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Lots of tools integrate websites together, but keeping track of which you use can be a hassle. If This Then That allows you to program dozens of services together so content management can be automated the way you want.

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This week we learned how to help prevent drive-by viruses using ActiveX filtering in IE9, reorganize the All Programs section on the Windows 7 start menu, store private files securely using a portable file encryption tool, auto mount partitions at Linux startup the easy way, enjoyed looking through a roundup of the best Windows Home Server apps, and more.

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If you enjoyed watching the first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones series, then we have a real treat for you this week. Begin your journey to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros where summers span decades and winters can last a lifetime with our Game of Thrones Wallpaper collection.

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Whether you want to listen to music on your smartphone or watch movies on your iPad, you may need to convert you media files from one format to another depending on what your devices support.

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Thanks Mario… [9GAG]

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The Fast and Furious movie series has been speeding across our screens for ten years now, so why not bring all the goodness from the series to your desktop at the same time? The theme comes with 37 hi-Res wallpapers, custom i...

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We’ve all had to suffer through horrible and seemingly endless video shot by friends and relatives. Follow these simple steps to make sure you’re not inflicting that pain on others.

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Earlier this week we asked you to share your tips and tricks for squeezing life out of old computers and hardware. You guys responded with a pile of good ideas and now we’re back to showcase them.

about 4 years ago - by  |  Comments (19) shares a massive list of status pages for ISPs, mobile providers, individual web services, and more. Find the network status page you’re looking for.

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Path [DesktopNexus]

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This week the Star Trek franchise turns 45. Check out this infographic to see a sweeping retrospective that includes everything from the pilot episode to the introduction of the BORG to the current generation movie.

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Your work week is almost over so why not indulge in a bit of picture puzzle fun while waiting for the day to finish out? In this week’s game your goal is to spot the differences between panels as you follow the adventure of a young man who meets someone special one moonlit night in the woods. Ready to see how the story turns out?

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Following our article on Advanced Query Syntax in Windows 7, commenters voiced their frustration with Windows Search. Here, we have a few tweaks you can use to get the functionality you want, but we also consider some alternative search programs.

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Did you know you can compare two different versions of your presentation in PowerPoint and merge the changes? This is a very handy feature you can take advantage of if you work a lot with PowerPoint presentations with your team.

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If there’s one thing that drives geeks crazy, it’s a slow-booting system. That’s why for Windows 8, Microsoft went back to the drawing board to redesign the boot process for speed.

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Once a week we dump out the reader mailbag and share handy reader tips with you. This week we’re looking at quickly resizing windows with a click, changing the default download directory in Windows, and some DIY coffee roasting tips.

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Rusty Windows XP [9GAG]

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