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This well narrated video offers an up close look at some of the moon’s more notable features, as well an interesting overview of how they came to be.

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Are you tired of the same old boring desktop? Then fill it with rich South American beauty with the Peru Theme for Windows 7. The theme comes with nine images featuring the awesome scenery and wonder of Peru.

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Anytime there is a massive password breach there is a subsequent analysis of the password quality; if you’re curious about the composition of nearly half a million Yahoo! users, come on in and rubberneck the break down.

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This week we return with an awesome sequel to the original (and quite possibly maddening) 3 Slices game. Can you figure out the best ways to cut the blocks and slice your way to victory or will you scream in frustration as you face defeat?

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By default, Ubuntu uses a two-finger tap for right-click and a three-finger tap for middle-click on laptop touchpads. You can swap this behavior, but Ubuntu doesn’t provide a graphical utility for configuring it.

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Lets face it, one of the messy sides of Windows is its right-click context menu system which seems to get more cluttered every time you install a new program. Here’s how to fix that, the easy way.

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Once a week we round up some of the great reader tips you share with us and shine a spotlight on them. This week we’re looking at an app that helps you learn keyboard shortcuts for popular applications, how to roll a cheap macro camera lens for your point and shoot camera, and repurposing a shoe rack for cable storage.

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The Evolution of Windows (Artwork by David Schaefer) [via MakeUseOf]

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