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Getting the Most from Your Android Device


Lesson 1: How to Use Android Effectively

This How-To Geek School course aims to teach you how to use Android effectively, showing you the most important settings and methods needed to really become an Android pro and get the most out of your Android device.

Lesson 2: Managing Your Installed Applications

Our first real stop on the road to mastering Android is to help you understand how to manage and organize your installed applications, deal with settings and permissions, or get rid of applications you don’t want.

Lesson 3: Extending your Android Device’s Battery Life

One of the biggest gripes among device users is battery life. Devices and batteries are not created equal and the status quo for battery life seems to be about a day; from the time that someone wakes up in the morning and unplugs their phone from the charger to the point where they plug it in at night before they go to bed.

Lesson 4: Understanding Performance and Security

Handset and tablet manufacturers have brought a lot of performance to their devices in recent generations. Most new devices are not wanting for power. Even so-called mid-range and budget devices can usually ably handle most everything you throw at them so the worst you might experience is some lag with your home screen.

Lesson 5: Managing Your Device’s Storage and Backups

Data management on Android is easy but you can still find yourself low on empty space very quickly. After all, your device has finite space. So, if you find yourself running out of space, you need to take action.

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  • Published 04/20/11

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