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If you want to keep on top of birthdays for all your Facebook friends, but you don’t want to check Facebook all the time, you can import those birthdays into Google Calendar, where you can then setup reminders.

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Any player of the oddly addictive physics game Angry Birds can attest to the range of likability among the bird munitions you are supplied with. This infographic from The Oatmeal puts the love and loathing on a scale.

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Love your alarm clock but hate how eye-searingly bright it is? Slice up a plastic binder divider to dim your alarm clock (or any other aggressively bright monochromatic display).

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MP4 is a widely-used video format; you can grab MP4 files off YouTube, Vimeo, and many other online video websites. But what if you have a video of a song you love, and want to extract just the music? Read on to see two different ways to do just that.

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Have you ever wondered what “XP” stands for or where “Ubuntu” comes from? Some operating systems get their names from obvious places, but others need some explaining. Read on to find out where your favorite OS got its name.

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I once found a security vulnerability in (now WebEx weboffice), and they sent me a box of swag. Some pretty nice stuff, too.

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As a geek, I’m not subject to the normal whims of the populace, which can be annoying when you hang out on Twitter and there’s a flood of tweets about things you don’t care about. Here’s how to filter tweets in the Twitter web interface.

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This week we learned how to make hundreds of complex photo edits in seconds with Photoshop actions, use an Android Phone as a modem with no rooting required, install a wireless card in Linux using Windows drivers, change Ubuntu’s window borders with Emerald, how noise reducing headphones work, and more.

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Have you been searching for a list of keyboard shortcuts for Ubuntu’s new Unity UI? Then sit back, relax, and get your favorite printer ready to go. We have just what you have been looking for fresh from the Ask Ubuntu forums.

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Wolves represent aspects of nature that refuse to be tamed, seeking to remain forever free. If you feel a special kinship with these spirited creatures, then you will definitely want to bring this beautiful pack home to your desktop.

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Rango the chameleon has his hands full when he becomes the new sheriff in an Old West town called Dirt. Now you can bring his adventures to your desktop with this new theme from Microsoft. The theme comes with seven wallpaper...

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Are you looking for a way to manage your Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, LinkedIn, and Foursquare accounts all in one place? Using the Seesmic Web App for Chrome and Iron you can access your favorite accounts and manage them ...

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It has been years since E.T. returned home and Elliot is all grown up now. But things are about to get a lot more interesting when E.T. returns to help save the Earth. The only problem is that the invaders are the people from...

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If you were a fan of the King’s Quest series of adventure games from the 1980s and 1990s, you’ll be thrilled to see them remastered with enhanced graphics, polished voice acting, and more.

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Internet pricing and speed varies wildly across the world. The US, for instance, currently ranks 15th in speed but enjoys reasonably priced internet access.

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Battle for Terra [DesktopNexus]

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WizMouse is a free and lightweight Windows application that enables a simple but effective trick: the ability to scroll the contents of a window that is under your mouse cursor without shifting the focus to that window.

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Another long week is finally coming to an end, so why not have a little fun to finish the week out before going home? In today’s game you become a powerful shark determined to turn the Sydney coastline into one long smorgasbord while causing as much mayhem and destruction as possible along the way.

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Passive noise reduction, active noise cancellation, sound isolation… The world of headphones has become quite advanced in giving you your own private sound bubble. Here’s how these different technologies work.

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After you install the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 that we mentioned yesterday, you might be wondering how to reclaim some of the lost drive space—which we’ll show you how today—but should you actually do it?

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