Smartphones can be confusing—especially to those who may be less than enthusiastic about tech. And while manufacturers like Samsung and LG have stock options to simplify home screens and the app drawer, many others don’t have a built-in way to do this. Fortunately, there are plenty of launcher replacements in Google Play that can make navigating through an Android phone much simpler than it is out of the box. Out of all the ones I tested, however, two really stand above the rest: Necta Launcher and Wiser.

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In iOS 10, Apple made a small but fundamental change to the way you unlock your phone. If you’re not a fan of the change (and we hardly blame you) it’s easy enough to fix. Let’s switch it back to the way it was in iOS 9.

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Changing the wallpaper on your iPhone or iPad is a simple way to breathe new life into your mobile device. Here’s how to change the wallpaper on your iPhone or iPad and make it feel like a new device again.

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It’s been a long day and you’ve got some time to kill, so you grab your Samsung Galaxy S7 and fire up your favorite game. You’re all set to crush the level that you’ve been stuck on for the last seven weeks—it’s so close you can taste it. Then your bff decides to send a text that interrupts your game, which throws you off your mark. You lose again.

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Solid Internet connections aren’t available everywhere. If you want to watch streaming movies and TV shows on an airplane, on the subway, or somewhere out in the wilderness away from cellular towers, you can download them ahead of time.

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Sometimes you need to get stuff from your computer to your phone—pictures, files, links, text, etc. And most of the time, that’s way more of a pain than it should be. If you’re tired of uploading files to Dropbox or Drive, emailing links to yourself, or—worst of all—plugging your phone into your computer just to get your stuff from point A to B, stop. There’s an easier way. In fact, we’ve got three easier ways. Let’s get to it.

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Bookmarks are so last decade. If you find an article online that you want to save for later, stick it in Pocket–a free web service that saves articles and syncs them to all your devices, without ads or unnecessary formatting. You can even read them offline.

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When it comes to smart thermostats, there’s a handful to choose from, but the big three that stand out are the Nest, Ecobee3, and Honeywell Lyric. We’ve tried out all three to see which one has the upper edge, and where their features differ.

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You crack open the box for your new Galaxy S7, S6, or Note 5 and start setting that bad boy up. About three taps in, you realize something: this thing is making noise every time you touch it. If that drives you as crazy as it does me, we have good news: it’s easy to disable not only the touch sounds, but also the lock screen and charging sounds.

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The pretty-darn-stable public beta release of iOS 10 is available now. If you want to take advantage of it, we’re here to show you how to update your iPhone, iPad, or other eligible iOS device and try it out.

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To say Pokémon GO is wildly popular would be a vast understatement. To say the app’s use of your Google Account is wildly insecure would also be a vast understatement. You should revoke its access to your account now. (But don’t worry, there’s a way to keep playing.)

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The Domain Name System (DNS) translates the human-friendly domain names you type in–like “”–into numerical IP addresses. The trouble is, your internet provider may not have the fastest or most reliable DNS servers available. You can easily configure your Wi-Fi connections in iOS to use better DNS servers, like those run by Google or OpenDNS. Here’s how to get it done.

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You can make text larger and more readable on your iPhone or iPad, but you can also increase the size of the app icons, text labels, and user interface elements on your iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, or 6S Plus so it’s easier to use.

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When you tap certain items in Android, your phone will vibrate just a bit, giving you a little feedback. Sometimes, this is nice—getting that response is a nice acknowledgment that the thing you want to do is about to be done. But maybe you don’t like that, which is okay. I support your decision even if I don’t agree with it. The good news is that it’s easy to disable touch feedback on pretty much all Android devices.

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At some point or another, you might lose your phone. It’s always good to know what to do when that happens, but there’s another side to that story: what if you’re the person who finds a lost phone? You’d be surprised at how many people don’t know what to do when they find someone else’s phone—and really, there isn’t a single “right” answer. But there are a few things to keep in mind to make it easier for that person to get their phone back.

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When you set up an iOS device running iOS 9, you are prompted for a six-digit passcode. However, you may not know that you can use a stronger alphanumeric password–one that uses letters and numbers–on your iOS devices. We’ll show you how.

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Do Not Disturb mode on Android can be handy if you’re in a meeting, at a movie, or anywhere else where your phone needs to not be a distraction for a little while, but the real value is found in Do Not Disturb’s automatic rules. Basically, you can tell Android when not to bother you—like at night while you’re sleeping, for example—as well as who can bother you if they must. It’s pretty brilliant and only takes a few minutes to get set up.

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The Plex Media Server experience is generally pretty smooth, unless you do a lot of streaming when you’re away from home or your server hardware is underpowered. Fortunately, it’s very simple to have Plex optimize your media for silky smooth playback.

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If you’ve ever run out of the house with your iPhone, but left your wallet or purse behind, you know how annoying it is to turn around and go back to get it. If you use Apple Pay, you don’t have to.

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Microsoft Office allows you to add more functionality through add-ins. Many modern add-ins also work with Office for iPad, Office Online, and Office for Mac–not just traditional desktop versions of Office for Windows.

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Whether you got them by iMessage or SMS, sometimes you need to remove messages from your iOS device’s message history. Maybe you’re clearing out old clutter, or maybe you need to remove messages with more sensitive information. Whatever your reason, you can remove specific messages from conversations or delete entire conversations at once (and you can also set messages to automatically expire). Here’s how to get it done.

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Google is known for throwing Easter Eggs—hidden games, tricks, and other fun things—into its products. At one point or another, I’m sure you’ve seen some of these little things, whether it’s the Android version icons or one of the many hidden games in Chrome. Today, we’re going to talk about some of our favorites from Chrome, Android, and Google Search on the web.

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Imagine you go on your dream European vacation and all your things are stolen after your hotel room is burgled or your car is broken into. Clothes and toothbrushes are easy to replace, but your devices are a potential treasure trove for thieves to exploit.

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Locking your iPhone’s SIM card adds yet another layer of security, meaning that even if someone can get into your phone, they still can’t use it to call, text, or access your data plan.

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You probably know that your iPhone (and iPad) can track your location, which can be super helpful for things like marking where a photo was taken or letting friends and family know where you are. But you may not know that, by default, iOS keeps track of locations you visit frequently so that it can make better local suggestions and give you a more personalized Today view in your Notification Center.

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