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Want to have a fun look at geek culture and see just where you fit in? Then you need to see the Diagram of Geek Culture infographic that illustrator Julianna Brion has created. The infographic/map covers areas such as geek ty...

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Last year over at the photo blog FStoppers they put together a video showing off how you could use the iPhone as a fashion camera–essentially arguing that the camera wasn’t as important as the photographer. A lot ...

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Bill Hammack, of Engineer Guy Videos, shows us how fiber optic cables work using–of all things–a bucket and a laser. Check out the above video for a glimpse inside how fiber optic cables work and how your analog v...

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Warning wallpaper [deviantART]

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Kenneth Finnegan started his adventures in electronics tinkering a little over two years ago and in that time advanced from being a complete beginner to putting together some really advanced projects. After his projects start...

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What’s with that weird graph with all the peaks and valleys? You’ve seen it when you open Photoshop or go to edit a camera raw file. But what is that weird thing called a histogram, and what does it mean?

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Most of you probably already know how to do this, but earlier today I was showing somebody how to turn Aero Peek off, and they were surprised at just how simple it is—you only have to use two mouse clicks to disable it.

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We’ve already shown you how to use the BitDefender Rescue CD to clean your infected PC, but what if you wanted to achieve the same thing only without a CD over the network? In this guide, we’ll show you how.

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If you have an ebook reader chances are it’s a Kindle. Today we’re taking a look at ways you can get more from your Kindle using built-in tools, experimental features, and third party software. Read on to supercharge your Kindle experience.

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Do you know someone who is still learning about Ubuntu or is considering trying it out for the first time? Then here is the perfect book to help get them on their way. The Ubuntu Manual Team has recently completed and made av...

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Would you like to have all of the latest movie wallpapers from Paramount Pictures delivered straight to your desktop? Then this is the theme you are looking for. This dynamic RSS-fed theme brings you the latest wallpapers fro...

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As objects in our environment (like cars, ATMs, and phones) have grown lighter and quieter scientists have been carefully engineering their sounds so that they continue to sound like we expect them to. Read on to see how.

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Angry Tux Wallpaper [deviantART]

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For this project you’ll be hollowing out a hardcover book and replacing the guts with a wooden frame and a strip of cool-running and efficient LED lights. You’ll need some very basic wood working and soldering ski...

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In the above video the guys at JumperOneTV show us how to make a desktop power supply. As an addendum to the video; they note in the comments section on the YouTube video that they were wearing gloves for the drilling and tha...

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Over the years Capcom’s popular Street Fighter games have allowed you to battle for victory with your favorite characters and opponents. Now you can take the battle to a whole new level and turn your desktop into the perfect fighting arena with our Street Fighter Customization set.

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Whether you’re hosting a web page or running a Minecraft server, it’s a pain to keep track of IP addresses. Using a free dynamic DNS, you can turn into and be free from changing IPs.

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If you have iTunes, and you don’t have an iPhone – but an Android phone instead, syncing iTunes to your phone can be frustrating. So here are some tips to sync iTunes and make sure your cover art works well on your Android phone.

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Every week we dip into our mailbag and answer your pressing tech questions. This week we look at unmountable Windows volumes, opening Word files in Works, and removing a haywire bootloader.

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