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Are you ready for some fun and adventure after a long week back at work? This week’s game combines jewel-matching style game play with an RPG story for an awesome mix of fun and fiction. Your goal is to help a young wizard reach the magic academy in Raven as the forces of darkness are building.

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Graphics programs aren’t simply for just editing your photos—they can have whatever fun application you can think of. For a fun, geeky project, here’s a simple papercraft toy you can make with a printer and simple household tools.

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Every week we bring you interesting facts from the history of Geekdom. This week in Geek History witnessed the first successful demonstration of the electric telegraph, the safe landing of the Spirit rover on the surface of Mars, and the birth of famed fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkien.

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This awesome video makes use of old tools, hardware parts, skeleton keys, and miscellaneous metal objects to portray all manner of deep sea life, giving it a very steampunkish feel.

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Have you ever received a file from someone only to find that it will not open with the software you currently have installed? It can be extremely frustrating to deal with and that is where Zoho’s new online conversion a...

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What can two computer fans, a battery, three scrub brushes, and a Frisbee do for you? They can scrub your floor and wash your tables. Turn a handful of parts into a Scrub Bot for cheap and sweat-free cleaning.

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Earlier this week we featured a beautiful Serene Blue Ubuntu wallpaper for you to download. HTG ETC reader Grant was inspired by it and created the equally awesome Windows version that we are sharing with you today.

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I was spending some time browsing around Facebook today (translation: wasting time), when I noticed that they have some shortcut keys for navigating around the site using the keyboard, so I put together a list for everybody.

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If you’re looking for a great book to help you learn more about Windows home networking, there’s a new book on the market by our good friend Ciprian, and published by none other than Microsoft Press.

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Are you looking for a free and unique calendar that you can print out and share with family and friends? The 2011 International Space Station calendar is a 14 page printout with a beautiful front cover, an inner page with an ...

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Keshen8’s LEGO soldiers are at it once again in this round of ultimate elimination combat. The question is will any of them survive?

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Linux systems all come with their own particular set of default browsers, but those browsers may not be the ones you want or need. This week we would like to know which browser (or browsers) are considered “must-have” on your Linux systems.

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If you’re looking for dead simple and secure file synchronization for your Android phone, BotSync links your phone to a remote FTP directory. Stop worrying about filling up your Dropbox quota and start syncing from your own server.

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Are gorgeous views of cities your favorite way to spice up and decorate your desktop? Then you will definitely want to add the Cityscape Theme to your personal desktop collection. The theme comes with 40 Hi-Res wallpapers sho...

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We’ve covered loads of different anti-virus, Linux, and other boot disks that help you repair or recover your system, but why limit yourself to just one? Here’s how to combine your favorite repair disks together to create the ultimate repair toolkit for broken Windows systems—all on a single flash drive.

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If two iPhone alarm failures in less than three months (the Daylight Savings bug and the New Year’s bug) isn’t motivation to grab a 3rd party alarm app, we don’t know what is. Check out these feature-packed replacements for dependable time keeping.

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Luigi is a firmware toolkit for custom flashing of the Google Cr-48 notebook; if you’ve got one to play with you can customize it to run any OS.

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Most iPad styluses are blunt-tipped and over-priced. Make your own custom stylus with parts from around your workshop for free.

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EgFox Ubuntu Simple Blue 2010 [deviantART]

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Are you an avid user of Google’s online services, but the icons for your desktop and app launcher shortcuts leave something to be desired? Now you can make those shortcuts shine with style using our Google Themed Icon Packs collection.

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