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If you’re a fan of the popular Portal series, you’ll definitely enjoy this PC case mod that turned a regular computer into a replica of the Aperture Science terminals from the games.

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Earlier this year students at MIT turned the Green Building on MIT’s campus into a giant 250 foot tall Tetris game. Now they’ve released the the source code that drove the giant game board.

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A rare video presented at a 1984 international sales conference starring Steve Jobs as Franklin Delano Roosevelt was just released online this week. Using World War 2 as a setting, the video portrays Apple’s fight again...

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Although we generally deal exclusively with digital keys around here, this collection of keys spanning the last 3,000 years is a fascinating stroll through the history of locks, privacy, and the status that went with holding a key.

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If you think Photoshop is the most powerful tool in a photographer’s toolbox, think again. Whether you’re using freeware, Adobe Camera Raw, or Lightroom, Raw developing tools are the best way to turn good pictures into great ones.

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Ubuntu’s default configuration tools don’t expose a lot of options for customizing your Ubuntu desktop. Ubuntu Tweak fills the gap, exposing a wide variety of settings unavailable in the default interface.

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Whether you use one monitor or three, it can be quite useful to extend the reaches of your desktop beyond the physical space your monitor(s) allow with a virtual desktop. This week we’re interested in hearing all about how you deploy and use virtual desktop tools.

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Just how well do you know the visual differences between serif and sans-serif fonts? Think you could easily tell them apart under pressure? Then put yourself to the test with this fun online shooter game from ‘ToThePoint’!

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