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Our friends over at have released yet another eBook in their series of Guides to, well, just about everything. This one gives you some tips for speeding up your Windows PC.

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Having problems with the Tractor Beam? Did a weapons malfunction bring your computer system down? Is the Replicator making your Earl Grey Tea taste odd? Wait…what??!! Just call the Star Wars Help Desk to get the personalized help you need.

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Do you need to make the most efficient use possible of vertical UI space on your system’s screen, but have horizontal space to spare? Now you can shift the toolbar icons and their awesome functionality to a slim sidebar...

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Androidify, a free application for Android phones, lets you create an Android-style avatar of yourself (or anyone, for that matter). Swap out the clothes, adjust the side of your noggin, add a pirate eye-patch, the customization options are abundant.

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Android phone owners rocking the official Google Reader app will be pleased to see the new update includes much requested features such as polished feed widgets, unread counter widgets, and a handy “mark previous as read” button.

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Note: To view and download other color variations of this wallpaper visit welshdragon’s gallery.

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If your geeking out extends from the workbench to the kitchen counter, you’ll love this swanky infographic detailing the families of utensils in your kitchen drawers and cupboards.

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Friday is here once again, but today you are not the only one who needs to escape! This week your mission is to help a poor mouse named Peanut escape the dangerous lab she is trapped in. Do you have what it takes to save the day?

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Alright, this was the easy way to change the font of your panels.

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These days people send me messages over Facebook asking for help, which is roughly the same thing.

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Are you tired of the same old wallpaper on your Ubuntu desktop? Now you can go from blah to literally spacious, real-time styled views of Earth with the xplanetFX Wallpaper App for Linux.

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Every week we bring you a snapshot of the current week in the history of technological and geeky endeavors. This week we’re taking a look at the birth of YouTube, the death of the HD DVD format, and the first mega meme.

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If you are familiar with the Gran Turismo 5 video game releases, then you will definitely recognize the Citroen GT. French automaker Citroen and Japanese racing simulation developer Polyphony Digital decided to take things on...

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The final round of IBM’s Watson against Ken Jenning and Brad Rutter ended last night with Watson coming out in a strong lead against its two human opponents. Read on to catch a video of the match and see just how quick Watson is on the draw.

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Desktop notifications from Chromium-based browsers are an awesome feature, but they do not blend in well at all with the native system theming in Ubuntu. Now you can fix that small problem using the wonderful Chromify-OSD ext...

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If you don’t need advanced project tracking but still want to track how long it takes you to finish certain tasks or projects, Chrome Time Tracker is a free Chrome extension with a dead simple interface.

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Wireless network settings in Windows 7 are global across all users, but there’s a little-known option that lets you switch them to per-user, so each user has access to only the networks they are allowed to connect to. Here’s how it all works.

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Whether you’re an astronomy buff or just somebody looking for a perfect “look how sweet my smartphone is!’ application, Google’s Sky Map application for Android phones is a must have app.

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Sea View [DesktopNexus]

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If you’re anything like 99% of everybody, you have some sort of PDF viewing software installed on your PC—but did you realize that you can use Google Chrome to view PDFs from your PC? It’s easy!

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