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Jeremiah Warren likes strapping cheap cameras to things to see what happens (arrows and chickens for example). In the above video he rigged up a lightweight camera to the stems of various bottle rockets and recorded their fli...

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Fireworks restrictions are pretty tight in New York City; when you have that many people in that small a space the risk of somebody burning down a block of apartments with drunken homegrown fireworks show is a serious one. Th...

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In the above video Michael, from Michael’s Photography School, details how you can capture better fireworks photos including how to scout a location, important settings like shutter, aperture, and ISO, and tricks for ca...

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This week we learned how to automatically clean a Linux PC with Cruftbuster, force a Mac to sort folders on top of files (Windows style), found out your thoughts on what the best order for installing apps on a new computer was, indulged in more great Geek Deals, enjoyed reviewing the best How-To Geek articles for June, and more.

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The ancient Mayan and Incan civilizations created architectural wonders that are still here for us to gaze upon with wonder today. Bring the beauty of these historic civilizations to your desktop with our Ancient Mayan and Incan Ruins Wallpaper collection.

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Earlier this week we asked you to share your strategy for installing applications on a new (or rebuilt) computer. The responses piled up and now we’re back to highlight your tips.

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It has been eighteen months since the fall of Jacinto and the Gears are now living aboard a converted aircraft carrier, but not all is well. There is a new threat to humanity and the Locust, an enemy known as the Lambent. The...

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Ever wonder what the best methods for surviving an alien attack were? Then sit back and learn from the best when a group of your favorite actors and actresses share their expertise with you in this fun mashup video!

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Over at PukinDogPaintball Neild Bingham shares an impressive build. Dubbed the BECC (for Breach-Loaded Electro-Pneumatic Constant-Air Cannon), the modified potato cannon fires slugs of paint balls made from paper towel tubes ...

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In Vermont a Belgium draft horse named Fred, seen in the photo above being tended by his handler Claude, is a distinctly 19th century solution to a 21st century problem; how to run fiber optic cable through remote areas where...

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A Racer’s Thought Stream [deviantART]

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In the above video Chloe Dykstra puts a set of “booth babes” from the E3 2011 conference to the test by asking them simple questions about video games both new and old. If you’re a gaming fan and you can wat...

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Glorious Friday is here once again, so why not take a break and have a quick bit of fun? In this week’s game your mission is to help a hungry kitten successfully travel through strange and dangerous lands to reach the milk treasure shown on his map.

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You may have seen MD5 hashes listed next to downloads during your internet travels, but what exactly are they? Let’s take a look at what these cryptic strings are and how you can use them to verify your downloads.

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June has been a busy month here at How-To Geek where we covered topics like cleaning keyboards, what to do when your e-mail has been compromised, creating high resolution Windows 7 icons, and more. Join us as we look back at the most popular articles from this past month.

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Every week we crack open the tips box and share some of the best reader tips. This week we’re looking at android browser zooming, caffeine power naps, and customizing the boot screens on Android devices.

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Recently we featured an awesome Watchmen – My Little Pony mashup and today we are back with another great movie trailer mixer. This latest mashup video from BronyVids once again features the ever popular ponies and the ...

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Do you enjoy looking at and collecting pictures of beautifully colored birds? Then brighten up your desktop with the grace and gorgeous plumage of swans, flamingoes, peacocks, and other exotic birds with this wonderful theme for Windows 7.

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Courtesy of Flattr at Thingiverse, you can grab a copy of the “Warning: Will Burn Your House Down” graphic in high resolution image formats suitable for silk screening, laser engraving, or plain old fashioned sign printing.

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Electric Dreams is a show based on the novel premise that an average British family is starting, technologically speaking, in the 1970s and progressing over a month to the year 2000–restricted each step of the way to us...

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