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The final round of IBM’s Watson against Ken Jenning and Brad Rutter ended last night with Watson coming out in a strong lead against its two human opponents. Read on to catch a video of the match and see just how quick Watson is on the draw.

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Desktop notifications from Chromium-based browsers are an awesome feature, but they do not blend in well at all with the native system theming in Ubuntu. Now you can fix that small problem using the wonderful Chromify-OSD ext...

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If you don’t need advanced project tracking but still want to track how long it takes you to finish certain tasks or projects, Chrome Time Tracker is a free Chrome extension with a dead simple interface.

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Wireless network settings in Windows 7 are global across all users, but there’s a little-known option that lets you switch them to per-user, so each user has access to only the networks they are allowed to connect to. Here’s how it all works.

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Whether you’re an astronomy buff or just somebody looking for a perfect “look how sweet my smartphone is!’ application, Google’s Sky Map application for Android phones is a must have app.

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Sea View [DesktopNexus]

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If you’re anything like 99% of everybody, you have some sort of PDF viewing software installed on your PC—but did you realize that you can use Google Chrome to view PDFs from your PC? It’s easy!

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Netflix streaming isn’t just a feature that is nice to have, for many people it is a must have for any video streaming software. Unfortunately it has been missing from XBMC for various reasons, until today.

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Yesterday we showed you how to monitor and track your total bandwidth usage, today we’re back to show you how to keep tabs on individual applications and how much bandwidth they’re gobbling up.

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What happens when you mix the Legend of Zelda with the 80s high school scene? Something fun and cheesy that makes you wish there really was a movie based on this!

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Do you want a fun point and click game to play on your favorite operating system? Then get ready to play Suspended Sentence! In the game you are woken from cryogenic sleep to assist in repairing the ship you are traveling on....

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cp -R /usr/share/themes/theme_name ~/.themes

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In the original Batman series (and in countless spoofs and homages to it down the road) there was a bust of Shakespeare that concealed a button that opened up the Batcave. Join the secret-keeping super hero club by building y...

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Google recently introduced a new optional two-step login verification process for Google accounts to help increase account security. What we would like to know this week is if you think this will really help improve account security, should be implemented by others in addition to Google, or would simply add a new layer of hassle to using your accounts.

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If you’d like to create a custom clock face your Android homescreen Make Your Clock makes it easy to create a clock face with customized colors, font, display style, and more.

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Do you have a passion for all things anime? Then you will definitely want to have a look at the Anime Angels Theme for Windows 7. This cute theme will give your desktop that extra bit of fun and spunk to help bring a smile to your face.

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If you’re one of the less fortunate (namely those forgotten by their carrier when it comes to phone OS upgrade time) you’ve got a friend in Cyanogen. They’ve rolled out a new Release Candidate update that in...

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You might think that it’s a complicated process to remove objects from photographs. But really Photoshop makes it quite simple, even when removing all traces of a person from digital photographs. Read on to see just how easy it is.

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If you’re an RSS subscriber, you’ll soon notice that we’re making a few changes. Why? It’s time to simplify our system, while providing you a little more control over which articles you want to see.

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Last month, we reviewed our friend Ciprian’s new book by Microsoft Press, Network Your Computers & Devices: Step by Step—and we’ve twisted his arm until he decided to give away 10 free copies for our readers.

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