We’ve shown you how to statically set the IPs on your network, now lets flip that DNS switch for added elegance and ease of use. Today’s guide will show you how to access your machines using DNS names on your DD-WRT enabled router.

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Having a media server is really awesome, unless the other people on your network don’t know how to share the bandwidth. Using some simple QoS rules, you can give your computer a priority and stop your streams from dropping out.

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If you don’t keep your home machines running all the time, you can power them on remotely with Wake-on-LAN. Doing things manually is a pain, but you can schedule computers to wake up automatically everyday using DD-WRT.

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DHCP makes it simple to configure network access for your home network, and port forwarding makes it easy to those computers from anywhere. By configuring static DHCP on your DD-WRT router, you can combine the best of both worlds.

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Don’t be in the dark about who is visiting what web sites on your LAN. Use our two-prong approach to lock in on who is browsing what on your home network.

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Each week we dip into our reader mailbag and answer your pressing tech questions. This week we’re looking at an HDMI connection with phantom sound issues, how to install the stock Android keyboard, and how to log URLS visited from your network.

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There’s no need to settle for electronic beeps and dings when DIY mods like this one exist; hack an old-fashioned counter service bell to notify you of new emails and more.

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See how Pelican cases and other electronics enclosures stand up to extreme torture tests in this video and companion article.

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Now a days we talk about computer registers, DMAs, and IRQs as abstract things buried deep inside the microprocessor of our modern computers. This computer showcases all these aspects of modern computing in a very hands on wa...

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Connecting to the internet from Wi-Fi hotspots, at work, or anywhere else away from home, exposes your data to unnecessary risks. You can easily configure your router to support a secure tunnel and shield your remote browser traffic—read on to see how.

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Tomato is a powerful third-party firmware for your router, but tweaking the software makes it even more powerful. We’ll be showing you our 5 favorite tips for Tomato routers to help speed them up and help you get your work done… faster!

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Earlier this week we asked you to share your strategy for installing applications on a new (or rebuilt) computer. The responses piled up and now we’re back to highlight your tips.

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In the above video the owners of Base2 Electronics are watching a PCB testing machine at the factory where they purchase their boards for resale. The machine is first scanning the board to identify it in the board database an...

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Achim Sack, a fan of hardware hacking and time lapse photography, created a super tiny interval timer that works with Nikon, Canon, and Pentax DSLRs. Plug it in, snap a shot between 0.4 seconds and 18 minutes to set the inter...

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Kenneth Finnegan started his adventures in electronics tinkering a little over two years ago and in that time advanced from being a complete beginner to putting together some really advanced projects. After his projects start...

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For this project you’ll be hollowing out a hardcover book and replacing the guts with a wooden frame and a strip of cool-running and efficient LED lights. You’ll need some very basic wood working and soldering ski...

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In the above video the guys at JumperOneTV show us how to make a desktop power supply. As an addendum to the video; they note in the comments section on the YouTube video that they were wearing gloves for the drilling and tha...

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In the above video from Smarter Ever Day they visit the National Electronics Museum and get a first person look at how microwaves work and why nearly every microwave you’ll ever own has a turn table.

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We cover a lot of articles that feature accessing files and features from inside and outside of your network. This usually entails forwarding ports, something that may seem daunting for beginners, but it’s actually pretty simple to do.

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If a digital picture frame seems too dull this interesting DIY frame actively sniffs Wi-Fi traffic and displays the pictures it finds.

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In the above TED Talk Ann Marie Thomas demonstrates how you can use a cheap battery pack and simple homemade play dough to create electrical circuits that are easy to build and much more kid-friendly that prototype boards and...

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Nathan Bergey wanted something that would remind him of the epic nature of human endeavors in science. He built an LED lamp that, as a meditative reminder, illuminates when the international space station is overhead. He̵...

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If you’re looking for a digital remote shutter with a maximum amount of control this design turns your smart phone into a capable remote control for your camera.

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Curious how your hard drive actually works? Check out this teardown video by Engineer Guy, Bill Hammack.

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Peter Brands, a Dutch case modding hobbyist, decided to take things to the next level by ditching his old tower-style case and building a desk that houses his entire PC. The end result is pretty impressive. He had a neighbor ...

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