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Do you love learning about obscure trivia, strange story elements, hidden penalties, and more from your favorite video games? Then you will definitely want to browse on over to the ‘Did You Know Gaming’ blog and e...

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Yesterday we saw some wood-block style video game heroes, today we’re treated to DC super heroes like Superman and Batman captured in Art Deco-style travel posters promoting their home cities.

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We’ve written about using GNU Screen to multitask in the Linux terminal in the past. GNU Screen is the granddaddy of these programs, but tmux and dvtm+dtach are other solutions you may prefer.

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Once a week we round up some of the reader questions we’ve answered and share the solutions with everyone. Today we’re looking at laptop visibility in sunny areas, resizing Windows partitions, and a dependable way to download YouTube videos.

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The Task Manager in Windows has always been a useful place to view and manage running applications and services. It’s been redesigned for Windows 8 and now displays much more information and also allows you to perform basic administrative tasks.

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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Illustrator Jed Henry pays homage to old school video game characters with a very old school method–Japanese woodblock printing.

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Today, May 21, YouTube celebrates its seven-year anniversary with, what else, a video retrospective covering the moments and milestones in the history of YouTube.

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Although bootlegMIC was designed as a way for concert goers to cheaply and cleanly capture bootleg music, it’s a great build for any project that needs an inexpensive but effective microphone.

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