Your old iPad might be still going strong, but if all your apps need newer versions of iOS to run, it feels like you can’t do anything with it. Don’t worry, we’re here with a clever trick that will help you load up your old device with older versions of of your favorite apps.

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A new version of the Apple’s desktop operating system is on the horizon, and with it comes a whole slew of interesting new features. Here are some of the best to watch out for.

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A few years ago, a trend started with Android manufacturers where they thought it would be a good idea to take the Settings menu—a generally straightforward place on most phones—and paginate it. So instead of having a solid list of things that can quickly be scrolled through until you find what you’re looking for, you’re stuck with flipping through a series of tabs and then scrolling through each one. It makes no sense.

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It is said that every 3.5 seconds a phone is lost or stolen, which is exactly the root of why the mobile data backup field is getting more crowded. Staying ahead of the competition is no picnic, but WinX MediaTrans makes it with ease!

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If you’re going on vacation soon, and don’t want to be bothered changing the thermostat as you’re trying to wrangle the family, the Ecobee3 actually allows you to schedule the thermostat to go into an away mode ahead of time.

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LG did something weird with the G5: it completely removed the app drawer in the stock launcher, and tossed all apps on the the home screens, like in iOS. I get that some people probably like this—maybe even prefer it—but I’m sure it’s off-putting to many others. If you’d like to give the stock launcher a go but want the app drawer back, LG actually included a way to add an app drawer to its launcher via a separate download.

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By default, the iPhone’s Messages app shows you the date and time for the first message on any given day, but not for every message sent and received. However, the exact time each message was sent is hidden–but there’s an easy way to show all the exact timestamps.

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If you’re on vacation, the last thing you want is to find out that someone broke into your house. There’s really not much you can do about it if you’re halfway around the world, but if you have a trusted neighbor and a SmartThings setup, you can automatically notify them if someone tried to break into your home.

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If you’re the “tech guy” (or girl!) in your family, you know what it’s like to deal with a constant barrage of questions every single time your tech challenged family members get a new gadget. While we can’t really help you simplify everything in their lives, we can tell you how to simplify their LG G5 with LG’s “EasyHome” launcher. Here’s how to enable it.

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When you sync your iPhone or iPad with iTunes, it creates a backup on your computer in case you lose your device–or get a new one. The problem is, they take up a lot of space. If you need to purge some old iTunes backups of your iOS devices to free up disk space, transfer the backups to a new computer, or put them in deep storage, you can–as long as you know where to look.

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One of the best ways to extend the features of the Amazon Echo is by installing third-party Alexa Skills. However, if you installed a Skill that you’re not particularly fond of, here’s how to uninstall it from your Amazon Echo.

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If you have to dial an extension to reach some of your contacts–or a code to join a conference–you know it’s a hassle remembering that information or looking it up before placing a call. Instead, why not have your iPhone automatically dial those extra digits for you?

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They say the best camera is the one you have with you, and most smartphone cameras can now easily replace a point-and-shoot. For users who have experience taking pictures, the move from a “real” camera to a smartphone can be an easy one, but for users with no photography experience, it can be a real challenge to get a decent looking shot from your phone. Fortunately, smartphone cameras are often more intuitive than more traditional cameras, and landing the best possible shot just take a few considerations.

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If you’re away from home and your HVAC system breaks down suddenly, you probably want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Here’s how to receive instant alerts from your Ecobee3 thermostat whenever there’s a possible problem with your heating and cooling.

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If you’re out and about and there’s no free Wi-Fi available, you can use your iPhone’s internet connection on another device, like a laptop or tablet. This feature is called “Personal Hotspot” on the iPhone (also known as “tethering”), and you can use it over Wi-Fi or USB.

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Apple’s Photos app is a pretty solid offering, but if you take a lot of photos with your iPhone, you know it can be a hassle scrolling through them all to find photos you took at a certain location or on a certain date. Among all the other useful things Siri can help you with, she can also help make finding photos a whole lot easier.

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Trying new things is always fun, especially when it comes to tech. Getting hands and eyes on new features before they become mainstays is even more exciting. Not only that, but it also helps software builders gauge interest for new features before they make them permanent. Samsung gets this, so on the international versions of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, it included a new feature called “Galaxy Labs.”

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So you’ve installed the iOS 10 beta and, well, you don’t love it. No problem, because you can roll right back to iOS 9.

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Everyone likes their devices to charge quickly, right? That’s why aptly-named quick charging technology is so popular—almost every chip maker has its own version of it at this point. Still, there are occasions when fast charging may not be the best solution.

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iOS’ built-in calculator is a basic, simple-to-use calculator that’s very handy for doing some quick calculations, such as calculating the tip on your restaurant bill. It’s also useful for longer, more complicated calculations. However, there is one button missing.

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Smartphones can be confusing—especially to those who may be less than enthusiastic about tech. And while manufacturers like Samsung and LG have stock options to simplify home screens and the app drawer, many others don’t have a built-in way to do this. Fortunately, there are plenty of launcher replacements in Google Play that can make navigating through an Android phone much simpler than it is out of the box. Out of all the ones I tested, however, two really stand above the rest: Necta Launcher and Wiser.

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In iOS 10, Apple made a small but fundamental change to the way you unlock your phone. If you’re not a fan of the change (and we hardly blame you) it’s easy enough to fix. Let’s switch it back to the way it was in iOS 9.

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Changing the wallpaper on your iPhone or iPad is a simple way to breathe new life into your mobile device. Here’s how to change the wallpaper on your iPhone or iPad and make it feel like a new device again.

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It’s been a long day and you’ve got some time to kill, so you grab your Samsung Galaxy S7 and fire up your favorite game. You’re all set to crush the level that you’ve been stuck on for the last seven weeks—it’s so close you can taste it. Then your bff decides to send a text that interrupts your game, which throws you off your mark. You lose again.

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Solid Internet connections aren’t available everywhere. If you want to watch streaming movies and TV shows on an airplane, on the subway, or somewhere out in the wilderness away from cellular towers, you can download them ahead of time.

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