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If you’d like to start your Monday off feeling old, check out this video of school children trying to figure out what to do with the technology of yesteryear.

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Ever removed a background in Photoshop, only to find want to use parts of that background later? Layer Masks and Vector Masks are the elegant and often misunderstood answer to this common problem. Keep reading to see how they work.

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Logical Volume Manager allows for a layer of abstraction between your operating system and the disks/partitions it uses. In traditional disk management your operating system looks for what disks are available (/dev/sda, /dev/sdb, etc.) and then looks at what partitions are available on those disks (/dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, etc.).

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If you want to make the switch from Outlook Notes over to Evernote, there’s now a tool to help ease the process. It does run on the command line, but since you only need to use it once, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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If your Evernote installation has become sluggish after adding thousands of notes, you might be able to speed it up a bit with this great tip from Matthew’s TechInch blog that uncovers a secret debug menu in the latest Windows client.

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This week we learned how to “clone a disk, resize static windows, and create system function shortcuts”, use 45 different services, sites, and apps to help read favorite sites, add MP3 support to Audacity (for saving in MP3 format), install a Wii game loader for easy backups and fast load times, create a Blue Screen of Death in any color, and more.

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Triple monitor setups provide spacious amounts of screen real-estate but can be extremely frustrating to find good wallpapers for. Today we present the first in a series of wallpaper collections to help decorate your triple monitor setup with lots of wallpaper goodness.

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Here is some great news for anyone who loves Firefox! The latest beta version for the 4.0 releases is now available for download. So make certain to get your own copy and start enjoying all of that fresh Firefox goodness.

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Guy Collins has put together a fun video based on the original Reddit comic showing a computer literate person watching a newbie at work on the computer.

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If you have the newest Apple TV and you can’t wait to get it jailbroken, Seas0nPass jailbreaks both old and new Apple TVs.

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Earlier this week IBM’s took their Jeopardy playing supercomputer Watson to play a practice round with two human (and accomplished) jeopardy players. Watson tears out of the gate and barely lets up on the beatings.

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Juice Drop [DesktopNexus]

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If you’re looking for a newsreader with a big eye-candy and wow factor rolled with high usability, Pulse is one of the sexiest readers around.

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The best part of the week has finally arrived, so why not take a few minutes to have some quick fun? In this week’s game you get to play with alien goo as you work to clear the game board and reach as high a level as possible.

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Over the years, we’ve written about loads of ways to disable features, tweak things that don’t work the way you want, and remove other things entirely. Here’s the list of the 50 best ways to do just that.

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Every week we bring you interesting facts from the annals of Geekdom. This week in Geek History saw the birth of HAL, the first landing on an alien moon, and the first real-world test of a fighter jet ejection seat.

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What do you get when you mix Calvin and Hobbes with Fight Club? Watch to find out!

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Are you looking for some awesome HTML5 games to play on your computer? Then we have the perfect resource for you. Mozilla Labs Gaming has just set up a game gallery with 124 of the best submissions that they received for their Game On competition.

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Google Translate for Android has updated and includes some nifty features like a Conversation Mode–on the fly translation of SMS messages.

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