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Android: If you’d like to spend less time pecking at a little onscreen keyboard and more time quickly responding to text messages, DeskSMS pushes your text messages from your phone to your Gmail, GTalk, or DeskSMS web interface.

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The Find My iPhone/iPad not only allows you to track your lost or stolen iOS device, it also allows you to remotely remove all your sensitive data off of the device and even lock it in the case of theft.

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If you own a netbook you will know what we mean when we say sacrificing a DVD drive can sometimes be a pain. Net burner sets out to solve this problem by letting you use the drive on another pc remotely.

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Once a week we share some of the reader questions we answer in the Ask HTG roundup; today we’re looking at accessing USB drives in Virtual Machines, how to automatically straighten and crop scanned photos, and how to recover product keys off an old computer.

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If you’re a fan of photography, Star Wars, LEGO, or all of the above, this gallery of images showcases the extremely clever and technically interesting photography of Star Wars fan and photographer Avanaut.

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iOS: If you’re looking for some free cloud storage (and who wouldn’t like a little extra space to sync and backup their files?) is running a promotion wherein iOS users can download and install their mobile app for a 50GB bonus.

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Firefox: MultiCopy is a simple Firefox add-on that allows you to copy multiple chunks of text sequentially, thanks to a now extended clipboard memory, and then paste that text in the order you copied it.

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You spend all of the time you’re on the PC staring at that monitor—shouldn’t it be a good one? Today, we’ll decode the specs and monitor jargon to help you find the best possible LCD screen for your needs.

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Windows 8 and 10 includes Hyper-V as a virtualization platform, but since not everybody will use this feature, it’s not enabled by default. Here’s how to enable it on your Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC.

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Sometimes you want to be able to quickly access a website, without the big clunky desktop optimized interface. Treb allows you to do this by pinning mobile websites to the system tray for easy access. Here’s how to use it.

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This week we learned how to mount a System Restore Point to restore a single file, install Android on an HP Touchpad, “remove the shortcut arrow in Windows 7, remap the Caps Lock Key, & disable Google Instant”, found out how you offer computer help from afar, had fun getting Halloween stationary ready with a great set of fonts, and more.

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Hacking the registry allows you to tweak many things in Windows, such as the adding and removing items from the context menu, enabling and disabling Windows features, customizing the Control Panel, and many other items.

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Seashells come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, each having a unique story behind its journey to the shore. Now you can bring these treasures from the depths to your desktop with the first in our series of Seashells Wallpaper collections.

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Typing these CAPTCHAs in should be as easy as can be, right?

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If you have installed the Developer Preview of Windows 8, you probably have discovered the rather obscure method of shutting down the system. There is an easier way of shutting down, restarting, sleeping, and hibernating your computer. You can add tiles to the Windows 8 Metro Start screen that allow you to perform these tasks with one click.

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After all they go through to defeat the bad guys and save the day, what are these poor heroes supposed to do when no one can even remember their correct names?

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Ring lighting is a very flattering light but rings lights are usually expensive, bulky, or both. In this tutorial we see how to craft a ring light for under $25 that is lightweight, inexpensive, and less bulky than other DIY ...

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