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This impressive build by a group of Northeastern University engineering students is an all-terrain tank capable of deploying a multi-node Wi-Fi network in extremely adverse conditions–it’ll be just the thing to ha...

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We’d hardly blame you if thoughts of popular recent release Diablo III didn’t call to mind old-school arcade action. That didn’t stop one focused DIYer from taking it from the desktop to the arcade cabinet.

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Are you ready for a nice bit of action movie goodness to start your day off with? Then you will definitely want to watch this short movie from IGN and Drake 1129 Productions. The movie covers the initial plague and subsequent...

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If you’ve got a soft spot in your heart for terrible puns and classic Nintendo characters, this compilation video rounds up several of NoPUNintendo’s popular short clips.

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Almost anyone knows how to make a “hidden” folder in Windows, most people also know how to make Explorer show hidden folders. Instead, if your folder looked like an innocent shortcut no one would know you have data in there.

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You have a file too large for email and you want to send it to a friend. What now? We want to hear your go-to trick for transferring large files from your computer to your friend’s.

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Earlier this year we shared an awesome set of tips and tricks to help make your life easier and today we are back with more. BuzzFeed has put together a terrific set of ideas to help out with opening blister packs, pesky knot...

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If you have a specific set of websites you visit often, you can make it easy to open all those websites at once using a bookmarks folder and a nickname. Typing a folder’s nickname in the address bar opens all the websites in that folder.

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