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Most people don’t realize this, but when your PC gets infected from browsing a web site, it’s not usually because of your browser—it’s because of your plugins, like Flash, Java, and others. They are sadly insecure, but Google Chrome has a built-in option to make your PC much safer.

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Looking to save some cash while stocking up on computers, peripherals, apps, and other goodies? Hit up our deal list for discounts on all manner of geeky gear.

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Have you ever wondered about the costs, recruitment incentives, drop-out rates, and other information associated with for-profit higher education schools? This infographic provides an interesting, but discouraging look at the...

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Have you been looking for a speed dial extension with a bit more under the hood and better functionality? Then join us as we take a look at ChromePlus Dial for Chrome and Iron.

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Stay on top of your favorite TV shows by logging them in Episode Calendar, a free episode tracking service that reminds you when your favorite show is on.

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It’s time to bust open the tip box and share some of this weeks reader tips. Today we’re looking at an easy way to print selectively and squeeze out extra prints, how to backup and lighten your wallet, and the oft over looked scroll wheel zooming.

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It’s late, the lights are already out, and you realize you didn’t plug in your phone to charge. Avoid in-the-dark fumbling by using felt to give your charging cord a tactile right-side-up marker.

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Hackerish High Tech Wallpaper [deviantArt]

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The Linux Foundation is gearing up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Linux operating system. Check out this video and timeline to see some of the major milestones in Linux history.

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Windows 7 has a ton of great features, most of which are really obvious—but there’s also some great features hidden away that you might not know even exist. One of these is that Windows 7 can automatically change your default printer based on which network you’re connected to.

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With specific hardware configurations, Windows refuses to let you change the Critical Battery Level below a specific point. If you’ve got a big battery, this prevents you from using every last bit of juice. Thankfully, there are two easy workarounds.

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When reader Artem wrote in with this tip, I was pretty surprised—turns out you can paste images from the clipboard directly into Gmail with Ctrl+V or the context menu… but only in Firefox 4 at the moment. In Google Chrome, it works a little differently.

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This Geek School class will teach you everything you need to know about sharing files and resources like printers in a Windows-based network.

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Every day you battle the mean streets—fluffy pastures?—and equip yourself accordingly. This week we’re asking you to dump out your bags, laptop cases, and even pockets, to show us what geeky tools you pack with you every day.

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Do you love playing Chess and have a Linux system ready for more gaming goodness? Then you may want to look at PyChess. PyChess allows you to play versus the computer or go online to play against other people if desired.

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In the world of Street Fighter you need to be very careful about letting those parking meters expire. See what happens to this gentleman when the green monster meter maid punishes him for his parking violation!

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Why settle for Christmas lights in the corner when you can have a real star map as your ambient lighting. Build a fiber optic star map to light your geek cave in style.

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After upgrading Firefox 3 to version 4, when you first launch the new release the interface is drastically different. If you find you are more partial to the Firefox 3 interface, with a few configuration changes, you can easily make Firefox 4 look like its predecessor.

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If you’ve ever wondered head crash, a stuck spindle, or bad bearing sound like you don’t have to wonder any longer. This collection of hard drive audio recordings catalogs all the ways a HDD can bite the dust.

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