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Being able to remotely control your computer is an age old geek trick. But what about changing BIOS settings or installing an operating system remotely? With Intel AMT KMS this is within reach for any geek with the right hardware.

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Previous Versions is an incredibly useful feature built into Windows 7, which allows the OS to record and view earlier versions of files without a flux capacitor. Here’s a detailed guide to using this excellent feature.

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This week we learned how to fix 10 common Photoshop frustrations in five minutes, make Ubuntu Linux look like Windows 7, make Photoshop easier to use with the How-To Geek Photoshop CS5 cheat sheet, get started with using AutoHotkey Scripts, add flair to our documents and files using handwriting style fonts, and more.

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Continuing our focus on the return of warm weather in the northern hemisphere, we have another wonderful burst of color for your desktop this week with the first in our series of Colorful Butterflies Wallpaper collections.

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Are you tired of visiting webpages full of clutter where the content you want to see is totally lost within it? Now you can view those same webpages clutter-free with the Text Only, Please! extension for Chrome and Iron.

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We have featured two beautiful ocean-related themes for Windows 7 this week but you may be less than pleased at having to use the default Windows icons with them. That is where we step in to help with Surfing and Sailing icon...

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Do you love spending time in the water when visiting the beach? Then bring those wonderful waves straight to your desktop with the Surfing Theme for Windows 7. This great theme comes with 10 wallpapers of awesome waves and su...

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If you’re looking for a weekend project that dabbles in vintage camera and film tricks, this tutorial shows you how to hack an old and cheap medium format camera to fully expose 35mm film.

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The comments have been read and the votes totaled; hands down the How-To Geek crowd voids warranties like it’s an Olympic sport. Read on to see how, when, and why, your fellow readers void their warranties.

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Your quarters have long been sunk in the machine, you’re mashing buttons at a furious pace, and then it happens: the 8-bit reaper comes for you. Check out this video remix of dozens upon dozens of classic video game arc...

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stairs in the spring garden [DesktopNexus]

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You likely use a credit or debit card on a daily basis; have you ever wondered how exactly your card number is generated? Check out this infographic breakdown to see.

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Are you ready for some stress relief after a long week at work? Then get ready to hit the road with this week’s game and help these animals dish out some well earned revenge for the death of their rabbit friend.

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While most people may be familiar with a PC’s BIOS, they may not know what it is or what it does. Since UEFI is poised to take its place, let’s take a geek retrospective on these two  technologies.

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If you’re a fan of the great American author H.P. Lovecraft, this is a must-download. And if you’ve never read his work, here’s your chance—there’s versions that should work on almost every e-reader device.

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The new UI in Firefox 4.0 is sleek looking and easy to use, but what if you want to customize it to a whole new degree? Using the Stratiform extension you can change how the UI looks and make it blend really well with your fa...

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Every week we bring you interesting trivia and milestones from the archives of Geekdom. Today we’re taking a peek at the birth of Twitter, ten years of Mac OS X, and the longest space stay in history.

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In the world of tomorrow every family can have the perfect robot helper for their household. For one family though things take a bad turn and Blinky is not so friendly anymore…

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If you’re trying to cut down on the power your home server is sucking down, this DIY power supply unit coupled with a low-power motherboard can bring your server power consumption down to netbook levels.

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It’s time to delve into the tips box and share from the wealth of reader knowledge. Today we’re looking at an easy way to change letter case in MS Word, solving compatibility issues under Windows 7 64-bit, and controlling your torrents from your smart phone.

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