It has been an interesting week in the search for life in our solar system…some news has been good and some has been disappointing. SciShow discusses the latest information about amino acids in our solar system and the search for methane on Mars.

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Have you ever wondered how magnets work? Perhaps you have wondered why some metals or materials are magnetic while others are not. Sit back and enjoy learning the answers as MinutePhysics and Veritasium team up to explain how magnets work with their double video feature.

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A Windows 8 Modern UI optimized version of Firefox just got one big step closer to finalization this week with the release of Aurora Channel version 26. Those who are looking forward to enjoying the full Firefox experience on their Windows 8 systems can download and try out the latest version now.

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Sleep consumes a sizable portion of each of our days, but what would happen if we significantly reduced the amount we got on a daily basis? What if we tried going without sleep altogether? While it may be tempting to regularly skip sleep for a variety of reasons, it can have a distinct impact on our health and ability to function well.

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This weekend is the start of Autumn for those of you in the Northern hemisphere, so why not celebrate the arrival of the new season on your desktop as well? Cover your desktop in beautiful Fall foliage with our Autumn 2013 Wallpaper collection.

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Quickoffice has been a popular product for those who needed to work with Microsoft Office documents on their mobile devices, but has always been a shareware product until now. Starting this week though, Google has released a new, free edition for iOS and Android that works seamlessly with Google Drive and comes with 10 GB of free extra Google Drive storage for two years.

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Pointing out what the biggest animal or organism on Earth is might seem like a pretty easy thing to do, but first appearances can be quite deceiving. MinuteEarth looks at a list of popular and seemingly ‘obvious’ choices, then looks at some you would never suspect in their latest video. Think you can guess what won the title of biggest (so far)?

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Progress on Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 continues to move forward and this week Microsoft has made a new release preview available for those interested in trying it out.

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No government on Earth will recognize individual claims to ‘areas of land’ on extraterrestrial bodies or objects, but that has not stopped some people from trying to make claims anyhow. With that in mind, what are the legal precedents or blocks concerning such claims? Vsauce looks at the issue and more in this fascinating video.

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Are you an avid Game of Thrones fan? Is your Monday just dragging along, leaving you with a need for something fun to do? Then we have just what you need to bring a smile to your face today! Indulge in some classic retro style gaming with the free Game of Thrones 8 Bit Game from Abel Alves.

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We should all set aside time to step back and away from our busy lives, go outside to enjoy looking at the sky, and take in the beauty of nature all around us. Enjoy gazing at the clouds on your Nexus 7’s screen with the first in our series of Cloudy Skies Wallpaper collections.

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If you found yourself caught outside in an open area during a bad storm, what would provide the best protection if you were struck by lightning? MinuteEarth looks at the best type of ‘material’ you could wear, how it would protect you, and the best position for the human body to be in should you find yourself without a ‘wearable’ solution.

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You may have heard about the recent incident involving a new building under construction in London and the plastic parts of a Jaguar car it melted. YouTube channel Sixty Symbols discusses the incident, the physics principle involved (Geometric Optics), and looks at an urban myth about a different installation that could supposedly BBQ pigeons.

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Nearly all of us have software like Flash, Shockwave, or the Java Runtime Environment on our systems to add functionality, but they are a popular target for malware authors. In line with Microsoft’s security patches for this month, Adobe and Oracle have both released security updates to popular products on the same day. If you have one or more of these types of software on your system, then you should definitely make sure you have the latest versions installed to help keep your system as secure as possible.

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When you look at something, just how confident are you that what you are seeing is accurate or ‘real’? Most of the time you can trust that your eyes are telling you ‘the truth’, but AsapSCIENCE shares some awesome examples of times when your eyes will literally be lying to you and you will not even realize it in their latest video!

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Are you having one of those long boring afternoons at home or work and need something to liven things up? Then grab your adventuring gear and indulge in some fun dungeon exploration with the text-style browser game Dungeon Robber!

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You may be feeling disappointed that Futurama has been cancelled for a second time, but we hope that this week’s collection will ease the sadness and help you remember all your favorite episodes. Bring the adventures of the Planet Express gang to your desktop with our Futurama Wallpaper collection.

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Are you excited about the upcoming 13.10 release of Ubuntu? Then we have the perfect downloads to share with you for the upcoming weekend! Four different UI versions of the first official beta are now available for download and ready for your enjoyment.

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If you tried to think of just one individual from history who has had the strongest, longest lasting influence on modern day mathematics, who would you choose? SciShow looks at the one man mathematical powerhouse known as Al-Khwarizmi, a scholar and teacher whose influence is still felt all throughout mathematics today in their latest video.

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Street Fighter celebrated its 25th anniversary last year and reminded a lot of gamers of fond childhood memories playing the games. If you are one of the individuals who remembers spending hours playing Street Fighter, then you will definitely enjoy watching this video treat. Capcom has made the official 72 minute documentary from the ‘Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection’ available to watch on YouTube.

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Getting tattoos on our bodies definitely marks us, but physical tattoos are not the only ones we can have these days. Juan Enriquez discusses the online electronic tattoos so many of us have, are building, and may not even think about in this terrific TEDEd video.

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During the early part of the 20th century, the only way to call someone was via a rotary dial telephone. By the 1950s however, research for the first number pads for telephones had begun. Numberphile looks at the original research and number pad designs that were put forth and tested, all leading to the layout we are familiar with today.

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There is nothing quite like an oceanside vacation filled with sunny days, tropical breezes, waves lapping at the edge of the beach, and relaxing sunsets to watch. Turn your iPhone’s screen into a tropical paradise with the first in our series of Oceanside Vacation Wallpaper collections.

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Most of us spend more time inside these days than we ought to, whether we are busy with work or activities at home, and that can have a significant impact on our health. ASAPScience looks at the health ramifications of spending too much time inside with their latest video.

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There is no doubt that mobile devices are becoming a bigger, more prevalent part of our lives with each passing day, but have we reached the point of addiction? Charlene deGuzman decided to put together a short documentary-style film highlighting the ‘problem’ of constant mobile device usage by those around us. It may even make you re-think how much you use your own mobile device…

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