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Next time you’re in an argument with a friend about the importance of the space program, hit up WTNASA for copious examples of how NASA research has leaked into (and improved) civilian life.

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Do you store sensitive files on Dropbox or another cloud storage service? Encrypt them with EncFS for Linux, an encrypting file system that transparently encrypts and decrypts each individual file with your encryption key. There’s also an experimental Windows build.

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There are few security problems a healthy dose of paranoia and know-how can’t take care of. Today we’re looking at how to secure your Android phone’s mobile data connection against intrusion using free software and a simple SSH tunnel.

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After nearly four years in limbo everyone’s favorite small Linux distribution is back and ready to go once again. Two weeks ago project leader John Andrews announced the first release candidate of Damn Small Linux 4.11....

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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In this photo tour, we’re treated to a peek inside the Arduino factory–a factory located, surprisingly enough, in a small Italian town.

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From the earliest history of the LEGO company to the opening of the first LEGO Land, see the struggles of the fledgling company on its way to international fame in this animated short film.

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It never fails…something always goes wrong just when you need to print those documents in a hurry!

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Yesterday we took a first look at the high-res images coming back from Mars; today we’re back with an interactive panorama viewer to help you really immerse yourself in the new view beamed back from Curiosity.

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