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If you want to get serious about backing up your Android phone, including everything from system app data to saved Wi-Fi nodes, Titanium Backup can help. Read on to learn how to backup your Android phone from A to Z.

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When you have an IQ of yogurt [9GAG]

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Are you ready to have some beautiful photos for your desktop? Then you will definitely want to download this terrific theme from photographer Georgiana Girboan. The theme comes with eight gorgeous wallpapers showcasing a leaf...

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If you’re looking for a dead simple way to play around with stop-motion animation on your Android phone, Gifinator is it.

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From the introduction of commercially viable pagers and cellphones in the 1970s to the smartphones of today; this infographic covers 40 years of innovation and increasing mobile productivity.

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Pick your world… [deviantART]

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If you’re looking to score a solidly constructed and effective ring flash without dropping a lot of cash, this DIY build is both polished, portable, and efficient.

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iPads can be a very convenient and fun way to browse the internet, play games, and more, so why not make the view on your screen just as awesome? Now you can fill your iPad’s screen with the beauty of nature using the first in our series of Great Outdoors Wallpaper collections.

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Having a media server is really awesome, unless the other people on your network don’t know how to share the bandwidth. Using some simple QoS rules, you can give your computer a priority and stop your streams from dropping out.

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Once a week we dip into the reader mailbag and answer your tech questions. This week we’re looking at mobile credit card processing for Android, resizing hard drive partitions, and tethering your Android phone to your laptop.

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WorldCat has released an interactive tool that pulls from their massive library catalog; easily search and trace connections between authors, fictional characters, places, things, and companies.

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Videos have been floating around of the Google cars driving around test tracks, but what about the view from inside the self-driving cars? Step inside with this video.

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It’s a clever mashup; when you run 3D Compass the application combines the view from the phone’s camera with information from the GPS chip to map your location, information from the compass to give your bearing, a...

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With a quick download, you can now control either iTunes or Spotify straight from your dock, while the music player runs in the background. Keep reading to see how they work, and where you can download them for free.

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This week we learned how to set up remote access for your Android device, “set up one-way file syncing, fix missing boot managers, & sync iTunes to an Android phone”, learned what Wake-on-LAN is and how to enable it, found out what your favorite brainstorming tools are, had fun customizing our desktops with a Steampunk theme, and more.

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Most people love to have a bit of ice cream, candy, or baked treats on occasion to satisfy their sweet-tooth. Now you can take those sugar cravings one step further and fill your desktop with lots of sugary goodness from our Sweets-n-Treats Wallpaper collection.

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You see everyone wearing those awesome looking goggles in so many steampunk photos and now you can make a pair of your very own. This great step-by-step tutorial from Fenris Designs comes with a suggested materials list and l...

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