Do you need to reinstall Windows on your computer?  Here’s a checklist of the things you should do before you make the leap and reinstall.

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If you’re running iTunes on a Windows machine, you might be frustrated with how slow it loads and performs. Here are some tips for getting better performance and make it less annoying.

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With all the new mobile operating systems how do you to know which one to pick? Like Android, Palm has a webOS emulator to allow developers to test applications without physical hardware. Here is how you can test drive webOS on your computer for free.

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When it comes to gathering statistics on web sites, you can never have enough. While one of the most popular method for tracking statistics is through services such as Google Analytics, log file analysis remains a reliable way to track your visitors as they are immune to script blockers. A widely used tool for log file analysis is the open source tool, AWStats.

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Do you miss the days of playing your favorite games on “old school” consoles like SNES or Sega Genesis? Today we take a look at several different emulators for your PC that will bring back the retro gaming nostalgia. 

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As an IT manager, there are a lot of things you can do which directly impact your company’s bottom line. While the most obvious are direct hardware and software costs, an often overlooked aspect is energy/electricity consumption by computer systems. While servers need to be available 24/7, desktop systems only need to be available when the respective user needs it or for scheduled maintenance tasks. The rest of the time (usually more than 50% of the time), the system can stay in low power mode which reduces power usage, hence cost.

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Would you like to try out Google’s Android OS on your netbook or desktop?  Here’s how you can run Android from a flash drive and see how fast Android can run on real hardware!

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All Dell servers come with the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator software which has the ability to monitor and display system level indicators. Additionally, through the Alert Management tab you can configure actions to execute whenever an alert is triggered. Unfortunately there is no vehicle for applying uniform notifications to all events, so we are going to provide a script which configures all the alert actions to send an email notifying you of the respective event. While you could set these up manually, having a script is ideal as you can easily deploy this across multiple servers.

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Ranting doesn’t have to be a waste of breathe and time. You can turn a rant into a powerful tool for productivity. Learn how to transform your sense of victim hood and irritability to self-empowerment and mental clarity.

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Unless you have a special setup, you typically only need a single IP address from your ISP to run your network. With your network sitting behind a firewall/router, you can direct your incoming traffic to the appropriate servers to handle email, web, remote connections and anything else. The problem comes when you have multiple servers which need to receive traffic from a common port. Instead of adding more public IP addresses (and cost), we are going to show you how to handle this situation using on a single IP.

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Would you like to play media files or use your PC by remote control? Here’s how you can turn your Android phone into a remote control with GMote 2.0.

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A common function of many programs is the ability to send email. When working on development projects or doing product demos which utilize email, having an environment you know will work can be critical. For these situations, having a completely self contained email system, that is all emails “sent” never leave the local machine, is the answer.

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If you have ever found yourself in need of a terminal available at all times in Linux, here are four different ways you can bring up a terminal with a maximum of three buttons.

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Sometimes when you plug a USB drive into your machine you won’t see it in Computer or AutoPlay in Windows 7 or Vista. Today we take a look at how to change the drive letter so you can can access it.

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Microsoft Office 2007 introduced a new XML based file format for the Office suite of products. Word files use extension “.doc” for Office 2003 and earlier with “.docx” for Office 2007, etc. Most likely, none of this is new to you.

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Would you like to try out apps from the Android Market on your PC?  We recently showed you how to run Android in an emulator on your PC, so here’s how you can install apps from the Android Market in the emulator.

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There are lots of great utilities out there which do essential tasks such as monitoring and reporting that once you have configured them, they just sit in your system tray and do their job without you ever knowing. While this works great for desktop machines, this model is not ideal for server use which, typically, does not have anyone actively logged into it.

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We love Live CDs, but it’s a hassle installing the same packages every time you need to do a virus scan or recover accidentally deleted data. We’ll show you how to roll your own Ubuntu Live CD, with all the packages you want, and even more nice customizations.

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Would you like to test drive the latest version of Google’s Android OS without buying a new mobile device?  Here’s how you can run Android on your PC for free with the Android SDK Emulator.

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Have you ever wanted to make backup copies of your DVDs but didn’t want to mess with confusing DVD ripping software?  Today, we’ll look at drop dead simple method to decrypt DVDs on the fly with DVD43 so you can easily copy them to your hard drive.

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Interested in Android but think you need to buy a new phone to try it out? Actually, your Windows Mobile phone may already have the capability of running Android. Today we show you how and the type of phone you’ll need.

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The latest Firefox Beta is rather awesome, with tabs on top, and a new menu that looks like an awful lot like Opera. It’s all very slick, until you try and install your favorite extensions that haven’t updated yet. Here’s how to force them to work.

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Sure, you can hack Windows and install a custom theme if you really wanted to, or pay for a software package to do it for you. What you might not know is that you can use a silly trick to change the color of the taskbar with no added software—without changing your window color.

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You’re likely reading this article because you’ve noticed moe.exe running in Task Manager and are wondering why it it using up memory and CPU time.  You’re not running program named Moe, so where is this process from and what is it doing running on your computer?

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Google offers many helpful web tools that make our lives easier, but it also collects an enormous amount of data about its users. Here’s how you can opt-out of some automatic data collection and preserve a bit more privacy.

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