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We have already shown you the steps needed to transfer all your information to a new PS3, but for those of you who would like to see the whole process from start to finish we put together this video.

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Yeah, you wish.

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Some applications come with a boatload of keyboard shortcuts; these can make you very fast, but can be difficult to remember, especially if you customized some of them. What if you could have your own little cheat sheet that would pop up next to the application every time your ran it? Read on to see how you can make one.

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This week we learned how to change window transparency in Windows 7 with a hotkey, backup web-based email accounts using Thunderbird, “temporarily halt autorun, enable Android’s power control, & securely wipe CDs/DVDs”, “block text messages, prioritize Wi-Fi connections, & revitalize a Windows 6 phone”, learned what Bitcoin the virtual digital currency is, and more.

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Recently we shared the first batch in a series of wallpaper collections focused exclusively on triple monitor setups with you. Today we have our second offering in the series filled with all new wallpaper goodness to help make your monitors a joy to look at once again.

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Do you have a Windows computer that needs to be synced with the Ubuntu systems connected to your Ubuntu One account? Not a problem. Just grab a copy of the Ubuntu One Desktop Client and in just a few minutes your Windows syst...

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Over the years, some of us accumulate lots and lots of music files. Since these come from a variety of sources, they’re not always as neat as they could be. If your music library is in a bit of a jumble with tags missing, oddly named files and incomplete albums, read on to see how easy it is to make it neat once and for all.

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Think that you have seen awesome touchscreen setups before? Then think again because the University of Groningen has put together the ultimate version with a super-sized 10 meter curved screen setup housed at their reality center.

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If you’re rocking an Android device, TV Antenna Helper is a free tool that will help you orient your HDTV antenna for best signal strength.

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Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite malware fighting tricks. Now we’re back to highlight some of the tips and tricks you shared.

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No need to settle for squinting over a microscope, hack a green laser and a cheap webcam lens into a projector. Check out the video below to see the projector in action.

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Craving some Ocarina of Time adventures, Super Mario 64 antics, or some Star Fox 64 flying on your Android device? N64oid brings retro emulation of Nintendo’s popular N64 console to Android devices.

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It has been another long week at work and you should take a few minutes to relax and have some fun. In this week’s game you journey to E7 in an attempt to find and destroy the deadly bomb that is aimed at planet Earth. Can you survive the journey across the planet and complete your mission?

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Whether you’re new to the Linux command-line or you’re a seasoned veteran, these tricks will help turn your text-based meanderings into full-blown marathons. Save time, speed up your productivity, and enhance your Linux-Fu, all at once!

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This is pretty much everybody in my family.

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Link aggregation was designed to give you the option of increasing available network bandwidth and resiliency, without completely changing your infrastructure to do so (with the cost that such a move would entail).

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Recently we showed you how to enhance GIMP’s image editing power and today we help you super-charge GIMP even more. G’MIC (GREYC’s Magic Image Converter) will add an impressive array of filters and effects t...

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Every week we bring you new facts and figures from the annals of Geekdom. This week we’re taking a look at the birth of NASA’s forefather, the composition of DNA, and the first telephone.

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