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Imagine you have a Windows PC with a single user account, and you just lost your password. Here’s how to enable the hidden Administrator account with nothing more than the install CD and some registry hacking magic so you can reset your password.

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Real life Photoshop [9GAG]

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Are you tired of the same old scenery on your desktop? Then get ready for a desktop full of delicious treats with the Chocolate Theme for Windows 7. The theme comes with eleven wallpapers full of luscious, decadent chocolaty goodness.

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Google+ now offers easy circle sharing; if you’ve built up a collection of interesting writers, photographers, or other individuals you can readily share that collection with friends.

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After months of being accessible only via Windows-based smartphones, the Windows Phone Marketplace now sports a web portal for easy at-your-desk app browsing.

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dreams [deviantART]

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Delicious, best known as a cloud-based bookmarking tool, has a new face. Delicious Stacks is a fusion between bookmark sharing and micro blogging.

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This week we have something a little different for you. While searching across the web we have found some great icon packs that just never quite fit into a larger theme. So we decided to gather them together to share with you in our first Grab Bag Icon Packs collection.

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You might not have lost your Android phone or had it stolen, but if you want to prepare for that possibility, here’s how to setup your phone to respond and contact you with its location.

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Once a week we round up some of the interesting questions you guys mail in, answer them, and share them with the greater readership. This week we’re looking at how to enable Aero in VirtualBox, figuring out how much overhead your RAID array will chew up, and RAW processing without Photoshop.

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Despite the common notion that lots of data is beamed down from satellites the majority of global communications travel through a massive network of high speed cables. Check out this interactive map to see the cables that bind everything together.

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If you’re interested in experimenting with Usenet but not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge and get a paid account somewhere, XSUsenet is offering free (albeit reduced speed) Usenet accounts.

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This time-lapse video, created from a series of 345 images shot from the International Space Station, showcases Auroras in the upper atmosphere of the Earth in a way we never see them from way down here.

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We’ve already shown you the classic method of dual booting Windows 8, but that requires tweaking your partitions. If that’s something you’re not ready for, here’s how to use a virtual hard drive (VHD) to boot Windows 8 on your Windows 7 PC.

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D7 is a very useful, free tool for maintaining, repairing, and tweaking Windows, assisting in the removal of malware, and backing up all the user profiles on your computer. It can aid PC technicians in performing many tasks.

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Last week we shared an Autumn Customization Set for your desktops and now we are back and ready to go deeper into that beautiful Fall foliage. Get ready to immerse your desktop in splendid color with our Autumn Leaves Wallpaper collection.

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Twitter is a great way to get interesting links, article updates, and more from How-To Geek and our writers. Read on to learn how you can follow us and pick up some Twitter tips and tricks in the process.

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