Automatic downloads in iOS allow apps, as well as other items, to be updated automatically. This may seem handy, but they can also be problematic because they may use your mobile data without you realizing it. If you have metered data, you probably want to disable automatic downloads.

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Microsoft has great engineering teams that can put together top-notch technology — Windows 10 is a very good operating system, the Surface line is the best hardware you can get, and Office 365 makes a lot of sense. But they continually shoot themselves in the foot and make their customers angry. Why? We have no idea, but we’re going to complain about it anyway.

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Broadband is the lifeblood of the modern household and it’s incredibly frustrating when your Internet connection is flaky. Read on as we walk you through our tried and true troubleshooting techniques so you can pin down exactly where your connectivity problems are coming from.

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Many online services offer two-step verification or two-factor authentication. Enable this for an account and it’ll require more than just your password to sign in. You’ll also need something else — and there are many different types of additional authentication methods you can use.

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On a Chromebook, only apps from the Chrome Web Store typically get their own taskbar icons and separate windows. But you can give any website its own taskbar icon and make it open in a separate window, effectively turning any website you like into an “app.”

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The setup process for the Apple TV is pretty user friendly but that doesn’t mean a walk through and some helpful configuration tips aren’t in order. Whether you’re setting yours up right now or considering purchasing one, follow along to see how the process works.

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When you delete an app on your iPhone or iPad, you may notice that it gets installed again when you sync with iTunes on your PC. However, there’s a way to prevent apps from reinstalling on your iPhone or iPad after you delete them.

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If you have a Surface Pro 3, there’s no reason to upgrade to the Surface Pro 4. The tablet itself is too expensive to warrant upgrading for slightly better specs — but the new Type keyboard… that’s a whole different thing. You need to do yourself the favor of upgrading your SP3’s sad keyboard to the great new SP4 keyboard. Yes, it’s backwards compatible.

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Google Cardboard is cool. It’s a way to try virtual reality with a cheap headset made of cardboard and your current Android phone or iPhone. But, compared to devices like the Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard is just a parlor trick.

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If you signed up for the OS X beta program at some point to test the latest release before it was publicly available, you might be wondering how to get out of installing every single beta update. Or not. Either way, here’s how to get out of it easily.

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For years, pundits and publicist alike were chanting that PC gaming had finally met its match. That after years on top of the gaming world as the technologically superior option, consoles had finally caught up to the aging platform, and asserted their dominance as the go-to option for anyone who took their top score seriously.

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We got our new Apple TV units at HTG HQ and we’re busy playing with them to see how it all works, and getting things ready to publish a bunch of articles next week. But in the meantime, here are our initial thoughts:

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U2F is an emerging standard for physical authentication tokens. Current U2F keys are all small USB devices. To log in, you won’t need to enter an authentication code provided from an app or SMS — just insert the USB security key and press a button. Here’s how they work.

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It’s the game within a game that some people argue might actually be more fun than the actual game itself. The tabletop deckbuilding simulator Gwent, found inside CD ProjektRED’s The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, has proven to be an unexpected runaway hit since it released with its parent title back in May of this year, as players from every corner of the globe continue to pore through decklists, strategy guides, and card location maps long after the single player campaign has already been explored to completion.

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Microsoft is determined to make sure every Windows 7 and 8 user upgrades to Windows 10. They have used all sorts of tactics to get people to upgrade, and now they are taking the big one: using Windows Update to push Windows 10 to everybody.

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Creating and removing numbered lists in Word is easy using the “Numbering” command on the ribbon. However, if you prefer using the keyboard, there is a way to quickly create a numbered list using a keyboard shortcut.

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