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Firefox: ShareMeNot is a simple Firefox add-in that effectively blocks social network buttons–such as Facebook’s Like button–from tracking your activity as you browse the web.

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Batman [deviantART]

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Android: If you’re a fan of the status bar in WP7 but not in a hurry to get an actual WP7 phone, StatusBar+ brings a WP7 style status bar to Android.

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Autumn has finally arrived for those of you in the Northern hemisphere, so why not make your desktop as beautiful as the view outside? Fill your desktop with the colors of the season with our Autumn Customization set.

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Macs. The finest computers made by Apple, known for their simplicity and style, their Operating System, and their price. If Mac OS X is all you’re craving for, read and find out how to install it on your custom-built computer!

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We’ve covered two popular file copying programs for Windows: TeraCopy and SuperCopier. But how well do they really work, and do we even need them? We pit them in battle for your amusement, readers, so check out who won.

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Windows 8 will bring a lot of new features to the Windows computing environment, one of which will be Hyper-V. In order to run Hyper-V your processor must support Second Level Address Translation (SLAT). Read on to find out if your processor supports SLAT.

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If you have missing GPG keys you’ll get an error like the one above in the screenshot if you are using Synaptic Package Manager and a similar one if you use the terminal. “Launchpad-getkeys” is a script that imports these missing keys automatically.

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It’s that Ask How-To Geek time of week again; this week we’re looking at monitoring Android mobile usage, learning Windows keyboard shortcuts, and repairing old photographs.

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This extremely cheap and portable camera stabilizer is a great way to stabilize your photos without resorting to lugging around a tripod.

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Windows/Mac/Linux: If you take your wallpaper acquisition and rotation needs seriously, Wally is a powerhouse of a wallpaper management tool. Download wallpapers automatically, rotate them, and more.

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The last few years hav seen the rise, proliferation, and–potentially–the beginning of the end for daily deal websites like Groupon and Living Social. Check out this infographic to take a peek at daily deal sites and their users.

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Anti-aliasing is a word that’s often thrown around by photographers and gamers when dealing with graphics and images. Take a look at what anti-aliasing is, why we use it, and, most importantly, when it’s best to not use it.

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Lots of tools integrate websites together, but keeping track of which you use can be a hassle. If This Then That allows you to program dozens of services together so content management can be automated the way you want.

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This week we learned how to help prevent drive-by viruses using ActiveX filtering in IE9, reorganize the All Programs section on the Windows 7 start menu, store private files securely using a portable file encryption tool, auto mount partitions at Linux startup the easy way, enjoyed looking through a roundup of the best Windows Home Server apps, and more.

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If you enjoyed watching the first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones series, then we have a real treat for you this week. Begin your journey to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros where summers span decades and winters can last a lifetime with our Game of Thrones Wallpaper collection.

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Whether you want to listen to music on your smartphone or watch movies on your iPad, you may need to convert you media files from one format to another depending on what your devices support.

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Thanks Mario… [9GAG]

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