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If some old-timey electronics fun is just what the doctor ordered, then you certainly can’t go wrong building a crystal radio for some electricity-free radio enjoyment.

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Netflix just rolled out a new feature called post-play that will make your next marathon session of your favorite geeky show or movie trilogy as easy as pushing a button.

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Five Stages of Programming Grief [Something of That Ilk Blog]

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Spend your weekend recalling a youth spent moving fantasy figurines across the table top; Pocket-Dungeons is a 3D-printable table top dungeon crawler complete with interlocking dungeon tiles, doors, and more.

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In this week’s game you get to play a Tetris-style game and unlock a mystery at the same time. Can you advance far enough to unlock the secret history of the young girl who was “locked away” or will it all remain a mystery forever? There is only one way to find out!

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One of the first messages you’ll see after logging into Windows 8 for the first time (aside from a message about activating Windows) is a request to “Trust this PC.” But why does Microsoft want you to “trust” your PC?

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Once a week we dig into the tips box and share some great reader tips. This week we’re looking at how to use Grease Monkey scripts in Chrome after recent security changes, book suggestion web sites, and keeping your VPN connected in OS X.

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There are few things more frustrating than having your favorite collectible action figures get dusty when you display them. As a solution Stellar Four has come up with this awesome step-by-step tutorial for creating mini-terr...

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What is a mother to do when her video game addicted son will not go outside to play? Declare war! Their household will never be the same as she engages in a battle against the game consoles, but is victory assured?

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