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Every week we dip into our reader mailbag and pick out interesting tips to share. This week we’re looking at keyboard cleaning, saving money while charging gadgets, and straightening curly cords.

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Video game based movies are a tough sell and the numbers reflect that. Gamers want a movie that captures the spirit of the game and non-gamers want a movie they can get into without playing the game first.

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If your phone’s auto-rotate feature is a bit too sensitive, Smart Rotator allows for selective application-by-application rotation.

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Here is how both wallpapers look when separate… These will look very nice on a dual-monitor setup!

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Wireless remote triggers, both commercial and DIY, abound for still photos but the same can’t be said for video triggers. This DIY guide hack together a remote video trigger for DSLR cameras.

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Are you a Manga fan who wants something fresh to liven up your desktop? Then you are in for a real treat with the Classic Action Manga Theme for Windows 7. The theme comes with 8 colorful action-filled Manga illustrations by ...

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Ever leave your Android phone around the house while doing some work only to find missed calls and text messages? With Android Notifier, your phone’s alerts will pop up on your computer. It’s free and it even supports Growl!

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This How-To Geek School class is intended for people who want to learn more about security when using Windows operating systems. You will learn many principles that will help you have a more secure computing experience and will get the chance to use all the important security tools and features that are bundled with Windows. Obviously, we will share everything you need to know about using them effectively.

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Are you a fan of Golden Age Comics or someone who admires the style and look of Golden Age art? Now you can work with the same set of colors that artists from the Golden Age era used for their artwork.

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The advent of digital cameras ushered in an age where you can snap nearly unlimited photos–gone are the days of simple box and album storage. How do you manage and organize your growing photo collection?

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The Princess is trying to record a secret video for the insurgency with details about a weakness in the Dread Cruisers. The only problem is that she is continuously interrupted by the trooper who has a crush on her. Can she s...

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If you’ve revisited an old video game only to experience Pixel-Shock you’ll be excited to hear about a new process for rendering old 8-bit games in smooth vectored frames.

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ShakeCall is an Android application that links your answer/end call function to the motion of your phone; you can simply shake your phone to answer or hang up.

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Beautiful Place [DesktopNexus]

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You may recall the Social Networking Map that appeared last year; the Great Linux World Map is a linx-centric equivalent with popular (and less popular) Linux distributions mapped over the world.

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Made for the photographer on the go, our newest HTG Cheat Sheet is designed to be printed and is conveniently credit card-sized to fit in most wallets. Carry critical photographic info with you wherever you go!

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Google Chrome normally updates your extensions automatically, but when you see the news about a new extension version, you want it right now. Here’s how to force Chrome to upgrade all your extensions without reloading.

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Backing up your data can be such a trivially easy affair that you don’t have an excuse for putting it off—and risking your data in the process. Today we look at the CrashPlan backup suite and how you can use it for free remote backups.

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