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All around you are wireless data networks: cellular networks, Wi-Fi networks, a world of wireless communication. Check out this awesome video of network signals mapped over a cityscape.

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If you’re an Android fan and looking to score an Android 3.0 tablet, you can enter to win a Xoom tablet courtesy of the Complete Android Guide.

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Brightness and Contrast tools are for beginners! Ever wondered what graphics programs offer advanced users to ensure their photographs have a great value range? Read on to learn about Levels, Curves, and Histograms in three major programs.

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Planning on buying the new iPad 2 when it comes out later today?

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Are you a fan of LEGO and soccer? Then watch as these two teams use some fancy LEGO footwork to try and win the championship game in this nicely done retro-look video. Wait!! Is that player building a brick wall??

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If the Gmail scare earlier this week has you thinking about backing up your Gmail or other web-based email account, we’re here to help. Read on to learn how to backup your web-based email using open source email application Thunderbird.

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Would you prefer a much quicker way to access the options for your favorite extensions in Firefox? Now you can skip opening the Add-ons Manager Tab and access them directly by menu using the Extension Options Menu add-on for Firefox.

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Don’t Sleep is an ultra lightweight and portable application that fills a niche need perfect: sometimes you need to temporarily keep your Windows machine from shutting down or power saving without making any permanent ...

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DropSpace is a free Android application that fixes the primary issue that plagues the official Dropbox app for Android–the lack of true file synchronization. Grab a copy of DropSpace and start enjoying true file syncing on the go.

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Poppies Field [DesktopNexus]

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Earlier this week we shared a history of operating system names with you. This infographic complements that with a timeline of quotes and facts from the annals of computer history.

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Are you a World of Warcraft fan whose desktop needs some adventure? Whether you are a member of the Alliance or the Horde get ready to journey to Azeroth with our World of Warcraft Desktop Customization set.

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Bitcoin is a virtual currency that employs some very interesting principles. Here’s the skinny on what exactly it is and how the fascinating technology behind it works.

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Now that February has come to a close it is time to look back at our top articles for the month. So sit back, relax, and get ready for some great reading.

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You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. Today we highlight how to block unwanted and spam text messages, how to teach Windows 7 to prioritize Wi-Fi connections, and how to revitalize your aging Windows Mobile phone.

about 4 years ago - by  |  Comments (2), a free application for Android and BlackBerry phones, reads your text messages, emails, and caller ID notifications aloud so you can stay connected while keeping your eyes on the road.

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If you want to keep on top of birthdays for all your Facebook friends, but you don’t want to check Facebook all the time, you can import those birthdays into Google Calendar, where you can then setup reminders.

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Any player of the oddly addictive physics game Angry Birds can attest to the range of likability among the bird munitions you are supplied with. This infographic from The Oatmeal puts the love and loathing on a scale.

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Love your alarm clock but hate how eye-searingly bright it is? Slice up a plastic binder divider to dim your alarm clock (or any other aggressively bright monochromatic display).

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MP4 is a widely-used video format; you can grab MP4 files off YouTube, Vimeo, and many other online video websites. But what if you have a video of a song you love, and want to extract just the music? Read on to see two different ways to do just that.

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