Raspberry Pi, the credit-card sized computer with an ARM processor, now has its own appstore where Raspberry Pi hobbyists and developers can share their creations in a one-stop location accessible to all Raspberry Pi users.

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Connectify Dispatch is a network management tool that takes all the connections around you–Ethernet, Wi-Fi nodes, even 3G/4G cellular connections–and combines them into one giant data pipeline.

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Do modern computers still need the kind of routine defragmentation procedures that older computers called for? Read on to learn about fragmentation and what modern operating systems and file systems do to minimize performance impacts.

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Windows is quite adept at telling you if you have a properly functioning Internet connection, but how exactly does it do so? Digging into how Windows handles the problem offers insight into Windows connectivity messages.

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This project combines a solar panel, Raspberry Pi, and a bit of code for the Pi to turn the whole array into a solar powered server (you could easily modify the project to become a solar powered music player or other device).

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Your computer feels a little slower than it did this time last year; is that change something you can chalk up to an aging processor?

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More and more computers are shipping sans-disc drive leading many industry watchers to proclaim the optical disc an endangered species on its way out. Do you still use your drive or are you letting the disc go?

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You can adjust the your speaker volume in-app, operating system-wide, or by the physical controls on your speaker setup. Which method is best for optimum sound?

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Smartphone-friendly winter gloves are expensive (and often ugly). Skip shelling out for store-bought gloves when, armed with a needle and thread, you can turn any gloves into smartphone-friendly ones.

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Curious where your pint-sized Raspberry Pi came from? You might be surprised to learn it was built, tested, and packaged all in an equally pint-sized factory in South Wales.

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Your PSU is rated 80 Plus Bronze and for 650 watts, but what exactly does that mean? Read on to see how wattage and power efficiency ratings translate to real world use.

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While it might be more practical to build a full-size MAME cabinet for your retro gaming enjoyment, this tiny and fully functional build is a great example of the fun you can have tinkering with electronics. Read on to see a video of it in action.

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When it comes to door bells, why limit yourself to a simple bell toll when you could be alerted to visitors by the Super Mario Bros. theme? This customizable doorbell hack brings ring tones to your front door.

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Wi-Fi protocol supports 13 communication channels; how do these channels relate to the volume of devices you can have on the network and the quality of the connection? Read on learn more about Wi-Fi channel usage.

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This clever hack combines a modified wall switch with unused buttons on a universal remote to create one-touch wireless control of the lighting in a media room.

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Yesterday we showed you an umbrella stand that signals raining/clear skies by color, today we have something even more interesting: an ambient desktop weather station that recreates the outside weather.

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That powerhouse laptop you bought back in 2006 can’t compete with the sleek ultrabook you just unboxed–but that doesn’t mean you should ship it to the dump. How do you give an old laptop a new lease on life?

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Many cases allow you to mount drives in vertical or horizontal configurations and external drives can be easily repositioned. Does the orientation of the hard drive affect the performance and longevity of the drive?

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While the basic shape of keyboards has remained largely unchanged over the last thirty years, the guts have undergone several transformations. Read on to explore the history of the computer keyboard.

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Increasingly GPUs are being used for non-graphical tasks like risk computations, fluid dynamics calculations, and seismic analysis. What’s to stop us from adopting GPU-driven devices?

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If your living room is boring for want of a plethora of arcade hits, this DIY project parks a Raspberry Pi powered arcade machine in a coffee table for at-your-finger-tips retro gaming.

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The advent of economical consumer grade multi-core processors raises the question for many users: how do you effectively calculate the real speed of a multi-core system? Is a 4-core 3Ghz system really 12Ghz? Read on as we investigate.

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From tiny laptop hard drives to beefier desktop models, traditional disk-based hard drives have a very bold warning on them: DO NOT COVER THIS HOLE. What exactly is the hole and what terrible fate would befall you if you covered it?

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It’s such a common place activity that most of us have likely never stopped to even think about it: the automatic restart. Whether user or application-initiated, what exactly happens when your computer cycles its own power?

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Fans of the tiny Raspberry Pi will be pleased to hear the new version of their Model B board now ships with 512MB of RAM (up from the previous 256MB).

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