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Are you ready for a different perspective on your desktop? Then get ready to view a small world that is larger than life with the Small World Theme for Windows 7. This terrific theme comes with 16 wallpapers showcasing how th...

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YouTube user Photoinduction really loves playing with electricity and is always looking for new ways to put it to good use. In the video above he demonstrates how you can literally wipe the data layer right off a CD or DVD us...

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Mobile apps are more popular than ever with individual apps boasting download counts in the millions and application sales breaking into the billions of dollars; take a peek at the phenomenon with this app-focused infographic.

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Note: The original size for the wallpaper is 1420*900 but it can be easily placed on a larger black background to match your monitor’s resolution.

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Google Video is shutting down its hosting services as of the end of this month; users will be able to download their old videos until May 13, 2011.

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Whether you are creative in your spare time or make use of your talents for a living, having a desktop that reflects your artistic passions can be fun and inspirational. Add a touch of creativity and imagination to your desktop with “An Artist’s Desktop” Customization set.

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It’s in your car, home theater system, phone, and audio player but it doesn’t have an instruction manual. It’s an equalizer, and with a little know-how you can tweak your audio and fall in love with it all over again.

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You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. This week we take a look at understanding allocation sizes, tweaking your right-click context menu, and changing the taskbar color.

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Visit CraigsEasy, add the bookmarklet to your bookmark toolbar, and then any time you want to view a set of Craigslist search results in an easy to browse image-gallery format, you just click the bookmarklet. Watch the video ...

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If you’re trying to install an OS or are testing out boot disks, you might be wondering how to change the boot device. Here’s the quick and easy technique to change it.

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Smart Video Enlarger is a free Google Chrome Extension that automatically scales YouTube videos to the size of the browser window–or slightly smaller if you prefer to read the video comments along with the video.

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Earlier this year Google launched the Data Viz Challenge–a five week competition that challenged developers to visualize how federal income tax is spent. Watch the video above for a sneak peek or follow the link below t...

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Photoshop Actions, you may remember, allow users to do record and replay complex tasks with no programming skill. But exporting, sharing, and installing downloaded actions can be confusing. Here’s simple instructions on how you can do all three.

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The firmware we’ll be using today is called Tomato, and it’s an alternative to the DD-WRT firmware we’ve already covered in a previous article.

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This week we learned how to break down the anatomy of a phishing email, “understand data latency problems with gaming, use a laptop screen as a second monitor, & ID your computer’s components”, convert a hard drive or flash drive from FAT32 to NTFS format, understand the science behind cooking with Cooking for Geeks, had fun customizing our desktops with a weather customization set, and more.

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Rainy days are great for inspiring naps, cleansing the air while renewing the earth, and playing outside (if you are so inclined). Bring the refreshing beauty of rain to your desktop with our Rainy Days Wallpaper collection.

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These gentlemen are really excited about their new super realistic first-person shooter game. Once a third friend joins them it is game on, but does the game get just a bit too realistic? Say goodbye to the living room!

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You need to prop your laptop or tablet up at a comfortable angle but you’re not too excited about the idea of spending a lot of money on a stand. Fair enough, this study cardboard stand should do the trick.

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Earlier this week we asked you to share the contents of your flash drive toolkit. You shared your software lists and tricks; now we’re back to highlight the trends in reader toolkits.

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