Install the application, enable IMAP in your Gmail account, plug your login credentials into SMS Backup, and you’re set to go. All your SMS messages will automatically be dumped into your Gmail account without any furth...

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Sleep Timer is different than most similar apps in the sense that it is not a media player itself; Sleep Timer is a tool you layer over your existing media applications. Sleep Timer is compatible with nearly every sort of And...

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The new market features better app search and suggestion–including extra categories to better highlight the top downloads across a more diverse spectrum–movie rentals, ebooks, and a totally overhauled interface. C...

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Earlier this year StumbleUpon released an iPad version of their web discovery engine; the recent update comes packed with features that make mobile discovery fun.

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If you’re looking for a way to sync files from your network to your Android device without plugging in your sync cable, WiFi Syncr syncs to your network shares.

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While using Google Maps for Android you can now cache maps in up to a 10 mile radius around your current location. No matter where you go (subways, dense city streets, or deep within buildings) you’ll still have access ...

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If you enjoy reading long-form essay style articles, Delivereads is a free service that pushes bundles of handpicked articles to your Kindle on a semi-weekly basis.

about 3 years ago - by  |  Comments (3) has faced legal battles over the last few years, appearing and vanishing as quickly as Apple could lawyer up and attack them. Now that jailbreaking is considered legal under the DMCA the site is back up and he...

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Install the app, launch it, and SemiSilent pulls up your contact list. From there you can whitelist/blacklist callers so that the phone rings when they call (or doesn’t). You can also adjust the ring volume through Semi...

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Every week we crack open the tips box and share some of the best reader tips. This week we’re looking at android browser zooming, caffeine power naps, and customizing the boot screens on Android devices.

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One of the biggest complaints about iOS is the severe lack of SMS tones. If you’re jailbroken, however, you can easily add and manage those sounds as well as randomize your ringtones with a great utility called ToneFXs 2.

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Not only can you shorten URLs with D Bitly but you can also access your URL shortening history at Shared a link via IM or email earlier in the day and want to share it right now from your Android device? You can pull ...

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If you have an ebook reader chances are it’s a Kindle. Today we’re taking a look at ways you can get more from your Kindle using built-in tools, experimental features, and third party software. Read on to supercharge your Kindle experience.

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If you have iTunes, and you don’t have an iPhone – but an Android phone instead, syncing iTunes to your phone can be frustrating. So here are some tips to sync iTunes and make sure your cover art works well on your Android phone.

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The titles normally cost $4.99-6.99 and, from now through the weekend, cost only $0.99. Included in the sale are Order & Chaos Online, Gangstar Miami Vindication, Spider-Man : Total Mayhem, Eternal Legacy, Fishing Kings,...

about 3 years ago - by  |  Comments (0) is a simple application. Download it for Windows or Mac, point it at the folder where your mobile apps are stored (typically /My Music/Mobile Applications/ for a Windows user), and it scans your applications. After...

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Bill Hammack, the face of Engineer Guy videos, take a moment to explain the history of cellphone design and how we arrived at current designs. As an interesting side note, Bill uses 8pen as his Android keyboard (seen at around the one minute mark).

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If you want to put a video on your Android phone, you’ll probably need to shrink it down to fit the size of the screen and make it take up less space. There’s lots of conversion software out there, but did you know you can do it with VLC?

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Every week we dip into our mailbag and answer your pressing tech questions. This week we’re looking at the difference between ISO and TS folders in DVD video, helping Windows recall folder locations, and Kindle book conversion.

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There are plenty of alternative web browsers on iOS – Opera Mini, Atomic, and Skyfire, to name a few. Without being able to change the default browser none of them feel “at home,” but there’s a fix if you’re jailbroken.

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Wallpaper Changer is a simple wallpaper rotation tool for Android devices that automates your wallpaper rotation and offers a one-click widget to change it on the fly.

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Whether you can’t stand telemarketers, you have people you want to avoid, or you just want to filter who calls or messages you, there aren’t many options available for the iPhone. Enter iBlacklist, a jailbreak app that does it all.

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Syncing files between your computer and your iOS device via iTunes can be tedious and requires that you tether to your computer. Break free and enjoy wireless access to shared files from anywhere on your network—and beyond.

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Recently we posted a great collection of wallpapers for your Android and today we are back with more. If you love anime then you will definitely enjoy our latest offering with the first in our series of Anime Wallpaper collections.

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Finding a video streaming solution that does transcoding is tough enough, but trying to find one solution that’ll work for both iOS and Android makes it even harder. Thankfully we have Plex, which does all of this and more.

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