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If you want to keep up on your friends’ Facebook activity but you hate keeping a tab open for Facebook, Facebook Desktop parks Facebook updates and a quick-reply function right in the system tray.

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You might think that you need expensive software to take advantage of Camera RAW—something like Photoshop or the more modestly priced Lightroom. Fortunately there is freeware that can help you achieve professional results without professional costs.

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Tired of the grey Apple logo on your Mac? Why not “think different” and “switch” it to something else? “The notebook for everyone” doesn’t give you “the power to be your best” without a little personalization.

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Your Firefox profile houses some pretty important stuff such as bookmarks, saved passwords and preferences which would be quite inconvenient to lose. As with any valuable data, your Firefox profile should be backed up regularly.

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This week we learned how to install non-market apps on an Android device, use and master the notoriously difficult pen tool in Photoshop, what Logical Volume Management is and how to enable it in Ubuntu, decorated our desktops with a medieval theme customization set, and had fun squashing the rebellion in Battle Critters – Prison Planet.

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Sometimes we all need a wallpaper that is fun, quirky, or colorful as a refreshing change or to lift our moods up. If this sounds like you then get ready to brighten up your day and desktop with our Colors Wallpaper collection.

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The year is 1988 and Siskel & Ebert really want you to get a video phone. If nothing else can make you appreciate having a powerful computer capable of clear video chat in your pocket, this will.

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If you’re looking for a dead simple way to wirelessly transfer files to your Android phone, Awesome Drop offers easy browser-to-phone transfer.

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Misty Blue Morning [DesktopNexus]

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Wildly popular physics-based game Angry Birds, from the development house Rovio, has finally been knocked off the number one slot in the App Store. Knocked off, that is, by a 14 year old boy with his own compelling physics-based game.

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Are you ready for some fun and adventure after a long week at work? Then grab your gear and get ready for action! In this week’s game you become a member of the Allied Republic of Critters and your job is to help squash the rebellion on Prison Planet and keep the humans from escaping before Admiral Alama arrives.

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In 1883 Thomas Edison threw the switch on a system of overhead wires that would bring light to the community of Roselle, New Jersey. A steam powered generator powered local businesses, the local Presbyterian church (the first in the world to be lit by electricity), around 40 houses, and 150 street lights. We take electric street lights completely for granted in the 21st century but at the time significant portions of the United States and Europe were still using gas lamps. Edison’s proof-of-concept display in Roselle inspired other communities to switch to safer electric light systems.

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Here is a hilarious look at one family’s attempt to help a future film maker improve the continuity of his video editing skills. This video is chock-full of differences between scenes as they switch back and forth. Can ...

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Are you looking for a fun way to pass some time and learn about the factors that make a planet habitable? Then grab a flight suit and get ready to launch into adventure with NASA’s Extreme Planet Makeover.

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Over the last decade and a half Yahoo! went from the go-to search engine for a significant majority of internet users to, for many,  a mere footnote in the history of the internet’s meteoric rise in popular use.

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If you’re a fan of Microsoft’s versatile note taking application OneNote you’ll be pleased to see it come to Apple’s iOS platform.

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Walking in the rain [DesktopNexus]

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If you’re looking for a one stop solution for organizing your eBooks, backing up and syncing them to Dropbox, and reading and annotating them, KooBits is a free Adobe AIR-based solution.

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Over the last couple of days, my cell phone has been inundated with text message spam. Yes, it’s suspicious timing, considering that Facebook just started giving out our phone numbers to app makers—but either way, here’s some tips for how to block annoying SMS spam.

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If you’ve ever played Portal, then you know just how delightfully creepy GlaDOS’s voice can be. Here’s how to create your own GlaDOS-themed sound clips so you can spread the Portal-based horror.

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