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If you’re an RSS subscriber, you’ll soon notice that we’re making a few changes. Why? It’s time to simplify our system, while providing you a little more control over which articles you want to see.

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Last month, we reviewed our friend Ciprian’s new book by Microsoft Press, Network Your Computers & Devices: Step by Step—and we’ve twisted his arm until he decided to give away 10 free copies for our readers.

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Are you looking for a terrific graphics app to use for original painting and artwork creation on your computer? Whether it is for you or the kids, MyPaint is an app that you should definitely have on hand for when those artistic moods come along.

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After landing in the Pig King’s castle the Red Bird and one of the Pigs have a startling revelation as they talk. Who knew that they had so much in common?!

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Is your computer or virtualization software unable to display the new 3D version of the Unity Interface in Ubuntu? Now you can access and enjoy the 2D version with just a little PPA magic added to your system!

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If you’re looking for a versatile battery booster, this DIY 3-in-1 solar/usb/wall current charger known as the MightyMintyBoost will top of your phone, mp3 player, and other gadgets with ease.

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In January we showed you a video of Waton in a practice round against Jeopardy champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Last night they squared off in a real round of Jeopardy with Watson in a tie with Rutter.

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colorful-hand-painted [DesktopNexus]

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Twitter’s default search tool is a bit anemic. If you want to supercharge your Twitter search, fire up web-based search tool SnapBird and dig into your past tweets as well as those of friends and followers.

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With weeks of winter weather left to go, it can be a bit depressing to look outside and see nothing but bland, lifeless scenery. To help bridge the time gap until you can open the windows, enjoy the warmth of the sun, and feel the spring breeze upon your face we present our Springtime Personas Themes for Firefox collection.

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Apple users have been swiping, pinching, and rotating Mac’s user interfaces to their fingers’ content. In today’s article, we’ll show you how to do groovy things like expanding and reducing windows, and changing desktops using finger gestures.

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This week we take a look at how to incorporate Dropbox into your Windows Start Menu, understanding and using symbolic links, and how to rip your TV series DVDs right to unique and high-quality episode files.

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Tired of all the spammy, terrible articles listed in Google every time you do a search? You can finally kill them with a new Google Chrome extension by Google.

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If you’ve ever had a burning need to know just how many times you strike the keyboard and click your mouse every day, KeyCounter–a tiny portable app–can help satisfying your geeky statistical needs.

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If you’ve been longing for some of that sweet ambient lighting found in higher end HDTV setups, long no more. This DIY electronics guide will show you how to add custom and quick-responding ambient lighting to your comp...

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If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper The Tracktor is an invaluable shopping aide. Visit the website or, better yet, add the extension to your browser for detailed price history and price drop notifications.

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With so many people looking for jobs, the slightest edge in your resume presentation has potential to make or break your chances. But not all filetypes or methods are created equal—read on to see the potential pitfalls your resume faces.

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We, like many Linux geeks, have had some trouble making the transition to Grub2, or for some of us, learning how to configure it from scratch. Fortunately, a new graphical tool has made this process easy and straightforward!

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Have you ever wished that you could stream video files from your computer over to your TV without actually hooking the two directly together? If you’ve got a PlayStation 3, you’re in luck, because that’s today’s geek lesson.

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