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This simple flash diffuser is cheap to make, easy to assemble, and offers a wide surface area to bounce your flash.

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Are you ready to take a trip down nostalgia lane? This compilation of video game footage provides a brief but interesting look at some of our favorite games over the years and how much the look and feel of them has changed.

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Lasers are used in everything from disc drives to surgical suites; watch this quite thorough video to see exactly how laser light works.

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When Server Core originally shipped, a lot of Windows admins avoided it because you could only use the command line, but this changes with Windows Server 2012 which enabled the use of a hybrid mode.

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Android forces you to agree to every permission an app wants, assuming you want to use the app. After rooting your device, you can manage permissions on a per-app basis.

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Microsoft now includes Flash along with their Internet Explorer browser in Windows 8. Flash has been known as a big culprit when it comes to security vulnerabilities in the past, so here’s how to disable it.

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If you’re trying to keep up with news and content on multiple web sites, you’re faced with the never ending task of visiting those sites to check for new content. Read on to learn about RSS and how it can deliver the content right to your digital doorstep.

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The Windows 8 Release Preview came with two great sets of beautiful wallpapers, one for the desktop and one for the lock screen. With this in mind the good folks over at the 7 Tutorials blog decided to help bring that Windows...

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If you love tinkering around with ciphers and want a fun DIY project for the upcoming weekend, then we have just the thing for you. Using common household items you can construct your own personal Enigma machine that will be ...

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