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Insecure Wi-Fi is the easiest way for people to access your home network, leech your internet, and cause you serious headaches with more malicious behavior. Read on as we show you how to secure your home Wi-Fi network.

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Now that you have your shiny new Google+ account up and running chances are you would love to know some awesome cheats and tips. Well today we have two awesome cheat sheets full of tips for formatting, adding images or videos...

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Batman hasn’t been online for a week [9GAG]

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Modifying blue lasers to light matches and pop balloons is pretty neat. Modifying blue lasers to fit in a palm-mounted brace for Iron Man style laser blasting is pretty awesome. In the above video Patrick Priebe demonstrates ...

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Now a days we talk about computer registers, DMAs, and IRQs as abstract things buried deep inside the microprocessor of our modern computers. This computer showcases all these aspects of modern computing in a very hands on wa...

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These two beautiful matching wallpapers will add a nice tech/sci-fi look to your desktop. Each is 1920*1200 pixels in size and the download links are listed beneath each of the images below.

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At Mashable they share a well executed product family tree that starts in 1976 with the Apple I and finishes in 2011 with the iPad 2. Hit up the link below for the full infographic. Can you name all the products?

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Are you a fan of classic aliens and UFOs? Then get ready to add out of this world attitude to your desktop and prepare it for imminent invasion with our Alien Customization set.

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One of the most convenient tools browsers offer is the ability to save and automatically prefill your passwords on login forms. Because so many sites require accounts and it is well known (or should be at least) that using a shared password is a big no-no, a password manager is almost essential.

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Once a week we dip into our reader mailbag and answer your pressing tech questions. This week we’re looking at how to create a VPN, whether you should run your PC 24/7 or not, and how to read comics on your computer.

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At Wired they’ve put together a chart of key moments in video game history related to expanding lifespans. The chart starts with Asteroids in 1979 and works its way to Journey in 2011. Hit up the link below to check the full infographic out.

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At Mashable they’ve rounded up over twenty prints from around the web that are perfect for the office walls of a discerning geek.

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After you install the extension it scans your browsing history and your installed apps, extensions, and themes to suggest Chrome apps you might find useful. After the initial scan it continues to suggest apps by placing a sma...

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Sometimes, graphics editing is useful. And sometimes, you use it to turn things invisible just because you can. Here’s how to make invisibility cloaks in Photoshop in a few minutes, with our GIMP friendly technique.

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This week we learned how to setup a powerful Wiki on a Windows PC, “replace a missing battery meter, repair VirtualBox hard-drives after improper moves, & understand hard-drive spin downs”, how Linux file permissions work, the methods you prefer for streaming your media, celebrated the release of the final Harry Potter movie with a terrific desktop customization set, and more.

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Maps are awesome for learning and viewing information about our world along with making great decorations for our homes and computers. Now you can enjoy viewing the world at a glance on your desktop with the first in our series of World Maps Wallpaper collections.

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Nyan Cat is popping up everywhere you look on the internet these days, but what happens when he visits the Star Trek universe? Can Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise defeat Nyan or will he prove to be too powerful fo...

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