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Our latest edition of WIG is filled with news link goodness covering topics such as Windows on ARM tablets might sell for only $199, Facebook is testing an increase of ads in users’ news feeds, companies are turning to GitHub to find tech talent, and more.

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There are two types of firewalls: hardware firewalls and software firewalls. Your router functions as a hardware firewall, while Windows includes a software firewall. There are other third-party firewalls you can install, too.

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Think you know the answer? Click through to see if you're right!

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We’ve been told many times how important backups are, although we may not realize it until it’s too late and our data’s gone. You can backup your PC’s data to external media, but free online backup services provide useful redundancy that could save your data.

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Arrr! Where thar be pirates thar be booty waitin’ t’ be plundered by them bold enough t’ take ‘t! Fill th’ treasure chest o’ yer desktop wi’ a pile o’ ‘shiny booty’ from th’ secon’ in our series o’ Pirates Wallpaper collections.

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Windows 8 is more integrated with Microsoft’s services than ever. When you create a user account on your computer, you’ll be prompted to use a Microsoft account. Microsoft accounts are different from local user accounts, which are still available.

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The weekend is upon us and some of you may be considering a camping adventure over the next couple of days, but perhaps you may want to stay a bit closer to home. Watch as these three guys get more than they bargained for whe...

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Calendar, Ancient []

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