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Ever get the urge to edit some audio but you’re not sure where to start? Settle in with this HTG guide to the free audio editor Audacity that’s written for beginners but caters to geeks of all levels.

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You are probably very familiar with the startup programs function of Windows. While you can specify the applications you want to launch at the start of Windows, the ability to control the order in which they start is not available. However, there are a couple of ways you can easily overcome this limitation and control the startup order of applications.

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Ever get the urge to try out a bunch of Linux distros at once? Maybe you’re hosting a Linux installation party. Here’s an easy way to get a bunch of Live CDs working from a single thumb drive.

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This week we learned how to tweak the low battery action on a Windows 7 laptop, access an eBook collection anywhere in the world, “extend iPad battery life, batch resize photos, & sync massive music collections”, went on a reign of destruction with Snow Crusher, and had fun decorating our desktops with abstract icon collections.

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Last month we brought you the first batch of wallpapers geared specifically towards dual monitor setups. Today we present the second offering in our series of dual monitor wallpaper collections.

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As 2010 draws to a close, we have gathered together another great batch of article goodness for your reading enjoyment. Here are our ten hottest articles for December.

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If you frequently use your Android device as a music player you may have noticed how lack luster the song notifications are. If your media player of choice offers them at all, they are buried in the notification bar. Tune Pop...

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gotham city at night [DesktopNexus]

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It has probably been a long week whether you have already returned to work or are finishing up the last of your vacation time. If you are in need of some stress relief, then we have we the perfect game for you. This week you get to be totally fiendish and use a monster size snowball to destroy as many cars as possible at the local snow lodge.

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If you’ve got a netbook with really great battery life, you’ll probably still have loads of time left even with only 10% of the battery remaining. Here’s how to tweak the settings so it alerts you or goes into sleep mode at a more reasonable time.

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Every week we bring you interesting trivia from the annuals of geekdom. This week in Geek History witnessed the birth of Linux creator Linus Torvalds, the patent for FM radio, and the release of wildly popular 80s arcade game Q*Bert. Read on to learn more about each event.

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Do you need a good Chrome-Iron theme to make your Mario Brothers themed desktop complete? Whether you have a desktop maxed out with custom Mario Brothers theming or just want something fun, this theme will add a perfect touch...

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Firefox 4.0 was supposed to be feature complete at this point while Mozilla worked towards the final version release, but that may have changed. Developer Bill Gianopoulos has been working on experimental builds that bring th...

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An advanced Trojan has appeared in the wild on Android devices. If you frequently load 3rd party off-market apps from less than sunny sources, it might be a good time to armor up your Android.

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Note: The original size for this wallpaper is 1450*1050 pixels, but it can be easily placed on a larger white background to best fit your monitor’s resolution.

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We might be known for our Windows articles, but in 2010 we sure posted a lot of really in-depth articles covering Linux. Here’s the 20 best articles that we covered this year, covering everything from how to tweak your setup to how to use Linux to fix Windows.

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Did Christmas seem to pass you by too quickly? Well it is not too late to have some extra Christmas fun! In Christmas Eve Crisis you get to help Santa recover all of the lost gifts and deliver them in time for Christmas morning.

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Are you tired of only being able to view a few select services in the new Previews Pane at Twitter? Now you can access up to 165 different services in the Previews Pane using the Parrotfish extension.

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Backing up important files is something that all of us should do on a regular basis, but may not have given as much thought to as we should. This week we would like to know if you use local storage, cloud storage, or a combination of both to back your files up.

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Winter Sunset [DesktopNexus]

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