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If you’ve unfortunately been forced to use iTunes, you’re probably used to having lots of errors. If you’ve been getting an “AppleSyncNotifier.exe – Entry Point Not Found” error every time you reboot your PC, here’s how to fix it.

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This week we learned how to turn images and photos into sound files, customize and decorate your QR Codes with pictures, use LogMeIn Hamachi to access your files anywhere, learned what those desktop.ini files you keep seeing are, looked back at the best How-To Geek articles for October, and more.

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Have you ever surprised and impressed a non-geek friend when you were doing something on your computer that you thought was simple? If so, you performed a Stupid Geek Trick. These are simple, sometimes not very useful, computer tasks.

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Science fiction lets us dream of new worlds to explore, advanced technology, unknown species, fantastic cities to live in, and more. Now you can bring the metropolises of the future straight to your desktop with the first in our Sci-Fi Cities Wallpaper collections.

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StarCraft – Final Metamorphosis takes several events from the StarCraft games/books and combines them all together into one “awesome to watch” video.

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Sure you could play your classic arcade games with a modern controller, but what’s the fun in that? This impressive table-top controller console brings back that feeling of being right there at the arcade machine.

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Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite RSS reader; now we’re back to share your RSS favorites, tips, and tricks.

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If Google’s recent Easter Egg–query “do a barrel roll” if you haven’t tried it already–has you curious about other search tricks, this collection of Easter Eggs will keep you busy for awhile.

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When Time Travellers Collide [WallpaperAbyss]

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Because of its large size and highly reflective surfaces, it’s possible to see the International Space Station (ISS) from Earth. Check out this handy site to see when it’s over your town.

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Sick of formatting? Then learn how to breathe new life into your machines without formatting using the new Refresh and Reset features present in Windows 8 or 10.

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Friday is finally here once again and that means it is time to sneak in a quick game or two while waiting to go home. In this week’s game your goal is to find the differences between two pictures, but this particular version is not as simple as it sounds! Are you up to the challenge?

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Once a week we dump out the tips box mailbag and share some of the reader-submitted tips with you. This week we’re looking at creating mind maps on Android devices, desktop Pandora notifications, and easy to use to-do lists.

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Mac now supports Windows! [9GAG]

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Are you drawn to the mystic beauty of northern climes? Then take your desktop on a journey to the North with the Nordic Landscapes Theme for Windows 7. The theme comes with seventeen wallpapers showcasing beautiful ocean clif...

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Clever Altoids-Tin-Chargers abound, but many feature complex builds. This DIY charger feature a simple schematic more suited for beginners.

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If you could snap shot a minute of global smartphone usage, what would it look like? It’d look a lot like this infographic from Mobclix.

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In September we told you about the beta test of Amazon’s public library lending system. Now they’ve rolled out another lending system for Kindle owners with Amazon Prime accounts.

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