You can do a lot of things with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, and now, thanks to new smart home integration, you can control your Nest Learning Thermostat.

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If you send and receive a lot of messages, the Messages app can take up a lot of space on your iPhone or iPad. Not only does it store your message history, it keeps photo attachments you’ve received. All this data then takes up iCloud space as part of your backups, too.

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Whether you want to turn off your Philips Hue lights after a certain amount of time has passed, or turn them on after 30 minutes, here’s how to set a timer for your Philips Hue lights to have them automatically turn on or off after a specified amount of time.

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Taking notes can make the difference between remembering that brilliant idea you came up with in the shower, and letting it go down the drain. Apple’s Notes app has come a long way from it’s fake-pad-of-paper days, stuffed with features to assure your best brainstorms are always within reach.

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One of the most annoying things about the iPhone and iPad is the inability to hide built-in apps like Tips, Stocks, and News. iOS 10 finally fixed this annoyance, but if you’re stuck on iOS 9 or earlier, you still have a few other workarounds.

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Philips’ new Hue app is quite nice, but it’s missing some very useful features of the original “Gen 1” app. Thankfully, the Gen 1 app is still available for download, so if you need those old features, here’s how to get them.

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With AirPlay, you can mirror your iPhone or iPad’s screen on your Mac or your Apple TV. But what if you have a Windows PC? We’ll show you a free tool that makes this easy.

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On the desktop, apps like Dropbox and Google Drive sync folders between your devices. But on your phone, it only gives you access to your cloud storage. An app called FolderSync lets you sync files and folders to and from your Android phone, just like Dropbox does on the desktop.

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Google’s Nexus devices are supposed to receive timely updates, but the staggered rollout means it can take weeks for devices to receive over-the-air (OTA) updates. Luckily, there’s a faster (and geekier) way to install the latest version of Android.

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Just like you can pair a Bluetooth controller to your Apple TV to make gaming easier, you can pair a Bluetooth keyboard to make entering text easier. Here are a few great Bluetooth keyboards and show you how to pair them with your Apple TV.

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When you add an event to the Calendar app in iOS and OS X, it gets saved to a specific calendar by default, which may not be the calendar you use most often. However, if you have several calendars, you can choose which of those calendars is used as the default.

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One of the beautiful things about Android is choice. If you don’t like the stock configuration of the handset you’re using, it’s simple to change most things out—there are plenty of choices on the Play Store for alternative SMS apps, cameras, and calendars, for example. Of all the options out there, however, changing the launcher arguably makes the biggest impact on overall user experience.

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Do you have a pile of remotes on your coffee table for each of the items in your home theater? Tired of universal remotes that don’t have enough buttons? Here’s how to solve all your remote control woes with a single Logitech Harmony remote.

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If you want a wide angle photo of some sweeping vista, you used to only have two options: buy an expensive camera with a wide angle lens, or take a series of photos and stitch them together with software. But these days, the iPhone’s camera makes panoramic photos a cinch.

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Wi-Fi calling allows your iPhone to place and receive phone calls and text messages over a Wi-Fi network. If you have a weak cellular signal but a solid Wi-Fi signal, your iPhone will automatically switch over and route calls and texts via Wi-Fi.

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If you’re a salesperson, a marketing specialist, or anyone else who collects a lot of business cards, you’d probably like a better way to store all those cards. Well, it’s time to go paperless and use your iPhone to turn those cards into contacts.

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Bright blue-white light blasting in your face at night isn’t so great for your sleep or general health, but don’t worry: iOS now supports color shifting so you can warm up the light of your iPhone for easy nighttime reading.

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Easter Day is on the horizon. If you have updated your computer to Windows 10 consider yourself lucky: Digiarty Software is celebrating the holiday with a bang. Starting now, you can fetch a genuine set of license keys for the latest WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, one of the best DVD rippers for Windows that can perfectly revive the lost DVD playback function on Windows 10, without spending a dime.

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We’re collectively staying up later, sleeping less, and enduring a lower quality of sleep thanks to the abundance of electronic distractions and the accompanying bright screens. For your health and happiness, it’s time to do something about it.

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If you’ve ever recorded a video on your smartphone, only to find it sideways or upside down, then you know how frustrating it can be to watch it later. If you use Windows, there are a couple of excellent ways to fix this problem.

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A broken Home button can spell trouble, and may seem like the device is practically useless until you get it fixed or replaced. It isn’t, however: you can still access the Home button with a neat little workaround.

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Smart folders in iOS Mail allow you to view collections of certain types of email messages from all your email accounts. You can view all your unread messages, flagged messages, messages with attachments, or just important messages from certain people. Using smart folders can make it easier to sift through a cluttered inbox.

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If your Android phone is feeling a little low on battery, you can find out exactly where your battery power is going. Android’s Battery screen shows you what’s used battery power since your last charge, from apps to system services and hardware devices.

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When a lithium ion battery fails, things can go south very quickly. If you open up your phone to find a battery swollen to twice its size, proper care and handling is critical for both your safety and the safety of others.

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If you’ve installed a lot of apps on your Apple Watch, the Home screen might be getting a bit crowded. Wondering how you can remove rarely used apps from your watch? There are two ways to do it.

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