The Safari web browser likes showing the websites you frequently visit when you open it. On an iPhone or iPad, it shows “frequently visited sites.” On a Mac, it shows your “top sites.” You can disable this to prevent your browser from advertising the websites you frequently visit.

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Once you get the hang of installing apps on your new Apple Watch it’s no big deal, but if you’ve just peeled the protective film off you’re probably left a bit puzzled as to how your new watch works. Let’s take a look at how to get apps from your iPhone to your watch.

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It’s easy to add email accounts, such as iCloud, Google, Yahoo, or, to an iOS device. However, what if you have a self-hosted email account with a custom domain? No worries. That’s just as easy.

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Lampooned in the South Park episode “Freemium Isn’t Free”, games like Simpsons: Tapped Out were put on blast for actively and knowingly creating Skinner box scenarios wherein players could play a game for “free”, only to find that their ability to level up or add new items was locked under a paywall for in-game currencies.

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The new iPhone 6S is out and with it all the hub-bub that usually accompanies a new iPhone release, but there is one standout feature that we want to talk about today that is well worth the hype: 3D Touch.

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These days, it seems like pretty much everyone you know has got a mobile phone tucked away somewhere on their person. This also means that everyone is paying massive telecom companies a monthly premium for the chance to use it… but what if you could own a phone complete with all the same features, but no activated plan? As long as you’re near a local Wi-Fi connection, iPhones and Androids can perform all the same tricks as they usually do, except at a fraction of the cost of what your monthly bill comes out to.

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Wi-Fi Assist is a new feature on iOS 9, which is garnering a lot of attention. We want to discuss Wi-Fi Assist today, explain what is does and, most importantly, disable it if necessary.

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When Apple Maps first debuted in 2013, it was universally panned by the press and public alike. Maligned for its laggy interface, poor directional capabilities, and downright broken business directory, the move into mapping was seen as one of the first real stumbles that the Cupertino technology giant had made since it first debuted the iPhone itself over half a decade earlier.

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Apple added a new “low power mode” to the iPhone as part of iOS 9. You’ll be prompted to activate it each time your phone reaches 20 percent battery, but you can also enable it before that point to stretch your battery power further.

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Apple’s iCloud Drive normally just works in the background on an iPhone or iPad. iOS 9 makes iCloud more accessible and useful, providing a new iCloud Drive app that lets you browse, view, and manage all the files stored in iCloud Drive.

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With the release of Watch OS 2.0 you can now add custom complications from native Apple Watch apps to your watch face which opens up a whole new world of instant on-your-wrist information. Read on as we show you how to customize your Apple Watch’s complications.

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We’ve all been there before: you’ve got a long road trip coming up, a tablet or mobile device that you love to watch movies on, and the prospect of long gaps between reliable Wi-Fi service. What’s a traveler to do? Well, fear not fellow road warrior, because unlike Netflix or Hulu, Amazon Prime is a video service that will actually allow you to download their streaming content locally to your device’s hard drive.

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If you use Safari on your iPad or iPhone, you can store website passwords and then manage them using the Passwords settings. The passwords manager on iOS is easy to use, and one of the best we’ve found on mobile devices.

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Spotlight search isn’t just for Macs. Powerful web and on-device search is just a quick swipe away from your iPhone or iPad’s home screen. It’s a convenient way to launch apps, search the web, perform calculations, and do lots more.

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Facebook. People either love it, begrudgingly accept it, hate it, or they have better things to do, but sometimes a bad relationship is just that, and you need to break up. Here’s how to do it gently, or just get it over with.

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iOS 9 added a long-awaited feature to the iPad: the ability to have multiple apps on-screen at the same time. iPads support three different types of multitasking: Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture. The other app-switching gestures on an iPad still work, too.

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Set to release on September 25th, the reveal of Apple’s hotly anticipated iPhone 6s and 6s Plus mobile phones has given rise to a whole new mess of confusing, often confounding leasing plans, contracts, and pay-to-own schemes. All the different prices, plans, and carriers supporting the 6s are enough to make our heads spin, so we decided to cut through the noise to find out once and for all who’s got the cheapest plan, and whether it’s better to lease or own.

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Thanks to modern smartphones, it’s possible to know where your family members and friends are at all times. Apple, Google, and Microsoft all have their own solutions for sharing your pinpoint location in real time.

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As more and more travel agents are forced to hang fresh ‘For Lease’ signs in their windows, the Internet has taken up the mantle of helping aspirational aeronautic enthusiasts shop, compare, and purchase tickets for their next airborne adventure. But with so many different travel and hotel sites claiming to offer the best deals on airfare, how can you know which offers the best combination of discounts and ease of use?

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Rainfall is one of the most useful pieces of information to know about the weather. Rather than “it will rain sometime today,” get weather forecasts more like “heavy rain starting in five minutes, for the next 45 minutes.”

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Mozilla Firefox is due for some big changes soon. By the end of 2015, Firefox will move to a more Chrome-like multi-process design. And, in a year to a year and a half, Firefox will abandon its current add-on system for one largely compatible with Chrome extensions.

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Ask anyone who’s tried to make an extra buck or two on Wall Street on their own, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: investing is hard. But, thanks to a new collection of apps, now it doesn’t have to be so confusing that only the financial elite can really understand when the market is up, when it’s down, and what a couple of grizzly bears have to do with the whole thing.

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How often do you load a web page on your phone only to be confronted by awkward layouts, ads that get in the way, and heavy pages that stutter as you scroll them? “Reader mode” is a one-tap solution to reading web pages without the frustration.

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You might have noticed that your Amazon account has so many options that it’s somewhat difficult to know what does what, which is why we want to explain today how to manage your Kindles and their content.

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Photos is Apples universal answer to photo sharing across all its devices. Whether you’re using an iPhone or iPad, or you have your trusty Mac, if you have your photos stored on one device they should be available on the rest.

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