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Wall Warts, You likely use them everyday without giving them much of a second thought. What exactly goes on inside those chunky black wall chargers that turns AC current into a nice DC trickle for your favorite electronics? Read on to learn more.

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Sometimes when you are stuck inside, a peek outdoors at the weather can be absolutely refreshing. But if your life is just too hectic and you can not go to the weather, then bring the weather to you with our Weather Desktop Customization set.

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The folks over at the iTOK Blog have put together a chart comparing Macs and PCs based on features such as stability, affordability, speed, software compatibility, and more. Here is your chance to weigh in on the matter of wh...

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Multitasking on the command-line can be really confusing for beginners who use Screen. Using Byobu puts a host of system stats available at a glance while making it easy for newbies to work without memorizing hard-to-remember keybindings.

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Has your digital picture or music library become so large that you have a hard time sifting through them to load up your devices? Well, why do yourself what your computer can do for you? With a simple customizable script, you can easily have Windows pick random files from one folder and copy them to another.

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You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. This week we take a look at data latency while playing computer games, how to use your laptop screen as a secondary monitor, and how to easily list and ID the components in your Windows machine.

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Kindlebility is a clever bookmarklet that makes it dead simple to snip, format, and shuttle articles you find on the web to your Kindle. The service is free, fast, and shockingly good at formatting articles for the Kindle.

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The standard spud gun design is that of a simple muzzle loader. This design include a bolt-action assembly that allows for rapid reloading and potato projectile deployment.

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The above infographic, courtesy of SonicElectronix, outlines what dB levels lead to hearing loss, what some of the loudest sounds on earth are, and the signs of hearing loss. Want to read more about dB levels and see examples...

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We don’t do a whole lot of book reviews around here, but after buying this book and reading it, there was no way I could keep from sharing it with you, the geeky readers. Even if you don’t cook, you definitely eat, and you’re a geek, right? Read on!

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Obviously this isn’t terribly useful, which is exactly what makes it a Stupid Geek Trick. Either way, it’s a good learning experience to better understand how your OS works.

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If you’re less than delighted with the default screensaver pack on the Kindle relief is just a simple hack and a reboot away. Read on to learn how to apply a painless jailbreak to your Kindle and create custom screensavers.

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This week we learned how to save cash, ink, and paper by printing more efficiently, get started with Minecraft, get DreamScene animated desktops back in Windows 7, make Windows Home Server into a domain controller, found out which Firefox add-ons slow you down the most, and more.

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Whether they are lazily drifting across the sky or warning of an approaching storm, clouds can evoke our emotions, thoughts, and daydreams. Add some beautiful cloud cover to your desktop with the first in our series of Cloud Chaser Wallpaper collections.

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This poor trooper’s life becomes a living nightmare when he is chosen to pick up and deliver the dread Lord Sinister’s coffee and pastry treats. Will he survive the ordeal and retain his sanity? Watch to find out!

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Coffee is a big part of geek culture; check out this infographic to see how coffee compares to tea and what the health benefits and risks of drinking one over the other are.

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Earlier this week we asked you to share what was in your geek bag. We’ve analyzed the detailed responses that flooded in and now we’re back to share them with you.

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