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A perfect, classic scene from the original Home Alone movie to add a bit of fun to your holiday.

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Are you a fan of author C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia book series? Then you will definitely want to have a look at this theme portraying Lucy, Edmund, and their friends’ adventures aboard the Dawn Treader.

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It is Christmas Eve and hopefully you are enjoying the start of an early weekend away from work. This week we have a snowball throwing game for you to try out, so bundle up and get ready to let those snowballs fly!

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It’s Christmas Eve and if you’re lucky you’ve got some time off ahead of you. Let’s put that time to good use with some holiday-centered geeking out. Come on in for LEGO ornaments, Darth Vader snow flakes, and Christmas light hacks galore.

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History trivia shouldn’t be limited to just treaty dates and wars ending, we’re marking off major milestones in geek history—one week at at time. This week in history we’ve got Santa on the Cold War radar, baby HTTP going for a spin, and Babbage’s birth to help usher in the age of computers.

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Here are a few teasers from this alternate Christmas special:

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The new interface is a significant improvement over the old one. Previously information about your virtual machines was packed into a two-tab interface on the right hand side of the main window. The information was there but it wasn’t very well organized. Now information is more clearly organized and divided into groups like General, System, Display, Storage, Audio, Network, and two handy section at the bottom to see what USB devices and shared folders are linked to the virtual machine.

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Tropical Destination [DesktopNexus]

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The caps lock key is one of those remnants of another age of computers, back when people used to shout at each other more often. Unless you’re in the accounting department, it’s probably not very useful, so today we’ll learn how to disable it.

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If you find chatting with multiple chat clients troublesome, then Pidgin is the tool for you. In today’s article, we’ll show you how to connect to popular chat networks, encrypt your conversations, and render mathematical formula in Pidgin.

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Do you prefer the look of natural wood grain when customizing your desktop? If so, then the Bridco Icon Set will make a nice addition to your wood grain or natural wood themed desktop and app launcher docks.

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Can this customer get the help he needs to get his Blackberry and Apple working again? Watch and see to find out!

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If you’ve got a Mac computer that you’d like to secure against theft–or at least be able to track down should it go missing–Mac-tracking tool Hidden is free until January 2011.

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Most people have a single monitor for their computers, many have two, and some individuals enjoy “3 monitor plus” goodness. This week we would like to know how many monitors you use with your computer.

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When you’re shopping does it always seem like your line is the slowest? You’re not entirely imagining things, statistically your line is slower more often than not. Watch this interesting video to see how research...

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Are you a World of Warcraft fan? Then get ready to add some adventure to your Windows 7 desktop with the World of Warcraft theme. The theme comes with 36 Hi-Res wallpapers from Cataclysm and earlier expansions, custom World o...

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Whether you are doing graphics/web design work or just taking screenshots, it’s often very difficult to move the mouse precisely enough to select pixels the way you’d like. Here’s a couple of ways to make it better.

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Staying connected may be hard no matter what network you are on, and in flight Wi-Fi isn’t pervasive enough to count on. Here are tips and tricks to keep yourself entertained when unplugged and traveling.

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Are you wanting access to the new official Ubuntu fonts for use on your own computer? Now you can download the whole font family and start enjoying all of that Ubuntu font goodness.

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