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In addition to syncing your bookmarks, extensions, history, and other settings, Google Chrome now syncs your tabs between computers and devices–no tweaks or third-party tools necessary.

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Quinine, a compound found in common tonic water, is UV reactive. While you could simply be content to watch the bottle glow under a black light, this fun kitchen experiment infuses gummy candies with the glow-in-the-dark prop...

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Have you ever wondered what happens when you send an email? This fun interactive slideshow from Google shows you the entire journey your Gmail letter takes from beginning to end.

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When the water fountain in their hackerspace broke down, Dave and Craig weren’t content to just fix it–they upgraded it to dispense Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator.

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Encryption tools exist to protect your privacy… and also to make you feel like you’re an awesome spy. Today we’ll use a portable USB drive to hold all of your passwords encrypted in a virtual disk hidden inside a file.

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Web browsers include predefined lists of search engines, but you can easily add your own favorites. Even search engines that don’t offer search plugins can be added with a few tricks, whether you’re using Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

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Whether you keep it handcuffed to your wrist to avoid losing it in the first place, etch your phone number on it, or load it with tracking software, we’re interested in hearing about how you ensure your lost gear finds its way back to you.

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Slowly drifting through space on a journey to a new galaxy…

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Ever wonder how the planets in our solar system maintain their balanced orbits around the Sun? This quick physics lesson video shows you just how the balance is maintained.

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