decided that Chrome Frame’s work is done and it is time to retire it.

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Visiting a desktop-only or misconfigured website on your mobile device can be a very frustrating experience. They are not easy to navigate or fail to work properly, leaving you with little to no satisfaction. To encourage websites to adopt good ‘mobile compliant’ practices, Google will be introducing new changes in how websites are ranked when users search on a mobile device.

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Did you miss seeing Apple’s WWDC Keynote this year, but still want to enjoy the experience for yourself? Then here is your opportunity! Apple has posted the 2013 keynote at their website for those who may have missed it or want to see it once again.

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Sunsets herald the end of long working days and turn our thoughts to sitting down for a bit to relax or perhaps taking a few minutes to reflect on our lives and loved ones. Add a late afternoon glow to your iPhone’s screen with the first in our series of Sunsets Wallpaper collections.

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Want to look like a mathematical genius in front of all your friends? Then you will love this awesome number trick from Numberphile! The best part will be the looks on their faces when you surprise them by having predicted the answer ahead of time…

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Are you or someone you know using an older UI version of Yahoo! Mail or maybe even the Classic Edition? Then this news is going to be of specific interest to you. Starting June 3rd Yahoo! is pushing mandatory upgrades to the newest UI for all mail accounts and we have the information you need if you are affected by the changes.

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There is always a possibility that an unexpected journey or adventure lies ahead of you each time you pass through a doorway, so pack up your gear and prepare to step through. Explore the lands beyond these doorways on your desktop with the second in our series of Doorways Wallpaper collections.

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Most of the time, keeping your inbox sorted and clean is a fairly simple task, but what about when things get hectic and suddenly your inbox is out of control? Finding those important e-mails among the clutter can become frustrating and time consuming, so you need an easy way to find what you need fast! With this problem in mind, Google has introduced a new feature for Gmail that will help auto-sort those e-mails into distinct categories, letting you go directly to the mail you want without the hassle.

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Are you ready for summer school? Normally the answer to that question would be a resounding no, but this is one time you might be glad to make an exception. Starting June 10th, Google is offering a free online two-week course that will not only be fun, but also help you improve your Google Maps and Google Earth skills.

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Opera recently surprised people with an announcement that they would stop development of the Presto browser engine and switch to Webkit going forward. Now you can get a first look at the new Webkit-based version of Opera with our quick overview and try it out for yourself using the download link we have to share with you.

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Getting data from your computer to your phone or tablet can seem like harder work than it ought to be. Forget emailing files or text from your PC so you can access it on your Android; PushBullet lets you push files from your web browser to your Android device, saving time and effort.

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Are you planning a vacation to the beach or perhaps thinking of going diving later this year? Then keep those vacation dreams front and center by taking your iPad on an underwater adventure with the first in our series of Under the Sea Wallpaper collections.

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Yesterday Evernote introduced a wonderful surprise addition to their popular note-taking service. They have taken the three most requested features from Evernote users and combined them into one awesome feature called Reminders. So if you are an avid Evernote user, then you will definitely want to learn all about the newest feature for the service!

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There is good news for those who have been wanting to add an extra layer of security to your Twitter accounts. As of yesterday Twitter has rolled out two-factor authentication to make accessing and using your account a more secure process.

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One problem that many new users have run into with Windows 8 is being able to navigate around or use the new system with ease. This new 36 page guide from Microsoft will be a welcome relief to new users and a helpful resource to share for those who are often asked for help by others with Windows 8.

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Loyal users have been waiting a long time to see some major updates at Flickr and as of yesterday their wait is over. Flickr now sports a new layout, the Android app for the service has been redesigned, and the amount of free storage has been increased to an outstanding 1 TB! If you have not tried Flickr before now, then it might be a good time to check things out.

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This week’s edition of WIG is filled with news link coverage on topics such as Microsoft has confirmed that ‘Blue’ will be free for existing Windows 8 users, Firefox 21 has added support for new services via its Social API, malicious Chrome and Firefox extensions that hijack Facebook profiles have been found, and more.

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Last year we shared a beautiful collection of Earth view wallpapers with you and today we are back with more. Send your desktop into near-Earth orbit with the second in our series of ‘Views of Earth’ Wallpaper collections.

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If you are a Raspberry Pi enthusiast, then you are going to love this latest bit of news. Camera boards are now available to add to your favorite Raspberry Pi device and we have the links you need to learn more about the latest bit of hardware goodness as well as where to buy the new boards.

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