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The addition of the Ribbon to Explorer in Windows 8 wasn’t exactly a popular decision—there were outcries from loads of people about how it would make the whole experience bloated and waste space. Here’s the simple solution.

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Angry Birds seems like an innocent enough, albeit highly addictive, game. Who knew people log 200 million minutes a day playing it and the parent company Rovio is valued at over a billion dollars? You will after checking out ...

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Yesterday Microsoft released the first preview release of Windows 8, and we spent all night testing it out and diving into how it all works. Here’s our review, and the normal How-To Geek style screenshot tour, with loads and loads of pictures.

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It’s recession economics 101—you can’t always afford to shell out for a whole new PC! HTG is here to help you repair and upgrade the parts that are in desperate need. Today’s topic: how to upgrade your hard drive.

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Want to get your hands on Windows 8? You can get your copy today – well, the developer preview at least.  It’s available RIGHT NOW, from this link:

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Stop organizing your ebooks like they’re just a tired pile of documents and start organizing them in style with Calibre—an open source ebook organizer that supports metadata, cover flow, format conversion, and more.

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Oh no! How will that poor Ubuntu system ever survive such a vicious attack from Windows malware?!

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Mega Man X just fired his weapon but it had absolutely no effect. So rather than be laughed at yet again, he decides to really charge his weapon up this time. Will he take things too far on charging his weapon up? Watch to find out!

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Android: Smozzy takes an unorthodox approach to bringing the web to data-free phones; it delivers web sites–pictures, stylesheets, and all–via text messaging.

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Firefox: ShareMeNot is a simple Firefox add-in that effectively blocks social network buttons–such as Facebook’s Like button–from tracking your activity as you browse the web.

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Batman [deviantART]

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Android: If you’re a fan of the status bar in WP7 but not in a hurry to get an actual WP7 phone, StatusBar+ brings a WP7 style status bar to Android.

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Autumn has finally arrived for those of you in the Northern hemisphere, so why not make your desktop as beautiful as the view outside? Fill your desktop with the colors of the season with our Autumn Customization set.

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Macs. The finest computers made by Apple, known for their simplicity and style, their Operating System, and their price. If Mac OS X is all you’re craving for, read and find out how to install it on your custom-built computer!

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We’ve covered two popular file copying programs for Windows: TeraCopy and SuperCopier. But how well do they really work, and do we even need them? We pit them in battle for your amusement, readers, so check out who won.

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Windows 8 will bring a lot of new features to the Windows computing environment, one of which will be Hyper-V. In order to run Hyper-V your processor must support Second Level Address Translation (SLAT). Read on to find out if your processor supports SLAT.

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If you have missing GPG keys you’ll get an error like the one above in the screenshot if you are using Synaptic Package Manager and a similar one if you use the terminal. “Launchpad-getkeys” is a script that imports these missing keys automatically.

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It’s that Ask How-To Geek time of week again; this week we’re looking at monitoring Android mobile usage, learning Windows keyboard shortcuts, and repairing old photographs.

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