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Sound engineers take really sterile tracks and make them sound natural through audio effects. The most common tools to do this are delay/echo and reverb, and with some know-how you can tweak your own tracks for the better.

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Are you looking for a fun tile-based puzzle game to play on your computer? Then you should take a good look at Hex-a-hop. Hex-a-hop comes with 100 levels of tile-puzzle solving goodness to keep you busy (and thinking)!

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Do you want to keep up with the latest features included in Opera Browser automatically? Then all it takes is a few minutes of your time to set up Opera’s new snapshot dev channel on your computer.

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We don’t know about you but we’re absolute suckers for high-speed photography. This gallery combines novel things (Jello filled ornaments shot up with air guns, for example) with beautiful high-speed captures.

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Every week we dip into the reader mail bag and pull out tips and tricks to share. This week we’re looking at a super simple shortcut for resizing windows, how to contain your mouse in a multi-monitor setup, and how to check your battery configuration.

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There’s no need to go mucking about in your power settings to temporarily keep your machine awake, let Coffee perk it up and keep everything active until your downloads are finished.

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FOREST LIGHT [DesktopNexus]

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Unpluggd, a home-centric technology blog, shares a really simple hack that makes a big difference. When movie audio is mixed for DVD/Bluray playback the dialogue is almost always piped through the center channel.

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When we think of the Old West, we remember how wild and dangerous it was and the opportunities it provided. The internet really isn’t much different. Let’s analyze the similarities and consider how we can tame the wild, wild web.

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Last week the Electronic Frontier Foundation sent out a call to action encouraging people to join the Open Wireless Movement. Do you agree with their stance or is Wi-Fi sharing risky business?

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The Old Spice commercials have inspired many humorous parodies since their release and YouTube user Vareide has now added his own unique interpretation with this Minecraft inspired version.

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The heart of the hack is taking an old USB memory stick and modifying it so that it presents itself to the computer as a keyboard. Once attached to the computer the fake “keyboard” sends the signal to toggle the C...

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Have you been enjoying the latest release in the Mortal Kombat game series and want to bring the action to your desktop? Then get ready for a flawless victory on your desktop with the Mortal Kombat Theme for Windows 7.

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When it comes to unique ways to browse and display your music it doesn’t get much more unique than Planetary–an iPad-based music browser that arranges your collection like galaxies and star systems.

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Beautiful [DesktopNexus]

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If you’re a fan of Pandora’s uncannily good music stations you’ll be pleased to hear they’ve rolled out a matching comedy stations. Search for a comedian to seed your station and enjoy the 10,000+ comedy routines.

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Twitter has become an addicting, fun distraction for many of us. But since it’s mostly a text only media, why not tweet while you’re working in the Linux terminal? Score some geek points, and tweet the Linux geek’s way.

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A media center isn’t nearly as fun if all your media is mislabeled poorly organized. Read on to learn how to use Ember Media Manager to whip your media into shape and make your collection sparkle.

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In the continuing search for smaller materials to create hard disks from, researchers at the University of Nottingham are working with a Uranium compound that brings magnetic storage to the molecular level.

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Jello has that certain jiggle to it but it’s a jiggle you’ve never seen quite like this. Check out the video to see Jello shot in ultra slow-motion.

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