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Flashes are so convenient that flash photography is practically the norm. But have you stopped to think about what that flash is doing, or whether you need to use it at all?

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Curious about crowdsourcing? Even if you’re unfamiliar with it, you’ve likely participated in it in some way.

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Sometimes sitting back and watching fish swim in an aquarium can be very relaxing, so why not bring that same soothing experience to your desktop? Give your desktop a peaceful, underwater look with our Aquarium Customization set.

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Phones get stolen or lost everyday. With a plethora of data ripe for identity-theft on it, a lost phone can easily make your blood run cold. Take a deep breath, How-To Geek will talk you through this.

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A common question about the Google Chrome Browser is “why isn’t there a master password?” Google has (unofficially) taken the position that a master password provides a false sense of security and the most viable form of protection for this sensitive data is through overall system security.

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Once a week we dip into our reader mailbag and answer your pressing tech questions. This week we’re taking a look at what makes portable apps, well, portable,  how to set up an Ubuntu-based Firefox kiosk, and tangle-free headphone storage.

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Ring lights aren’t cheap and usually aren’t particularly customizable. This IKEA-based hack is easy, cheap, and highly customizable.

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If the easy and wireless Bluetooth streaming in modern car stereos has you green–blue?–with envy, this DIY project will help get you started on the path of Bluetooth input hacking.

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Boat Browser is a new mobile browser for Android devices that combines the features of Google Chrome and Apple’s Mobile Safari browser for easy and tabbed navigation.

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We’ve shown you how to statically set the IPs on your network, now lets flip that DNS switch for added elegance and ease of use. Today’s guide will show you how to access your machines using DNS names on your DD-WRT enabled router.

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Whenever you download any file to your hard drive via your browser, Windows automatically flags it as coming from the Internet and potentially dangerous. As a result when you open the respective file, depending on the type, Windows will warn you with a dialog box or prevent the file from executing altogether until you mark it as safe.

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This week we learned how to “set up credit card processing on Android phones, resize a Windows 7 partition, & use an Android phone as a data modem”, prioritize your network traffic with DD-WRT, use Conditions & If-Then statements in shell scripting, found out how you use virtual machines, improved the view on iPad screens with an outdoors wallpaper collection, and more.

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Everyone’s favorite British archaeologist Lara Croft has gotten into one tough scrape after another as she travelled across the world in search of ancient relics. Now you can bring her adventures to your desktop with our Tomb Raider Wallpaper collection.

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Minecraft IRL [9GAG]

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Now that you have had time to get settled in with your new Google+ account, why not bring that Google+ goodness to your desktop with this great theme for Windows 7? The theme comes with 20 Hi-Res wallpapers, custom Google+ ic...

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Skitch, the wildly popular screen capture and image sharing tool for Mac, is now free and available for Android.

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Earlier this week we asked you to sound off with your Virtual Machine adventures, tips, and tricks. Now we’re back to highlight what you said in this week’s recap.

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If you’ve ever chuckled at a movie with the future set in the present past (or a looming future-present), this futuristic movie timeline is for you.

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