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Unlike your desktop or the server at work, it’s pretty darn easy to misplace a mobile device. This week we’re interested in hearing your tips and tricks for keeping your mobile data backed up and synced so a missing smartphone doesn’t mean missing data.

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An Honest Guide to Every Facebook Timeline Ever – CollegeHumor [via Pleated Jeans]

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The final version of Windows 8 comes with plenty of new wallpaper goodness, so why not enjoy these backgrounds on your Windows 7 system as well? 7 Tutorials has put together three wonderful themes using the various wallpaper ...

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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If you have basic carpentry skills, this DIY monitor stand offers a sturdy and cheap mount for multiple monitors.

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Microsoft Outlook is a great platform for setting calendar appointments with reminders, but the default reminders in the list might not work for everybody, especially if you want to schedule a reminder for a few months in advance. Here’s how to do it.

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The Khan Academy, known for their thousands of video lessons, has just rolled out a new interactive programming section. Work on the programs while, in real time, the effects of your changes take place in the sidebar.

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Free Ubuntu One accounts start off with a generous 5 GB of online storage and now you earn even more storage for free! Ubuntu One has started a new referrals program that lets you and the people you invite each earn an extra ...

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Next time you’re in an argument with a friend about the importance of the space program, hit up WTNASA for copious examples of how NASA research has leaked into (and improved) civilian life.

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Do you store sensitive files on Dropbox or another cloud storage service? Encrypt them with EncFS for Linux, an encrypting file system that transparently encrypts and decrypts each individual file with your encryption key. There’s also an experimental Windows build.

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