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If you use Internet Explorer 9, we have many tips and tricks for you to improve your web surfing experience, from customizing the interface to using the many features, and to make your time online more secure with IE9’s many security and privacy enhancements.

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Last year we shared a gorgeous collection of Moonlit Nights wallpapers with you and today we are back with more Lunar goodness. Turn your desktop into a night-time paradise with the second in our series of Moonlit Nights Wallpaper collections.

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If you’re a PC gamer, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with Valve’s Steam and use it regularly. Steam includes a variety of cool features that you might not notice if you’re just using it to install and launch games.

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Forgetting your password is always a pain, but luckily there’s an easy way to reset your Domain Administrator password. All you need is a copy of the Windows Server 2008 R2 installation disk and one simple command line trick.

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Pacman [The Paper Wall]

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Sub-Zero and Liu Kang are in the middle of a serious round of combat when an unexpected problem occurs. Sub-Zero apparently decided to keep his glasses in his pocket and one bicycle kick later they are history. Will this be t...

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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According to the puppets in this tongue-in-cheek PSA, you’d better start shooting your video in the right orientation or very bad things–potentially involving George Lucas–will come to pass.

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Back in 1982, Jeff Broz and a group of his friends heard the next Star Wars film was being shot out in the California desert so they did what any fan would do; they trekked out into the desert and crashed the set.

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