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Chrome: If you’d prefer to have new tabs open at the end of the row instead of next to their parent tab, New Tabs at End is a simple Google Chrome extension that will scoot your tabs where you want them.

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If you’re looking to pick up a Kindle Fire on the cheap, Amazon is offering them–refurbished with a 1-year warranty–for $139.

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This interesting bug (feature?) in the original Pac-Man game makes it easy to hide from the ghosts, ensuring a long-lived and well-fed Pac-Man.

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There are several different ways to create custom Ubuntu live CDs. We’ve covered using the Reconstructor web app in the past, but some commenters recommended the Ubuntu Customization Kit instead. It’s an open-source utility found in Ubuntu’s software repositories.

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Once a week we round up some great reader questions and share the answers with everyone. This week we’re looking at what to do when Windows 8 Consumer Preview expires, backing up your Nintendo DS saves, and how to sort out jumbled audio tracks in Windows Media Player movies.

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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This DIY build combines a bunch of off-the-shelf hardware parts for a cheap–both to build and run–continuous lighting studio lamp.

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Combine a little shooting range fun with a camera capable of shooting a million frames per second and you’ve got yourself the basis of pretty hypnotizing video.

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iOS: You want to listen to your music but you don’t want to be totally unaware of your surroundings. What do you do? Install Awareness, a simple app that will alert you if your device mic picks up loud noises.

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Maybe you’ve always wanted more of yourself. Or maybe you’ve always thought you could be your own best friend! Regardless of your reasons, here’s how to duplicate yourself with some clever photograph tricks and either Photoshop or GIMP.

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Window Maker is a Linux desktop environment designed to emulate NeXTSTEP, which eventually evolved into Mac OS X. With its focus on emulating NeXTSTEP, it eschews the task bars and application menu buttons found in many other lightweight desktop environments.

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Windows includes Shutdown.exe, a simple utility for remotely shutting down or restarting Windows computers on your local network. To use Shutdown.exe, you must first configure the PCs you want to shut down or restart remotely.

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Computers today are used for much more than generating documents, writing and receiving email, and surfing the web. We also use them to listen to music, watch movies and TV shows, and to transfer media to and from mobile devices.

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Stone castles are amazing structures in size, longevity, and the unique designs that each one has. Bring these stone goliaths of the past to your desktop with the first in our series of Castles Wallpaper collections.

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Are you looking for a nature filled theme for your desktop? Then the Magic Landscapes theme may be just what you are looking for. This terrific theme comes with seventeen wallpapers showcasing the work of photographer Michael Breitung.

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