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Our last edition of WIG for July is filled with news link goodness covering topics such as Google is testing a new layout design on its search results page, Microsoft’s new Office Web Apps are available to try out, a new Android malware is tricking users with real Opera Mini, and more.

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Flash may not be important in the future – but a lot of websites want it today. If you’re not ready to give up Flash just yet, you can install Flash on your Nexus 7, even if Adobe doesn’t approve.

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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When was the last time you listened to over-the-air FM radio? There are so many options on the internet for listening to thousands of different radio stations in many different genres and for downloading a lot of music for free.

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This upcoming week Microsoft will be releasing the final gold version of Windows 8 to manufacturers and we have the perfect set of wallpapers to help celebrate the event. Bring the magic of the latest Windows system to your desktop with the second in our series of Windows 8 Wallpaper collections.

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VLC is full of powerful features, including the ability to record your desktop. VLC is great for quick captures, although it doesn’t necessarily have the more advanced features of a dedicated screencasting application.

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Unless something changes at the last moment this should be the default wallpaper for the upcoming final (gold) release of Windows 8.

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Sometimes a little napping can do a lot of good…

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