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The last year has seen a number of high profile security breaches. ShouldIChangeMyPassword tells you if your login was among the compromised.

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If you’re interested in some high-voltage experimentation on the cheap, this DIY Tesla Coil is a steal.

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If you work on multiple computers, you probably cart your data and portable programs around on a USB flash drive. Wouldn’t it be handy to have an easy-to-use portable method of storing and accessing your private files?

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Anybody who has been around the internet for a while knows about ActiveX controls and their historical security problems. Here’s how to use ActiveX filtering in IE9 to prevent being hijacked by a virus while browsing.

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This week we learned how to add apps to the Windows 7 Explorer favorites list, customize the date format in the Windows taskbar, saved money with the latest set of Geek Deals, had fun decorating our desktops with a Photographer’s Desktop Customization set, looked back at the most popular posts for August, and more.

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Highways and roads connect us to each other all across our world and can take us places that we have never gone before. Now you can roam the roads from the comfort of your own desktop with the first in our series of Open Highway Wallpaper collections.

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Microsoft Office 2010 allows you to customize the ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar, making it easy to group commands you use often in one place. It’s also easy to back up your customized ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar.

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View a Larger Version of the Image (The Great Wall of Cables) [via Reddit]

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Scorpion is really anxious about a possible upcoming promotion, so he invites Shao Khan over for dinner. The problem is SubZero’s rather laid-back attitude…will he ruin Scorpion’s chances for the promotion? Watch to find out!

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On September 2, 1859 telegraph operators all over North American noticed a peculiar thing: their machines, unplugged from a power source, kept working.

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Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite mobile calendar app; you weighed in and now we’re back to highlight the trends in your comments.

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With this simple hack you can tear apart a 12 v battery to get, well, a lot more (button cell) batteries–$40 more worth.

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Here is what these two “hot” wallpapers look like separately…

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If you’ve been disappointed that your favorite Facebook, Google+, or other Flash-based games weren’t available on the iPad, iSwifter is your silver bullet–no jailbreaking required.

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Friday is here, so sit back and relax while having a quick bit of gaming fun. In this week’s game two factions on a human colony are about to have the fragile peace they enjoy shattered by a new biological weapon known as Infestor. Are you ready to use Infestor to defeat the enemy?

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Everybody that’s owned a PC has had to deal with the eventual system boot slowdown. Here’s how to use Event Viewer to track exactly how long your system takes to boot up and shut down.

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It’s that tips sharing time of week again! This week we’re looking at reader tips about sun glare reduction in photos, turning old credit cards into cable organizers, and activating the mouse “laser pointer” in PowerPoint.

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