The Raspberry Pi, a credit-card sized computer, took the world by storm in 2012. Read on as we take an inside look at the board and the company behind it–and how they were shocked to sell almost a million of them instead of a thousand.

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Why spend extra money on a scan-to-email capable scanner or multi-purpose device when you can repurpose an old scanner and a Raspberry Pi into a one-button email-enabled scanner.

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There’s a plethora of cheap Chinese-manufactured routers on the market, all just begging for modifications. This simple modification turns one particular model into a tiny internet radio.

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There are tons of great retro game emulators for the Android platform, put using the touch screen as a game controller is a lackluster solution. This fun electronics hack turns an old Game Boy into a case/controller for your phone.

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Declare your love of retro gaming in all that you do; follow this DIY guide to creating Tetris-inspired ice cubes.

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Open home Wi-Fi networks are still too common. The situation has improved as wireless router manufacturers began shipping with wireless passwords enabled by default, but there are still too many unsecured Wi-Fi networks out there.

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With low-power standby modes and stable operating systems, it’s easier than ever to go days (if not weeks or months) without rebooting your computer. Is it still necessary to perform a full shut down?

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The problem with thermal cameras is that even the low end ones can cost over $10,000. This clever DIY hack, however, makes it easy to create detailed thermal photographs with your digital camera and some inexpensive parts.

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You’ve got WEP encryption enabled, your network’s SSID is hidden, and you’ve enabled MAC address filtering so no one else can connect. Your Wi-Fi network is secure, right? Not really.

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We’ve shown you a photo-tour of the Rapberry Pi factory before, but this video offers an in-motion view of how the tiny little hobby boards are assembled.

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If Santa brought you a Raspberry Pi this Christmas, this handy list of tips for new Pi owners will help get you started.

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If you’re in the mood for a little Christmas Day rock spectacular with guitar riffs and jets of fire–and we certainly are–this video is not to be missed.

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This curious lamp, powered by an Arduino board and servo motors, is just as playful as the on-screen counterpart that inspired its creation.

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Routers protect their web interfaces, where you can configure their networking, parental control, and port forwarding settings, with a username and password. These default passwords can be changed to protect the router’s settings.

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This silent media center PC dissipates heat in a rather clever way; the entire back of the case is one giant heatsink.

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Raspberry Pi, the credit-card sized computer with an ARM processor, now has its own appstore where Raspberry Pi hobbyists and developers can share their creations in a one-stop location accessible to all Raspberry Pi users.

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Connectify Dispatch is a network management tool that takes all the connections around you–Ethernet, Wi-Fi nodes, even 3G/4G cellular connections–and combines them into one giant data pipeline.

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Do modern computers still need the kind of routine defragmentation procedures that older computers called for? Read on to learn about fragmentation and what modern operating systems and file systems do to minimize performance impacts.

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Windows is quite adept at telling you if you have a properly functioning Internet connection, but how exactly does it do so? Digging into how Windows handles the problem offers insight into Windows connectivity messages.

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This project combines a solar panel, Raspberry Pi, and a bit of code for the Pi to turn the whole array into a solar powered server (you could easily modify the project to become a solar powered music player or other device).

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Your computer feels a little slower than it did this time last year; is that change something you can chalk up to an aging processor?

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More and more computers are shipping sans-disc drive leading many industry watchers to proclaim the optical disc an endangered species on its way out. Do you still use your drive or are you letting the disc go?

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You can adjust the your speaker volume in-app, operating system-wide, or by the physical controls on your speaker setup. Which method is best for optimum sound?

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Smartphone-friendly winter gloves are expensive (and often ugly). Skip shelling out for store-bought gloves when, armed with a needle and thread, you can turn any gloves into smartphone-friendly ones.

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Curious where your pint-sized Raspberry Pi came from? You might be surprised to learn it was built, tested, and packaged all in an equally pint-sized factory in South Wales.

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