Here’s our selection of some of the best computing kits made for kids and parents to share and learn with together (and yes, almost all of them will play Minecraft).

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Many Internet service providers offer combined modem/router units, but a modem isn’t the same thing as a router. Understanding exactly what a modem is is important so you can buy your own modem and stop paying $8-$15 a month to rent one from your Internet service provider.

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Apple is integrating Siri into everything and why not? It is a favorite of ours and works well whether it is on the Apple Watch or the iPhone or iPad. If you’re using an Apple TV however, you might want to disable it.

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Your router’s web-based setup page allows you to change various settings — like your Wi-Fi network’s name and password — and view information. You’ll need your router’s IP address to access it.

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We get a lot of questions here at How-To Geek about energy consumption and whether or not you should put your devices to sleep or unplug them. We’re here to tell you definitely: no, no you shouldn’t. Unconvinced? Read on.

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The Apple Watch allows you to customize and add watch faces. You can also use any photo (or album) from your phone as a background for a watch face with the time and date. Photos must be transferred to your watch to be used for watch faces.

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Waiting for your favorite mobile device to fully charge up can try your patience at times, so you may be tempted to try other ‘methods’ to speed up the process. But can it be done though? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answer to a curious reader’s question.

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If you want access to all the features of your HomeKit powered smart home when you’re away from home sweet home, you’ll need to enable remote access via your Apple TV. Read on as we show you how (and highlight some of the setup quirks).

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If you have recently purchased the latest Apple TV with the new touch sensitive remote, then you probably have dealt with the much-loathed text-entry method. If you’re having problems with it, then they may be alleviated by adjusting the remote’s sensitivity.

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The Modular watch face on the Apple Watch allows you to change the color of the time and the complications to one color of your choice. However, now a “Multicolor” option is available that makes the time and each complication on the watch face have a different color.

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Google’s Chromecast works well for streaming videos from YouTube, Netflix, and other online services. But there isn’t an obvious way to stream local video files from your computer to your TV via the Chromecast.

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The Apple Watch is very customizable and its watch face is no exception. There are multiple styles, such as Modular, Mickey Mouse, and Utility, each with options for complications, or sub-displays, containing various types of information. You can also add your own custom watch faces.

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Apple Watch includes plenty of Siri integration, and while it’s not as extensive as what you can do with Siri on the iPhone, it’s still plenty useful as it currently stands.

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Many cellular carriers offer “microcell” devices — T-Mobile is calling them “CellSpot” devices, but they’re the same thing. These function as small cellular towers, but they use your home Internet connection and anyone can connect to them.

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If you’re in a meeting or at a movie or show, you can prevent your Apple Watch from bothering you with notifications. Notifications can be silenced on your iPhone using the “Do Not Disturb” feature, and you can do the same on your Apple Watch.

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The new 2015-edition Apple TV features a brand new remote with a new battery system and a new way to charge it. Read how to check the remote’s battery level and charge it back up.

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There’s a good chance your smart TV is spying on you. Smart TVs often analyze the videos you’re watching and report back — whether you’re watching live TV, streaming videos on a service like Netflix, or playing local video files. Worse yet, this can be a security problem.

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Microsoft’s Edge browser receives media-casting support as part of Windows 10’s first big update. Edge can now cast media to MIracast and DLNA-enabled devices. This isn’t compatible with Google’s Chromecast, but it can be used for similar purposes.

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Amazon’s $50 Fire Tablet only comes with 8 GB of storage, but it also supports MicroSD cards. A MicroSD card is an inexpensive way to add additional storage to your tablet and use it for music, videos, apps, and other types of content.

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Your Wi-Fi router comes with a default network name and password, and both are often printed on the router itself. But you can change the name and password to anything you want in just a few clicks.

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When you delete everything from a flash drive and reformat it, you would think it should ‘display’ as completely empty when checked, but that may not always be the case. With that in mind, today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answer to a confused reader’s question.

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We previously described how to set up text forwarding from your iPhone to iPad or Mac. It’s a great feature, though we later realized it might not work as expected. Luckily, there’s a quick fix you can employ to get it up and running properly.

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You just got your new iPhone after switching from Android and you want to type something in all caps. How do you use caps lock in iOS 9? We’ll tell you how to type all caps and also how to enable and disable the caps lock feature.

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The first big update to Windows 10, which should be arriving today via Windows Update, fixes a lot of problems with Windows 10. Microsoft is streamlining activation, restoring colored window title bars, integrating Skype, and improving the Edge browser. But they’ve also added advertisements to the Start menu.

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The new Apple TV is out and with it the new-fangled tvOS. While it’s not substantially different than the previous Apple TV, it is different enough that we want to show you how to rearrange, configure, and delete apps and games on it.

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