If you enjoy listening to the news on the radio while you’re on your way to work, you can get a head start by having your Google Home tell you the news while you get ready in the morning. However, there are many news sources you can choose from, so here’s how to customize what you want to listen to.

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If an app doesn’t show up on your home screen, you may have just uninstalled it. But if a pre-bundled app has gone missing, there could be a few causes. Here’s how you can restore any default apps that are missing from your device.

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Everyone, at some point, tries to take a photo of a spectacular sunset. But if your camera isn’t quite capturing the magic the way you see it in real life, here are a few tricks to keep in mind.

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It’s so easy to find interesting things to read online, but it’s tricky to find the time to read them. Fortunately it’s a snap to send all those great articles to your Kindle so you can read them at a convenient time.

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Philips Hue bulbs connect to a central hub that allows you to control your lights remotely from your smartphone. However, if you’re wanting to save a little bit of money and still want smart bulbs in your house, you can actually bypass the hub altogether and just use a Hue Dimmer Switch…you’ll just miss out on a few features.

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Facebook Messenger on iOS has its own set of emoji, different from the emoji you’re used to seeing in standard iOS apps, such as Messages. If you don’t like the look of the Messenger emoji, you can switch to iOS’ default emoji instead.

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To provide your Google Home with even more capabilities, you can connect a few different smarthome devices to the Google Home and control them using nothing but your voice. Here’s how to set it up.

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Apple has made quite the splash with their new MacBook Pros. While the Touch Bar may have garnered the most attention, it’s what Apple removed from their top-of-the-line laptop that has people talking. Namely: ports.

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Feel like you forgot to log out of Gmail on your friend’s computer? Google makes it easy to see all the devices—laptop, phone, tablet, and otherwise—logged into your Google account. You can view both a list of IP addresses that have accessed it, and a list of devices that have actively used your account in the last 28 days.

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Once a concern that was the province of the paranoid, years worth of reports and revelations have made it readily apparent that people really can spy on you through your webcam. Here’s why you should disable or cover yours.

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Among the many improvements in iOS 10 is the ability to access your favorite widgets on the lock screen. Instead of unlocking your iPhone by swiping right, now you’ll see a screen full of widgets.

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Out of all your online accounts, there’s a good chance that Google holds most of your information. Think about it: if you use Gmail for email, Chrome for web browsing, and Android for your mobile OS, then you’re already using Google for almost everything you do.

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Much of the data on your Android phone or tablet is backed up by Google (or the individual apps you use) automatically, but what is being saved for you, and what do you need to save for yourself?

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Facebook might be the default platform for sharing photos, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only free and easy to use option out there. Here are some other solid photo sharing options to make it easy to share photos with friends and family the way you want to.

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If you want to control your lights from your phone or with your voice, you have two options to consider: buy smart bulbs or buy smart light switches. Here’s how to decide between those two options.

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Raise to Wake is a new feature in iOS 10. When you pick your iPhone up, the screen is supposed to turn on so you can see all the revamped notifications on the lock screen.

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Thanks to Apple’s HomeKit home automation system and the versatility of Siri, you can now control your home lighting with nothing but your voice. Read on as we demonstrate this using Philips Hue.

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There’s nothing as precious and irreplaceable as your personal photos and, with a little forethought and planning, there’s no reason to ever feel the heartbreak of losing even a single one of them to theft, broken devices, or disaster.

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Google Home is a new entrant in the voice assistant device market, where the Amazon Echo has reigned as the unopposed victor for nearly two years. Here’s how to set up your Google Home device and begin issuing voice commands completely hands-free.

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Smartphones are an almost perfect dissemination technology. Snap a picture and a few taps later, it’s on the Internet. Before you do that, however, you can take a few moments to fix up your photos with cropping, color adjustments, and enhancements

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Multitasking was introduced in iOS 9, allowing you to use multiple apps at once on an iPad. There are three different types of multitasking—Slide-Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture—and they are all on by default.

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More and more, people are starting to discover that tablets make decent productivity tools. With devices like the Microsoft Surface and iPad Pro becoming more popular, you may be looking to create something similar with your Android device. With a Bluetooth keyboard, it’s simple. Here’s how to connect one, and everything you can do with it.

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If you’re considering leaving your read-it-later application of choice for greener pastures, you don’t have to start from scratch. Here’s how to move everything from Pocket to Instapaper, or vice versa, without missing a beat.

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Like all voice assistants, Alexa isn’t perfect at understanding everything we say. If you feel like Alexa’s missing a few too many commands, it might be time for a little one-on-one voice training. Read on as we show you how to train Alexa to recognize your speaking voice and get a better user experience in the process.

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If you’re a fan of Apple products, but your hardware is limited to what you can afford, then you can still have fun taking a trip through Apple’s product history with Mactracker.

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