Microsoft’s Xbox One can now play a limited number of Xbox 360 games. But it’s not as simple as inserting any old disc and starting it up. Only some games will work, and the Xbox One runs them in an emulator.

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Amazon’s $50 Fire Tablet may be one of the best deals in tech–especially when it occasionally goes on sale for $35. It may feel limited, but with a few tweaks–no rooting necessary–you can turn it into an almost-stock Android tablet perfect for reading, watching, and even light gaming.

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You’ve heard it in commercials, seen it plastered across billboards, and maybe even read about it in your cellphone plan. But what is 4G LTE, and how do its speeds and coverage compare to other 3G and 4G networks?

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If you need to access an FTP server, you can install dedicated FTP clients with lots of features –but you don’t necessarily have to. Windows itself offers several ways for connecting to an FTP server, allowing you to download and upload files in a pinch.

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When you sign up for Insider Preview builds, Windows warns that you “may” need to reinstall Windows to get back to the stable version of Windows. But this is a worst case scenario, and there are other ways to get off the Insider Preview track.

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Android phones and tablets can fill up quickly as you download apps, add media files like music and movies, and cache data for use offline. Many lower-end devices may only include a few gigabytes of storage, making this even more of a problem.

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Android’s user-visible file system is one of its advantages over iOS. It allows you to more easily work with files, opening them in any app of your choice…as long as you know how.

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Apple is working on a new file system known as the Apple File System. APFS will probably become the default file system on macOS and iOS in 2017, but it’s available as prerelease software on macOS Sierra.

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Did you know there’s a version of Windows 10 that doesn’t get big feature updates, and doesn’t even have the Windows Store or Microsoft Edge browser? It’s called Windows 10 LTSB, short for Long Term Servicing Branch.

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If you want access to all the features of your HomeKit powered smart home when you’re away from home sweet home, you can–as long as you have an Apple TV or iPad sitting in your house. Read on as we show you how.

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Windows 10’s Game DVR feature can slow your gaming performance by recording video in the background. If you don’t care about recording your gameplay, disable Game DVR for performance reasons.

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The Windows Search feature provides fast file searches by building an index. This index is used by the Start menu, the search box in File Explorer and Windows Explorer, and even the Cortana assistant on Windows 10.

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Not everyone can afford to deck out their homes with Wi-Fi lights, outlets, and voice control. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your home has to be dumb. Here are a few ways to make your home a bit smarter, without spending a lot of money.

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iOS 9 brought a useful new feature you may not have noticed yet. Known as “Facedown detection”, your iPhone can detect when it’s placed face down and won’t turn the screen on when notifications arrive. This can save a lot of battery power if you regularly receive notifications.

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You’ve seen it on plenty of PC help sites. “Uninstall fonts to speed up your computer!” Don’t follow this advice–it’s a myth. Uninstalling fonts is a troubleshooting tip for fixing a specific problem, not a general performance tip for speeding up your computer.

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Android has always done notifications consistently well over its various iterations. In Android Lollipop and Marshmallow, notifications have gotten even better, giving users specific, granular control over notifications for every application installed on your device.

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Since Windows 10’s release and the privacy controversy that followed, many “anti-spying” apps have sprung up. They promise to keep Windows 10 from tracking you–but often, they can cause more problems than they solve.

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Official support for the ZFS file system is one of Ubuntu 16.04’s big features. It’s not installed and enabled by default, but it’s officially supported and offered in Ubuntu’s software repositories.

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System Restore is a Windows feature that can help fix certain types of crashes and other computer problems. Here’s how it works, how to set it up, and how to use it when things go awry.

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Windows 10 includes a telemetry service that automatically sends diagnostic and usage data about your computer to Microsoft. These settings have caused a lot of controversy since Windows 10’s release, but what do they actually do?

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Windows 10 has a new “CompactOS” feature designed for PCs with a very small amount of storage, like tablets or laptops with only 16GB of space. It’s like full-disk NTFS compression, but smarter. Here’s how it works.

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There’s no doubt that a dash cam can really come in handy in your car–not just to record meteors and flying cars, but more practical events like collisions and aggressive driving. But instead of buying one, you can just use equipment you already have and a freely available app.

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Backing up your text messages from your Android phone to your Gmail account is so simple, there’s no reason to not back them up and make them search-friendly in the process. Read on to see how you can turn your Gmail account into an SMS vault.

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A new version of the Apple’s desktop operating system is here, and with it comes a whole slew of interesting new features. Here are some of the best to watch out for.

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If you have a Mac that’s always running low on space, macOS Sierra is a breath of fresh air. It includes a new tool that provides recommendations and helps free up space on your Mac.

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