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This week we learned how to set up remote access for your Android device, “set up one-way file syncing, fix missing boot managers, & sync iTunes to an Android phone”, learned what Wake-on-LAN is and how to enable it, found out what your favorite brainstorming tools are, had fun customizing our desktops with a Steampunk theme, and more.

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Most people love to have a bit of ice cream, candy, or baked treats on occasion to satisfy their sweet-tooth. Now you can take those sugar cravings one step further and fill your desktop with lots of sugary goodness from our Sweets-n-Treats Wallpaper collection.

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You see everyone wearing those awesome looking goggles in so many steampunk photos and now you can make a pair of your very own. This great step-by-step tutorial from Fenris Designs comes with a suggested materials list and l...

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Bring the adventures of Steve Rogers to your desktop as he goes from being a sickly man to a super soldier ready to combat the Red Skull. The theme comes with eight wallpapers showcasing various characters from the movie alon...

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NaClBox is a port of the DOSBox emulator to Chrome’s Native Client; load up the page with Chrome and enjoy vintage 1980s and 1990s era DOS games.

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Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite brainstorming tools and techniques; you responded and now we’re back to share your tips.

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Gismeteo Weather Forecast is an Android weather application with a polished interface, attractive widgets, and the ability to monitor multiple locations.

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Blue Evening Globe [deviantART]

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In support of the notion that it wouldn’t be a social network without social games, Google+ just activated their social gaming system. Game across Google+, inside and outside your circles.

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Now that glorious Friday has finally arrived, it is time to sneak in a bit of fun while waiting to escape from work. In this week’s game you need to find the differences between two almost identical comic strips and you get to enjoy reading them at the same time.

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Technology often yields ridiculous conveniences, like being able to turn on your computer from miles away without pushing the power button. Wake-on-LAN, has been around for a while, so let’s see how it works and how we can enable it.

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It’s a Thursday afternoon and that tip-time-of-week again. This week we’re looking at managing audio profiles on Android phones, accessing Google Bookmarks on Android, and vintage organization with Cable Lacing.

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What are the best, funniest, or oddest Wi-Fi networks names that you have seen?

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What happens when a dad and his son decide to have the ultimate toy soldier showdown in the backyard? Can you say angry mom and police showing up? But even these two powerful forces are not enough to stop this epic battle. Ca...

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Whether you’re doing some serious pre-Halloween costume planning or just want to see a really impressive DIY Portal 2 prop in action, this is a video worth checking out.

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RSS feeds are an awesome way to keep up on news and new articles from your favorite sites. What if you need to combine multiple feeds into one to use with a widget, RSS-to-email, or other single-feed tool? ChimpFeedr can help.

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Glass Apples WideScreen Remake [deviantART]

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If you dropped dead today, how big of a pain would it be for your family/estate to access your computer and virtual accounts? Make a plan to ensure your digital life isn’t a headache for them.

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