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Are you looking for a theme with an artistic touch for your Windows 7 desktop? Then you may want to download the ‘Photography by Felicia Simion’ Theme for Windows 7. The theme comes with six images showcasing the ...

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What do the illustrations in medieval manuscripts have in common with the side-scrolling antics of the Super Mario Bros? More than you’d think.

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In this week’s game your mission is to become a ‘master or mistress’ of destruction as you attempt to destroy all the dinosaur eggs on each level of the game. Are you ready to unleash madness and mayhem on dino-kind?

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We have already shown you how you can use the new refresh and reset features in Windows 8 instead of formatting your PC, the problem is that you are required to insert your Windows DVD every time you want to use the features. Here’s how to do it without the DVD.

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To become a Gmail power user, you’ll need to master Gmail’s keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to speed through your mail faster than you can click. Gmail even lets you create custom keyboard shortcuts.

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Once a week we round up some of the great tips readers mail in and share the with everyone. This week we’re looking at DIY flash diffusers, homemade Ethernet cable testers, and how to get the Windows 8 Metro UI in Windows 7.

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Microsoft’s decision to remove the Start button in Windows 8 has caused a lot of controversy and made a lot of Windows users angry. The Metro screen is supposed to be a replacement for the Start menu.

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Are you or someone you know new to LibreOffice? Want to get the most out of the free office suite or have questions about how to use a particular app from the suite? Then you will definitely want to grab your own free copies ...

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