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Try to install an extension from outside the Chrome Web Store and Chrome will tell you that extensions “can only be added from the Chrome Web Store.” However, this message is incorrect – you can still install extensions from elsewhere.

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Last month we asked about your favorite geeky movies; this week we’re interested in hearing all about your favorite geeky TV show. What’s the show any self-respecting geek should know and love?

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Who has time for the real world now that our online lives have become so busy? That is where Ignorify comes in! This new app for the iPhone does all the work for you, letting you ignore your surroundings so that you never nee...

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This keyboard is easy to clean too!

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If you work on a computer all day, you might forget to get up now and then to stretch. To avoid your neck seizing up and your eyes bugging out, you can set an alarm to remind yourself to get up every so often.

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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Despite having played the original Metroid and a few of the follow-up games, we were surprised to see how much we learned about the popular space-based Nintendo franchise watching this short but fact-packed video.

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People often joke about how they’ve caught their latest case of the sniffles from a recent flight, but airports can become much more serious disease hubs. Check out this video and accompanying study for a peek at the mo...

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On Tuesday Microsoft unveiled the new Metro UI version of its e-mail service that is set to replace the old Hotmail/Live service. You can see the clean, sleek look of in action with this walkthrough video from the...

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