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Every day you battle the mean streets—fluffy pastures?—and equip yourself accordingly. This week we’re asking you to dump out your bags, laptop cases, and even pockets, to show us what geeky tools you pack with you every day.

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Do you love playing Chess and have a Linux system ready for more gaming goodness? Then you may want to look at PyChess. PyChess allows you to play versus the computer or go online to play against other people if desired.

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In the world of Street Fighter you need to be very careful about letting those parking meters expire. See what happens to this gentleman when the green monster meter maid punishes him for his parking violation!

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Why settle for Christmas lights in the corner when you can have a real star map as your ambient lighting. Build a fiber optic star map to light your geek cave in style.

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After upgrading Firefox 3 to version 4, when you first launch the new release the interface is drastically different. If you find you are more partial to the Firefox 3 interface, with a few configuration changes, you can easily make Firefox 4 look like its predecessor.

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If you’ve ever wondered head crash, a stuck spindle, or bad bearing sound like you don’t have to wonder any longer. This collection of hard drive audio recordings catalogs all the ways a HDD can bite the dust.

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The Ceph are back and tougher than ever as the battle now rages in New York City. Join U.S.M.C. Force Recon Marine “Alcatraz” as he struggles to defeat the Ceph and stop the spread of the Ceph-created Manhattan Vi...

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If you find yourself killing a little too much time on web sites like Facebook, Reddit, and other time sinks, Chrome Nanny can help you keep focused by partially limiting or outright blocking distracting web sites.

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Table is most probably one of the best tools in Microsoft Word; it lets you align text, perform calculations, and today we’ll show you how to use tables to add flair to your documents.

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The best thing about Firefox is that it’s incredibly customizable, but have you ever wondered how much of a price all those add-ons take? Here’s how to see which add-ons slow down Firefox startup time the most.

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Windows DreamScene was a great feature in Windows Vista, which allowed you to put videos as desktop wallpapers but unfortunately it was replaced by a slideshow feature in Windows 7. Here’s how to get it back.

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Want a quick and easy way to create awesome PDF files of your favorite webpages? Then you need the Joliprint bookmarklet. Your new PDF files will come with a two column format, link to the original webpage, the date created, ...

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If you’re shocked by the costs your printer incurs—and who isn’t?—then this guide is for you. Learn how to slash printing costs by making some simple and free tweaks to your printing routine and print settings.

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What happens when Darth Vader goes into the neighborhood ice cream truck business? Watch as the Empire’s latest plan to bring children over the dark side using sugary treats goes into effect. Will you give in to the flavor of the dark side?

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Low light photography can be frustrating; ditch the blurry, grain, and out of focus shots and start snapping great pics with the tips in this photography infographic.

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Unlock with WiFi is a lightweight Android application that does one thing; it turns off the lock screen when your home WiFi network is detected.

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A Romantic Evening [DesktopNexus]

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If you’re unfamiliar with unboxing videos just hit up YouTube to be bored to death–I will grant one exception to this rule; this guy is the most entertaining unboxer to ever walk the earth. If you’re already...

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The Angry Birds wage a never ending war with the Evil Pigs in order to retrieve their eggs. Now you can bring their epic battle directly to your desktop with our bonus size Angry Birds Customization set.

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