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Once a week we round up some great reader questions and share the answers with everyone. This week we’re looking at how to fix a laptop that won’t keep time, how to monitor traffic on a wireless access point, and how to comparison shop on the move.

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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Even if you have no intention of building this well-executed battery meter, the results creator Denis Hennessy got from his tests of over 100 battery brands are an interesting read.

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If you’re looking for a secure but flexible way to strap your camera to your body, this DIY C-loop connection keeps your camera safe but allows for easy movement and adjustment.

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This interactive population density maps makes it easy to see where the high density pockets of humanity exist around the world. Slide from 5 people per square mile to 500 and watch the map melt away.

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Whether we’re comparing Firefox to Chrome or testing the real-world speed benefits of a 64-bit browser, I see a lot of comments saying one browser feels faster. When people compare web browsers, they don’t usually perform rigorous benchmarks.

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Application switching allows you to quickly switch between your open Metro apps by sliding your finger across the left side of the screen, or moving your mouse to the corner. If you don’t like this behavior, it’s easy to disable.

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The Linux terminal has rich multitasking capabilities. You can switch between the virtual consoles already running on your system, use Bash job control to run processes in the background, and take advantage of GNU screen, a terminal “window manager.”

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