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The Windows Event Logs are a tremendous resource as they can not only help you troubleshoot current system issues, but can also provide you with warning signs of potential future problems. So keeping on top of the events your system records can be key to keeping your system running as it should. Unfortunately, sifting through the Event Logs or creating custom views can be a cumbersome manual process.

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Most of us just plug directly into our broadband or indirectly via router when we’re at home. What about when we’re out and about? This week we want to hear about your mobile broadband solutions.

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New Windows update [9GAG]

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A gentleman thought it was safe to spend a bit of time relaxing outdoors until he encountered a new man-eating threat called BearShark. Now he is not safe on land or in the water as he flees for his life! Will he escape or be...

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It’s tricky to backlight a wall-mounted television; this clever design uses the USB port on the HDTV to provide power to a ring of LED lights.

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If you’re an AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile customer and you’re itching for a free and snappy new smartphone, Best Buy is currently running a one day promotion–get a Nexus S for free.

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leaded glass [deviantART]

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Drop Zone is a handy Windows application that creates file transfer hot spots on your desktop. Drag the files onto the hot spot and select from your list of predetermined destinations.

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We’ve covered the manual methods of some fun Photoshop effects—now here’s they are in automatic. Download the How-To Geek Photoshop Action Pack, and get those effects in seconds with the touch of a button.

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Many ebook readers natively support PDF documents but, unfortunately, not all PDF documents are easy to read on a small ebook reader screen. Let’s take a look at two simple and free ways to convert PDF files for enjoyable reading.

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Recently we featured a Heroes of DC Comics wallpaper collection and today we are back to share a theme made for your Windows 7 systems. The theme comes with 37 Hi-Res wallpapers, custom DC Comics Heroes logo icons, and retro ...

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You’re typing away filling out a form online, you click the save button, and the site throws up an error message. In most cases all the text you just typed is gone–unless you’re using Lazarus to bring it back to life.

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Although Dropbox has an official Android application it’s a bare bones affair. Dropsync supercharges Dropbox syncing on your Android device with a pile of extra features and true two-way syncing.

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The wallpaper comes in a zip file with the following resolutions: 1920*1200, 1600*1000, 1400*875, 1280*800, and 1024*640.

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Curious about the programming languages in use all around you? This timeline-style infographic highlights the major programming languages of the last 50 years and where you, indirectly, experience them.

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Google’s new social service is all the rage right now and added in with their Plus 1 service makes for an awesome online combination. Now you can indulge in the Plus and Plus 1 goodness on your desktop with our Google+ Customization set.

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Whether you’ve been searching with Grep or looking at programs that can batch rename files for you, you’ve probably wondered if there was an easier way to get your job done. Thankfully, there is, and it’s called “regular expressions.”

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