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SPRING FIELD [DesktopNexus]

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There’s a good chance you’re staring at one right now, the common LCD monitor. How exactly does it work? Find out by watching this informative video.

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Has it been a long and boring week at work? Then how about something to liven things up a bit? In this week’s game you receive orders to join a newly formed task force comprised of soldiers from allied and former enemy units at the end of World War 1. Your mission is to investigate strange sightings near a mysterious deserted trench line.

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Ever get a sudden, inexplicably irresistible desire for karaoke? Maybe you like the music of a song but can’t stand the lead singer? Here’s how to use remove the vocals from most music tracks in a few simple steps.

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Every week we take a look at interesting trivia and events from the history of Geekdom. This week we’re taking a look at the first public offering of Microsoft stock, the birth of Albert Einstein, and the cross linking of information networks across the Atlantic.

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Watch as these game pieces morph into creatures such as a Pegasi, Unicorn, Shark, Cobra, and more in their battle for final victory. Every game of chess should be this fun!

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This beautiful theme shows the Emerald Isle at its’ best with images of green landscapes, gorgeous seaside cliffs, cities at night, waterfalls, ancient rock formations, and more. The theme comes with 17 wallpapers and 2...

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Do Not Track Plus is a Firefox extension that combines the do-non’t-track header with protection lists for comprehensive tracking avoidance while surfing the web.

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Last month Microsoft rolled out Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and, like many SP releases, quite a few people are hanging back to see what happens. If you want to update but still error on the side of caution, reader Ron Troy  offers a step-by-step guide.

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We’ve sent over 200 missions out into space to check out the Moon, the Sun, planets, and more. Curious where they all went? Check out this awesome infographic to trace the launches to their destination.

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Sunset [DesktopNexus]

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RetinaPad is an iPad application that actives the Retina Display resolution on iPhone applications to increase the clarity on the iPad. It’s a feature that should be built-in but is currently only available for jailbroken iPads.

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Hopefully you’ve got some automated backups for your PC. If not, you should really start doing so.

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Audacity novices often start with lofty project ideas, but sometimes they lack the basics. Knowing how to cut and trim tracks is basic audio editing and is a fundamental starting point for making more elaborate arrangements.

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Album art used to be an inseparable part of music, back when it came in record or CD format. But there’s a way to capture some of that magic even today, using a free application. Read on to see how!

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Do you have a large number of bookmarks saved in your Chromium-based browser and need a quick way to search through them? Then see how easy it is to search through those bookmarks just like Firefox users do with the AwesomeBar extension.

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You’ve just booted up your new OS for the first time after a fresh install. What’s the first thing you do? Install specific apps? Tweak settings? Bask in the new-computer-smell of an uncluttered OS?

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You might not realize this, but there’s actually another icon hidden inside the Google Chrome executable file—and it’s a high-quality version of the same logo, but golden. Here’s how to use it.

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In this alternate vision of the original movie, Joe Nicolosi shows us a Mario who is down and out on his luck and has lost his girlfriend to a yuppie, but refuses to give up. Can Mario turn things around?

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If you’ve been turning your cable box on less and watching more shows online, you’re certainly not alone. Check out this infographic look at the state of TV distribution in the digital age to see how everyone is getting their TV fix.

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