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RetinaPad is an iPad application that actives the Retina Display resolution on iPhone applications to increase the clarity on the iPad. It’s a feature that should be built-in but is currently only available for jailbroken iPads.

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Hopefully you’ve got some automated backups for your PC. If not, you should really start doing so.

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Audacity novices often start with lofty project ideas, but sometimes they lack the basics. Knowing how to cut and trim tracks is basic audio editing and is a fundamental starting point for making more elaborate arrangements.

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Album art used to be an inseparable part of music, back when it came in record or CD format. But there’s a way to capture some of that magic even today, using a free application. Read on to see how!

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Do you have a large number of bookmarks saved in your Chromium-based browser and need a quick way to search through them? Then see how easy it is to search through those bookmarks just like Firefox users do with the AwesomeBar extension.

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You’ve just booted up your new OS for the first time after a fresh install. What’s the first thing you do? Install specific apps? Tweak settings? Bask in the new-computer-smell of an uncluttered OS?

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You might not realize this, but there’s actually another icon hidden inside the Google Chrome executable file—and it’s a high-quality version of the same logo, but golden. Here’s how to use it.

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In this alternate vision of the original movie, Joe Nicolosi shows us a Mario who is down and out on his luck and has lost his girlfriend to a yuppie, but refuses to give up. Can Mario turn things around?

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If you’ve been turning your cable box on less and watching more shows online, you’re certainly not alone. Check out this infographic look at the state of TV distribution in the digital age to see how everyone is getting their TV fix.

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Microsoft Word is the tool that every company uses or requires as their file format. But how do people really use it in a team environment to get the most out of their experience? This Geek School series will teach you just that.

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The recent release of Internet Explorer 9 polished up the IE line with a new interface, hardware acceleration, and more. Is enough to convince you to switch?

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If you’ve ever wanted a chance to look at at an entire movie in a single glance, here’s your chance. Moviebarcodes shares mock-barcodes generated by turning each frame of a movie into a thin stripe, offering a gli...

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MOON FALL [DesktopNexus]

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If you’re wary of browsing on wide open public Wi-Fi networks (and you should be), Sidestep is a free Mac application that routes your connection on an unsecure network through a secure proxy.

about 4 years ago - by  |  Comments (0) has a cool set of meticulously drawn pixel art portraits for their key writers. If you’re a lover of pixel art, why not try and recreate a similar avatars for yourself with a few simple filters in either Photoshop or GIMP?

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Everybody’s got that family member… the one that wants to jump in and help fix a PC, but screws it up every time.

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Have you been struggling to stay on top of your mobile bills ? With these Android applications, you can send free sms and monitor your mobile usage, so that you’ll never have to go over your monthly mobile allowance.

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From the “It’s about time” department: Twitter has finally joined Facebook and Gmail with a new “Always Use HTTPS” option in the preferences. If you use the site, you should enable it right now.

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Windows 7 rocks a new method of file and print sharing that’s a departure from the frustrating file and print sharing found in earlier versions of Windows. What is it and how can you benefit from it? Read on as we explain.

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James Tiller recently bought a Microsoft Kinect and decided to take things to the next level by making it self-aware. Did he make a big mistake? Watch to find out!

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