Android: If you’re always on the lookout for new–and free!–cloud storage solutions, security company BitDefender has a new cloud service for Android uers. Safebox accounts come with a free 2GB storage to get you started.

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Android: Hi Launcher is an alternative app launcher for Android that features easy customization, automatic application sorting, and a distinct widget in one area, apps in another layout.

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We love a good Arduino-based project around here. Now, thanks to this handy guide, it’s easy to add a remote control to the project via Bluetooth and controlled by an Android phone.

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Have you been admiring the awesome Roboto font that Google created just for the Ice Cream Sandwich release of Android? Now you can download all 16 variations of Roboto for your favorite computer!

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The app includes support for downloadable content, progress tracking (if you’ve set up a Khan Academy account), and will soon include companion exercises. If you’re unfamiliar with the Khan Academy, head over to t...

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Android: A free cloud storage account comes with 5GB–upgrade to 50GB by taking their new Android app for a test drive.

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That is definitely going to be an awkward conversation explaining why that was a bad idea…

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Once a week we round up some great tips from the HTG tips box and share them with everyone; this week we’re looking at recycling Android phones for use around the house, increasing safety with a glowing LED switch, and how to easily encrypt Dropbox contents.

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The Devolution of Batteries [Graph Jam]

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Do you have a song stuck in your head? Did you listen to a new song and now you’re humming it? Do you just remember a few words from that song? Or even better, are you currently listening to the song? In either case, you’re in luck, because we have got a list of utilities that can help you identify a new song you’ve heard!

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We’ve already shown you how to install XBMC on your Apple TV, now we’re back with specific tips and tricks to install popular media center software XBMC on your iPad (or other portable iOS device).

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The Kindle has long sported a 3G network connection on premium models. Now, with this hack for Kindle 3G Keyboard models, you can tether your computer through that connection.

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Apple users have iTunes to synchronize their media libraries back and forth, but what do Android users have? Google doesn’t provide any official method of synchronization. Enter Synx, a simple, open-source tool for synchronizing your media files and your Android.

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Syncing your existing iOS device with a new computer can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t want to lose any data that’s already on the device. Making the new computer accept your iOS device can be difficult, but certainly not impossible. So let’s go ahead and see how you can sync your existing iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad with a new computer, without losing any existing content on the device.

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New technology brings about new ways of interacting with said technology. Smartphones and tablets might be tiny compared to their massive forefathers but that doesn’t mean we can ignore the way we hold and interact with them.

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The Swype keyboard for Android replaces pecking at letters with gliding your fingers over them. Swype automatically interprets your gesture and figures out the word you meant to type.

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Viewing the permissions of each installed Android app requires digging through the Manage Applications screen and examining each app one by one — or does it? aSpotCat takes an inventory of the apps on your system and the permissions they require.

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Once a week we round up some of the great reader tips that flood into our inbox and share them with everyone. This week we’re looking at muting individual apps in Windows 7, controlling the flow of personal data in iOS applications, and clutter free YouTube and Amazon browsing.

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Although you’ve been able to open Google Docs with an Android app for ages, it wasn’t the full experience of seeing collaborative and on-the-fly edits–until now.

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With TeamViewer for Android or iOS, remote desktop connections to Windows, Mac or Linux are a snap. It’s free for non-commercial use and easy to set up — no fussing with firewall rules, ports or IP addresses required.

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You’re a reader on the move and you don’t have time for a tethered sync—that’s no problem. Today we’ll show you how to keep your ebook library synced to your iPad via Dropbox.

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Google’s Android Market isn’t the only place you can get Android apps. Whether you’re looking for free paid apps, social recommendations or an app store to replace a missing Android Market, you have a lot of choice.

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AirDroid for Android replaces your USB cable with your web browser. Transfer files back and forth, send text messages, play music, view your photos and manage applications — all without installing anything on your computer.

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If you drag your feet between iOS upgrades because you don’t want to have to reinstall all your awesome Jailbreak apps, custom tweaks, and fiddle with all the default settings, then follow along as we show you how to easily backup and restore everything for easy iOS upgrading.

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