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This week’s edition of WIG is filled with news link goodness covering topics such as how the malware on Google Play went undiscovered for weeks, there may not be a full retail version of Windows 8 made available, interest in Windows 8 pre-releases has been lower than for Windows 7 pre-releases, and more.

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When you put your PC into sleep mode, it normally waits until you press a button before it wakes from sleep – but you can have your PC automatically wake from sleep at a specific time.

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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If you’re a fan of documentaries, there are many sites where you can watch them for free. The following is a list of sites we found, some of which allow you add comments about the films and even allow you to download the films.

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Rivers play an important role in our lives as a source of transportation, resources, and places to enjoy recreational activities. Relax and let your thoughts drift lazily along these beautiful waterways on your desktop with the first in our series of Rivers Wallpaper collections.

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If you’ve used Ubuntu a while, you might remember GNOME applets – icons that sat on your panel and gave you access to controls and information. If you miss panel applets, try installing third-party indicator applets for Ubuntu’s Unity desktop.

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Have you ever wondered why you can just type ipconfig into a command prompt and it works, but when you want to use a command line program you downloaded you have to navigate to its directory? Here’s how to fix that.

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This is a situation where you are probably better off not knowing the details…

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