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This data visualization shows sea-based global shipping routes from the 18th and 19th centuries. It’s a fascinating look at the way the world was connected in a pre-aviation age.

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This physics demonstration combines pendulums with different lengths (but all swung at the same time) to highlight different wave forms and how they fall in and out of harmony.

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Do you love nature photography with a twist? Then you may want to have a look at the ‘Light and Dark’ Theme for Windows 7. This unique theme comes with seven images showcasing the work of photographer Nick Boyer.

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If you’ve been meaning to learn how to solder in order to start tackling some fun and interesting projects, Soldering Is Easy will get you started.

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In this week’s game your puzzle solving skills will be put to the test with this classic slider-style set of puzzles. Do you have what it takes to think ahead and preserve the sections you have already completed while moving the remaining game pieces into their proper places?

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Do you share a computer with other family members or friends, or with co-workers at a workplace? When surfing the web in Firefox, you may not want the next person to use the computer to know what sites you have visited.

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Whether you’re overclocking your computer, comparing different systems, or just bragging about your hardware, a benchmark can help you quantify your computer’s performance. Windows has a large ecosystem of useful benchmarking applications, and many of them are free.

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Once a week we round up three reader tips to share; this week we’re looking at how to insert separators into Windows 7 jumplists (no software or hacks needed), a powerful file renaming app for Windows, and a clever way to make LED ice balls for parties.

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